End Citizens United Lodges Formal Complaint Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that is committed to the removal of big money from the political process in America. A recent move by the group is a complaint lodged against Senatorial candidate Rick Scott to the Federal Election Committee alleging that Scott has illegally used a “super PAC” to raise money for his campaign.

End Citizens maintains that Scott’s use of the super PAC is intended to circumvent limits the feds have placed on the number of campaign contributions a candidate can receive. To date, the super PAC that is a part of the complaint lodged against him has raised $78 million toward his campaign efforts.

A super PAC is allowed by law to raise as much money toward the campaign of a candidate as it chooses but cannot work directly with the candidate. End Citizens United says that he and the super Pac that he was chaired, the New Republican PAC, are presently in violation of this anti-coordination condition.

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for End Citizens, says that Rick Scott has shown a total disregard for the law while being concerned only with his selfish ambitions to further his own political career. Bozzi went on to explain that Scott has developed a scheme that has allowed him to bypass applicable campaign donation restrictions by having money funneled into the coffers of New Republican that all involved pretends is intended for the president.

The campaign of Rick Scott has rejected all allegations made by End Citizens but had their argument countered when End Citizens United was able to provide documentation that seems to prove Scott has worked with New Republican directly in recent months. One obvious evidentiary fact End Citizens United was able to point out was that the New Republican website listed Scott as the PAC’s chairman as recent as January of this year.

End Citizens United’s quest to take money out of the political process began with the frustration members of the organization felt over a 2010 ruling by the United States Supreme Court on Citizens United. The group operates by attempting to assure that candidates are placed in positions of political office that agree with their views regarding the ruining of the American political process due to the proliferation of big money. End Citizens United will then work with these sympathetic politicians to overturn the Citizens United decision that allows political donations to be unlimited and undisclosed.

End Citizens United’s Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/EndCitizensUnitedOrg


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