Contour Design Receives Excellent Review From Television Program NewsWatch TV

Contour Design, a company that specializes in ergonomic computer input devices, found a way to make workstations easier to use with their products such as ergonomic workstations and other products. With television and online viewers who work with computers being their focus, Contour Design solicited the help of the television show, “NewsWatch TV.” With the support of this program, they could market one of their most popular products, the Ultimate Work Station.

In a short segment called, Contour Design-Ergonomic Workstations NewsWatch Review, they featured the Ultimate Work Station and its beneficial features. These features are a roller mouse, which called, The Roller Mouse Red, and a balanced keyboard. The innovative Roller Mouse Red is a keyboard length roller bar with a with a digital left click that minimizes the impact of the fingers or the user while it centralizes the user’s focus. Intuitive Seven Senses tracking technology built into this workstation adjusts to the users work pace.

The balanced wireless keyboard, compatible with the Roller Mouse Red, includes adjustable legs and tilt options that adapt to a comfortable angle for the computer user. Due to the segment on Contour Designs product on “NewsWatch TV,” this company saw a significant increase in sales of their Ultimate Workstation products. Views of the portion resulted in 697,924 online impressions, viewed in over 95 million homes and 200 markets throughout the United States.

Since March 1989, “NewsWatch TV” is a 30-minute television news magazine show that continues with its consumer, entertainment and technology format. With over 1200 episodes, this program features topics such as product reviews, public awareness campaigns, fashion, celebrity interviews, new product launches, medical breakthroughs, consumer and business issues, travel and tourism, and government news. Past celebrity interviews include Alison Sweeney, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Joe Montana and Carrie Underwood.

Based in Washington D.C.and owned by the communications and video production company Bridge Communications, “NewsWatch” has offices throughout the United States. These offices include locations such as Denver, Colorado, Fairfax, Virginia and New York City. In 2016, “NewsWatch” received a Silver Telly Award and in 2017, won a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award and the National 2017 Videographer Award for Excellence.


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