Augmented Reality Innovations at Academy of Art University

Students in the School of Game Development (GAM) at the Academy of Art University had an important visitor. The Chief Innovation Officer from the Office of Civic Innovation in San Francisco visited the school to take a look at one of the projects that the students are working on. They are working on an augmented reality (AR) app called “Tenderfeels.”

AR is a technology that blends the virtual with the real. It is not virtual reality; virtual reality is a fully immersive experience in a virtual environment. AR uses the real world as the environment and augments it with virtual tidbits. The most famous augmented reality game is “Pokemon Go.” “Pokemon Go” has gamers running around the real world in search of virtual animals.

“Tenderfeels” is not a game but rather a social app. It is designed to let decision makers know how citizens feel about certain parts of the city. It is designed to work in San Francisco’s most questionable neighborhood, Tenderloin. Citizens take note of their real-time feelings by logging them as emoticons within the app. This simple process allows decision makers to focus on improving areas that continually make citizens feel bad or scared.

The Academy of Art University, formerly Academy of Art College, is the United States’ largest private art and design school. It currently has 12,600 students, 283 full-time faculty and 1154 part-time faculty. The school was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens.

The Academy of Art University offers studies in a variety of disciplines related to art and design. The school stays at the forefront of offering disciplines that are relevant to today including fields of study in the movie industry and the gaming industry.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, CA. The location is ideal for the school because it is very near to 2 meccas of industries that require art and design students, Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

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