Securus Technologies Distinguished Correctional Firm with Excellent Track Record

Securus Technologies, one of the most distinguished correctional firms in the United States, has developed yet another technological marvel by the name of the wireless containment system. As growing use of contraband cell phones has been a pain in the neck of the correctional facilities for many years, this wireless containment system would finally end the problem once and for all. The newly launched wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would merely engulf the prison space to virtually create a net through which the communications would be filtered. Any illegal contact would not be allowed to pass through. Securus Technologies does not only excel in developing innovative technologies but also providing attentive customer service and won three Gold Stevie Awards in 2018 for the excellent customer and sales services.


The use of modern technology in just about every sphere is essential as well as needed these days to make tasks easier and improve efficiency. In the correctional area, the use of modern technology has helped in building safer prisons; keep the inmates and officers’ safety, and ensuring a peaceful environment in prisons. Securus Technologies is one of the companies that has been active in the corrections space for many years and has developed many different technologies for the sector, which continue to be the role model or benchmark for company’s rivals.


Securus Technologies recently launched the much-awaited wireless containment system, which is a technology that would end the usage of contraband cell phones by the inmates. In the first year of its test run in eight facilities where Securus Technologies serve, wireless containment system was able to stop nearly two million communication attempts with ease.


Securus Technologies believe that such technologies are highly needed for the correctional sphere as it can potentially save the lives of many inmates as well as the officers. The contraband phones’ use would be eliminated entirely once the wireless containment system is installed and activated. It works like a net that would not let any illegal communication pass through. The corrections officers would not have to bother about seizing the contraband phones as they would be reduced to paperweight without the network.


Since the contraband phones won’t be able to connect to any commercial networks, no inmate having the contraband phone would be able to make calls or receive calls. Securus Technologies has spent a total of $40 million for the development of wireless containment system and has promised to develop this technology further. The best part about the wireless containment system is that it is tried, tested, accepted, and approved by FCC. The FCC has also said that it wants more and more correctional facilities and prisons to have the wireless containment system installed on their premises and assured that it would expedite the paperwork for the same.




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