OSI Group Doubles Chicken Production in Spain; an Expansion Strategy

OSI Group Spain just announced its new acquisition of a high-capacity production facility to the existing manufacturing firm in Toledo, Spain. According to the contract reports, the investment is worth £17 million, and the deal was sealed earlier this year (2018). For OSI Group chicken production just doubled from the initial 12,000 tons up to 24,000 tons.

Background Data

The latest expansion is progress since OSI Food Solutions has just reached the total production of over 45,000 tons of chicken products, pork, and beef among other animal proteins. With that said the entire project in light of all the existing production lines as well as other related services will create new employment opportunities to the current workforce of about 140.

Population Growth

Still, on the acquisition, the managing director of the plant, Mr. Jose Maria del Rio said that the expansion is a way forward to answering to consumer’s call as more often than not, it was noted that there is a growing demand for chicken products in Spain. In fact, just to be sure, statistics were revealed. According to these statistics, the past three years have registered a growing population from the usual six percent to eight percent. Because population growth is not constant at the moment, OSI Group Toledo is anticipating more growth.

Baho Food

OSI Group’s Spain expansion is not the only acquisition that the company thrives on. In 2016, OSI Group Europe registered a new acquisition; Baho Food. The Dutch-based food manufacturer is a significant manufacturer of meat and deli snacks. During the acquisition, OSI Group intended to expand its horizons across Germany and Netherlands. Of course, the business deal was successfully sealed as currently, there has been registered growth at the firm.


For more than 100 years, OSI Food Solutions has delivered high-quality food to the food supply industry. That would be impossible without a strong team that believes in providing the right food products for clients. That is why at OSI Group, the future of employees is considered a critical aspect. Consequently, OSI Group has been able to provide the right working environment for employees. Moreover, the company believes that workers define the eventual success.


OSI Group is all about availing healthy dining to consumers. To achieve that, the company has managed to invest in some of the world’s best production strategies to fit the needs of the everyday consumer.

To know more visit @: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/01372104


Why is Waiakea Water Considered to be Healthy For You

Though there are many different kinds of bottled water sold to consumers today, some of this bottled water can be better for you than others. While some of the bottled water that you drink is simply a water that has been purified for a clean water source, this is not the case for waters that have added health benefits. In some cases, the bottled water that people drink may be due to additives that the manufacturers include in its overall formula. Dissimilar, however, from companies that produce Hawaii volcanic water and Waiakea Water, this bottled water is naturally healthy. Typically, Waiakea water ph and Hawaii volcanic water are currently known for its volcanic water benefits. So, for those of you who want to know, here are 3 reasons why Waiakea water is considered to be healthy for you.

  1. Comes with an improved Acid Ak Balance

Provides its consumers with a bottled water that’s not too acidic, especially since it is easy for the body to be negatively compromised. With this type of water, the body can pull the vitamins and minerals easier from the water so that it can be used to produce energy from the cells, while also repairing and detoxifying the body.

  1. Ultra-Hydration for People Who Exercise

Because the all-natural alkaline water is best for hydrating individuals, it is one of the best waters for those that need the ultra hydration for their bodies. For instance, when people drink this water, they can easily replenish the minerals and the electrolytes after exercise. Based on several studies, this water helps to quickly hydrate the cells much quicker, while it also helps to detoxify the toxins and eliminate unnecessary cravings.

  1. Detoxify the Body of Heavy Metal

Another health benefit to drinking this bottled water is that it helps to draw out impurities from the tissues of the body. Specifically, when it comes to removing impurities like heavy metals like mercury and other harmful substances. This is a great benefit for people who are experiencing weight loss resistant due to an overload of toxins in the body.



The Illustrious Career of Todd Lubar.

Todd Lubar is a serial entrepreneur with interests in the real estate industry. Having been in the industry for more than two decades, he has acquired a vast wealth of experience in the very competitive market. Todd has worked tirelessly to become one of the most influential realtors in the United States. He is a graduate of speech communication from Syracuse University. His early stints in employment saw him work for Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation to learn and understand the property market. After gaining substantial knowledge and experience, Todd opened his first residential development firm, Legendary Properties, LLC.


Todd Lubar used his charisma and wit to form relationships with his clients. Building a good reputation, he could facilitate renovations and purchase of several properties ranging from larger properties to single-family properties. Financial institutions such as banks also noticed his efforts and were willing to give a helping hand, Todd was offered access to capital and the rest is history. Currently, Todd is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, as well as the senior vice president of Legendary Services, a company that offers capital to corporate and individuals to help them acquire mortgage. For more details visit Inspirery.


Todd Lubar started TDL Ventures with the intention of helping people own homes. The loan programs and products offered at the firm were very flexible for both corporate and individual clients. TDL Global leveraged technology to create innovative and easily accessible products to its customer. Todd was directly or indirectly involved in over 7,000 transactions sharpening his analytics skills in risk assessment to the level that he could make sound decisions based on the prevailing market conditions.


After the financial crisis of 2008, Todd Lubar decided to diversify his business portfolio. He branched into Automotive Scrap metal recycling which was a success as the company was traded in a public marketplace. Todd was also into commercial demolition, and through his connections and reputation, he landed big contracts with several leading general contractors in the United States of America. Check out angel.co



Today, Tod Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland with his wife and two children. He spends most of his time out of work traveling and teaching his kids the ways to succeed in life. He continues to inspire many people to make the world a better place


Click here: https://medium.com/@toddLubar

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Liberal, Feminist Plastic Surgeon?

A Liberal feminist female plastic surgeon in Texas’s green city of Austin? If she sounds like a unicorn it’s because she is. Jennifer Walden is a rarity among her peers. She is one of only 851 female board certified plastic surgeons. Many people consider plastic surgery to be an anti-feminist endeavour but Walden, who took women’s classes in college, disagrees. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I thought that I wasn’t helping people,” she tells Texas Monthly. She feels that because she is a woman she is able to be sympathetic to her clients in a way that male doctors can’t. She’s passionate about what she does and believes that she is successful in part because many women would rather talk about their body with another woman. Jennifer speaks a lot about women’s bodies and pregnancies saying that she’s not interested in conforming them to a patriarchal fantasy. She wants to make women feel comfortable in their own skin again. She’s a woman who knows from which she speaks. Jennifer is unashamed to admit that she has had some botox and one day might undergo diastasis, a procedure which tightens the abdominal wall stretched during pregnancy.

Jennifer is articulate, and engaging and understands the uniqueness of whom she is juxtaposed to her line of work. Not only is she a minority in her field which she likens to “being a woman on wall street”, but in her city also. When she moved her practice from Manhattan to Austin to be closer to family, she worried her expertise might not be appreciated in such a “green” city. She was pleasantly surprised to find the women of Austin were more receptive than she’d thought.

Walden is a single mother, and the act of balancing a career and children is something she knows personally. It’s this situation that she thinks is one of the reason there are so few women in the field of cosmetic surgery. She admits the seven or so years of schooling required means many women will be forced to delay having children. Jennifer Walden is a professional woman who brings a strong female presence to a male dominated industry. She’s adding to the conversation about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PlasticSurgeryNYC/


Work Hard and Work Smart For Financial Success With Richard Dwayne Blair

Everyone has to solve their own financial challenges. This is where a plan comes in. One of the things that people will have to look at is how they are going to generate income. One of the common beliefs is that money can be made if one works hard. While there is truth to that, there is more to it than that. People need a plan in order to move forward. Another thing they need is multiple streams of income. This can make it easier for people to make money and save money. Many people will have trouble without the help of financial advisers.

One financial adviser that people can learn from is Richard Dwayne Blair. He is one of the most successful financial experts. He runs a company called Wealth Solutions LLC. With this company, he looks at the financial situations of his clients and help them decide on what they can do in order to improve their financial circumstances. One thing that he will point out is that even the hard working person can use some extra assistance. This is where he suggests looking for ways to invest. Passive income is one of the best things for people to do when it comes to saving for other plans.

One of the most important things that people can do according to Richard Dwayne Blair is save for retirement. One of the best things for one to do is make a plan to retire at some point. People will have a better retirement if they start earlier. They can focus their plan on their retirement. One of the best things about this is that they can set their finances up to where they do not have to work again if they don’t want. They can instead do the things they enjoy and share the wealth with others with the help of Richard Dwayne Blair.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Message: The Right Mindset Is The Key To Success

Vijay Eswaran is famous internationally because he was able to create a successful network marketing company in Asia while throughout the continent people were struggling financially. The company now has representatives in 30 countries and regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He has also gotten lots of praise for his generous philanthropic giving through his charities the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Through them Eswaran has provided support for projects focused on community development, education, arts & culture and the environment.

But Vijay Eswaran’s greatest work may have been teaching millions of people his personal and business philosophy that has enabled him to enjoy the great success he has. Eswaran shares his philosophy through his speeches, articles and best-selling books. Some of the inspiring, thought provoking books he has written include ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’ and ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Some of Vijay Eswaran’s best known long-form articles are Two Minutes From The Abyss, The Stages of Change, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success and the 5Cs of Servant Leadership. The speeches he has made at economic forums and sales meetings are legendary.

For Vijay Eswaran, having the proper mindset is more important than business acumen. Many people with brilliant ideas and a wealth of business acumen have failed because they lacked the proper mindset. That mindset includes a clear vision of the success of the project, a burning desire to succeed and a willingness to do the work necessary to make the vision a reality. That’s what Vijay Eswaran had when he co-founded the QI Group in 1998. And he was able to convey that mindset and burning desire to his staff and combine it with a good plan. That’s why the QI Group succeeded while countless other companies were failing.

Vijay Eswaran’s ability to get his team and the people that read his books and articles and hear his talks to use his message to transform their lives may be his greatest achievement. It’s a legacy that will continue to bear fruit long after he’s gone.

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The RealReal: Real Deal in Luxury Fashion

This particular luxury fashion company puts the “oa” in whoa,having items from Chanel,Louis Vuitton,Rolex and many more. Inventory like that keeps customers coming back for more.The RealReal was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright located in San Fransisco, California. However, now this amazing company is executing pop-ups all over the U.S. Pop-ups are great for promoting fashion in different areas where the company has never been heard of before because, it allows new customers to dive in to what the store has to offer. The next purchase will be even easier ordering it on-line. Moreover, The RealReal makes the pop-up shopping experience one to remember by having authentication specialists on hand as well as gemologists to assists each customer. This is terrific news for customers because they will know they are getting a true luxury item.

The year 2018 was dubbed “the year of the pop-up” by The RealReal, this news should have each area that this company is coming to to jump for joy. The pop-up will have a nice feel making each customer never wanting to leave. It is a retail experience do die for. The number of sales that are produced after each event speak fro themselves. Every pop-up executed brings in more and more customers that are loyal and come back to shop at The RealReal, making it their first destination for any luxury item they may have on their shopping list. Having devout customers like these makes it certain that this company will continue to bring the best shopping experience as well as showcasing the best items possible. Having Men and Woman’s items also makes for a company to find the best authentic gifts to go around the entire table. Shop The RealReal for an amazing experience that keeps giving and one that will never be forgotten.

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Malcolm CasSelle – Changing the Market of Virtual Gaming

OPSkins is the first and leading bitcoin merchant around the globe and likewise a sales leader of virtual in-game items.

With a worldwide following there have been requests of payment decentralization, and although OPSkins is the number one market for computer-generated assets, there is a technological limitation to the centralized ability of any technology that needs a decentralized market for the said assets.

OPSkins’s founders a getting ready to unveil a new platform meant for assets with a virtual nature to buy and sell, which is named WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange). Wax is a peer-to-peer market for virtual asset trading and created on the basis of a blockchain that is decentralized, which will permit sellers and buyers to trade competently with each other.

WAX gives a solution to the two main issues on the market of virtual assets that is fraud and fragmentation, which it accomplishes by implementing a plain small blockchain mechanical device that allows every uses to be able to immediately sell and buy virtual items or goods without having to click-off the game they are currently playing.

In the present trading system of virtual assets, there is a jumble of regional and local markets that are confined from the start due to issues regarding payment processing, security and language problems which inhibits their particular regions or countries. The simple way to solve this “fragmented” type of market is to create a blockchain, which is currently being implemented through WAX Token.

The WAX will similarly resolve the fragmented problems concerning geographic locations. So when a user executes a transaction on the platform which does not utilize the usual utility token, WAX token will remove FOREX issues since it will serve as a standard currency for all users. The WAX system will permit the pool of global sellers and buyers to be able to enter the global source of virtual goods and at the same time removing monetary hazards which users usually come across with on the virtual marketplace.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). He earned his Computer Science degrees from Stanford University and MIT. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin.



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TMS Health Solutions Lifts the Clouds of Depression

From 14 to 17 percent of adults will suffer from clinical depression, otherwise known as MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), during their lifetime. The usual treatment for clinical depression is through talk or cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy can be done concurrent with medication. Antidepressants can be used to lessen the effects of depression.

Within that group of up to 17%, 40 percent will have a condition known as Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) per the Center for Disease Control. Those patients do not respond to medication and a different treatment is needed to help alleviate their depression.

In the Sacramento area, there is a group of psychiatrists who specialize in treating those suffering from clinical depression. TMS Health Solutions offers talk therapy and medication prescription and monitoring. They also are a leader in the field of TMS therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for those with treatment-resistant depression.

Clinical depression is a condition that needs treatment in order to overcome. Depression leads to self-isolation and difficulty in obtaining the help needed. TMS Health Solutions have created an environment that is focused on the patient in order to alleviate symptoms. This is done through therapy and medication management. In addition, for those patients who do not respond to these treatments, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is provided. TMS therapy is a treatment that is non-invasive, FDA-cleared, with few side-effects, and very effective in about 60 percent of patients.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is achieved by use of an electromagnetic coil which is put on the forehead, near the scalp. Once secured, it produces a magnetic pulse which stimulates nerve cells that control mood and depression.
ECT, also used to treat depression, is performed under anesthesia. Electrodes are applied to the scalp and an electric current is produced that causes a short seizure.
The prevalent side effect of TMS therapy is a discomfort to the scalp and has been described as a sort of tapping feeling. This is greatly different than the side effects that can be caused by either medication or ECT such as nausea, aggression, confusion and memory loss and changes in blood pressure, cardiovascular and pulmonary complications.

TMS Health Solutions is covered by most insurance carriers including Anthem, Cigna and United Healthcare.

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Drew Madden – Healthcare Entrepreneur and Industry Leader

Recently, companies Amazon and CVS sent stock markets reeling with their forays in to the healthcare industry. Healthcare in the United States is an industry faced with upheaval, as more and more consumers are unable to pay for the services rendered and prices continue to skyrocket. As consumers continue to express the need for change, companies like Amazon, who are known for their consumer-centered approach will engage in this market.

The space that is being created in the healthcare industry is allowing an unique advantage to form where entrepreneurs are the ones most able to fill the gaps that are causing the continuing rise in healthcare costs. Healthcare knowledge is a bonus, but utilizing ideas from other industries is proving to help reduce waste and implement advantageous technologies in healthcare. From front-end registration to back-end revenue cycle management, more and more areas of the healthcare experience are opening to newcomers. One such company that is looking to tackle the front-end processes is Evergreen Healthcare. Co-founded in 2017 by Madden, Evergreen provides IT and advisory services to the healthcare industry.

As Amazon and other companies have identified, consumers are no longer happy with the status quo seen in healthcare. Long wait times, difficulty knowing what costs will be up front, and difficulty scheduling are all headaches consumers face. Evergreen Healthcare, under the leadership of Madden, is looking to revolutionize and optimize the front-end experience for patients entering the a hospital or clinic. With a background in technology and project management, Madden is drawing together a talented team of individuals to confront the front-end Patient Access issue. You can visit their website drew-madden.com

As new technology is developed and more companies step in to the fray to alleviate the issues inherent in the current healthcare system, improvements in healthcare are likely to be a result. Implementing technology that tracks real-time logistics would provide data that is severely lacking in the healthcare field. Technology implemented by enterprising companies has the potential to reduce waste in the healthcare field as well as improve the consumer experience, leading to more trust in the healthcare industry.

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