Eli Gershkovitch – Canadian Craft Beer Success Story

When Canadian craft beer comes up in a conversation, it’s hard not to mention Eli Gershkovitch. As the CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries, his story is one that has inspired many people within the Canadian craft beer industry, and beyond.

Founded in 1995, Steamworks Craft Breweries was the first to introduce steam-powered brewing to Canada. This rare form of brewing has produced unique and flavorful brews for over 30 years, and under Eli Gershkovitch’s guidance, continues to pave the way for innovative craft beers throughout Canada, see more.

In fact, in an effort to expand the reach of Steamworks Craft Breweries, Eli Gershkovitch has opened sales beyond the borders of Canada. Now places like Hong Kong, Central Europe, and certain states in the US can enjoy flavors such as Heroica Red Ale, Salted Chocolate Porter, and Black Angel IPA.

As with any successful businessman, Eli Gershkovitch has surrounded himself with the very best in the brewing business. This includes brewmaster Hanlon, who along with her team, has been responsible for the creation of many popular beers like the Flagship IPA which has won multiple awards.

Unsurprisingly, Eli Gershkovitch’s accomplishments don’t just extend to Canadian craft beer. In addition to his position as CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries, Eli Gershkovitch has also had success as a pilot, and lawyer. This well-rounded background was a big help in preparing him for the world of business, and gave him the ability to approach his role as a CEO with a unique and creative mindset.

In the end, Eli Gershkovitch takes great pride in Steamworks Craft Breweries stated in askreporter.com. Being able to see his products on store shelves, and the people who purchase them, reinforces his feelings of success, as do the awards his brews have won.

Despite this success, Eli is committed to pushing his business to even greater heights of excellence, and has gone on record as stating that a business can choose to stay small, or decide to expand, and grow big. What this cryptic message means for the future of Steamworks Craft Breweries is uncertain, what is certain is that Eli Gershkovitch will continue working to produce the finest craft beers in Canada, and beyond.

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