Why Manufacturers Are Choosing the OneLogin Cloud-Based IAM

Manufactures handle a high volume of data on a daily basis. They are always looking for ways of enhancing their agility concerning the supply chains, identity management, and improved security. Even though most manufacturers are still using the on-premises identity management systems, they are looking for technologies that can improve their business and drive their organizations goals.

The on-premise identity has proved some number of challenges for manufacturers and which the OneLogin identity system seeks to solve. Among these set of challenges include inefficiency across the supply chain due to a large number of vendors, at-risk sensitive data, high cost and lost productivity and overly complex identity management systems.

The OneLogin cloud-based identity and access management provide a single sign-on, real-time active directory integration, and multi factor directory integration. It is already integrated with over 5000 apps such as Oracle, Gsuite, Office365, and SAP. It reduces the administrative costs, leverage and protects existing investments and provides enhanced security. Besides, it saves time for it and udders while providing high user adaptability.

The single sign-on portal centralizes all apps that an employee needs for a single location for fast and simple access to only one unique password. It saves time that would have been used for preset password tickets owning to forgotten passwords. It streamlines the on boarding and off boarding by use of automated processes. It empowers IT with HR-system making the process smoother even when an employee joins or leaves the company.

Sometimes, one can be apprehensive allowing the employees access the corporate information using their devices outside the firewall. The OneLogin adaptive authentication uses machine learning to assess some factors when employees try to sign into their apps. It will consider such things like time of the day, network familiarity, location, login devices, abnormalities and such. It would then require additional authentication data if it detects any anomalies at any given time.

It features the Web Access Management to simplify the process of integrating the company web serves to secure the legacy applications and connect to the OneLogin directory. It takes a short time to set up the cloud infrastructure.

Learn more about OneLogin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4mup2Tsf3GvICslTER2DtQ

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