Drew Madden’s Ability To Create Value In Various Companies

Drew Madden has led nothing but an excellent career in his field of IT. Drew graduated from Iowa college of engineering with a bachelor degree in the field of industrial engineering. While most individuals struggle to balance two or more aspects of their professional careers, Drew has been able to achieve success both as an entrepreneur and a healthcare It expert.

Throughout his professional career, Drew Madden  has been in the forefront of creating high performing and dedicated professional teams. What stands out from the teams Drew has been able to develop over the years is the winning company culture they have. Other than that, his teams are trusted by many, which are the driving forces behind the creation of long-lasting trusted partnerships with numerous enterprises.

In 2010, Drew became one of the members of Nordic Consulting Partners. During this period (2011-2016), he was able to serve as the company’s president. One thing that you can’t miss is the tremendous growth Nordic Consulting Firm experienced when Drew was serving as its president. When he joined the firm, the available employees were only ten, however by the time his tenure came to an end, the company had more than 725 paid members of staff.

Nordic Consulting Partners had only three partners when Drew joined the firm; it should be noted that the number of managing partners currently exceeds 150. Another achievement under his name is the significant rise in revenue the company experienced under his management (from $1,000,000 to a record $130,000,000).

When it comes to experience, Drew prides himself in having more than a decade of experience in the implementation and the management of EMR projects. He can bring together various unique skills that include technical skills that revolve around EMR and additionally offer his project management skills to his clients. It is these skills that have enabled many healthcare IT professionals working with Drew create successful implementation teams across the multiple states in America. As the president of Nordic, Drew is tasked with the duty of building and maintaining near perfect client relations with numerous clients and the firm he represents.

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