Customer Comments About Securus Technologies` Use of Technology to Prevent Crime

Crime has lasting effects on all of us, regardless of our economic, social or cultural background. At Securus Technologies, we provide innovative solutions to prevent and solve crime. We are offering an open invitation to all law enforcement facilities, including organization, to visit our technology centers. We provide creative solutions that revolutionize the crime-threatened environment and progressively help facilities. Our measures improve the public safety by protecting crucial structures in our society.


Various customers commented on the technology. Inmates also provided their view regarding inmate crimes. The communications were presented to us, inform of emails and formal letters, by jail and prison officials throughout the country.


Customer Comments


 We have been congratulated for assisting an organization to find and arrest an employee, who introduced contraband to the firm.

 An inmate facility congratulated us for helping control crimes such as drug selling, use of cellular devices, money transfer and threats.

 We were recommended for helping improve public safety by a correctional facility.

 An organization thanked us for helping reduce cases of harassment and potential threats.

 The law enforcers thanked us for helping them use the covert alert feature to arrest a suspect.

 A jail official appreciated the services of the LBS service. The employee described it as the leading technology in jail phone services.


About Securus Technologies


Founded in 1986, we are a leading prison and law enforcement technology organization that is located in Dallas, Texas. We also have regional offices in Georgia, Atlanta, Texas, Allen and Carrollton. With over 1,000 professional employees, we can provide our services across the county. We currently serve over 3,450 law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety facilities.


We are dedicated to connecting law enforcement agencies across the country. Our services include incident management, emergency response, investigation biometric analysis, information management, public information, communication, monitoring and inmate control services.




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