Learn how concessions can benefit basic sanitation services in the country, by Felipe Montoro Jens

A recent announcement by the government recently stateda that it is on a mission to make conventions with the National Bank of Social and Economic Development (BNDES). Trata Brazil, whose president is Edison Carlos, is an institute that has actions that are focused on basic sanitary services and sanitation as a whole in the country. In an interview with Edison Carlos, the CEO and President of Trata Brazil, he pointed out some important notes that the government should work to implement to oversee a brighter future in the business world. He also believes that the services that will be provided will work towards developing one of the most sophisticated methods of controlling the sanitary population in the industry.

Edison Carlos also pointed out some of the few things that should be corrected in a manner that showcases their intentions in the business world. There are also other improvements that should be made such as the resource areas, the structural areas, and the management possibilities of the industry. One of the other aspects that were raised by the ongoing management was the decreased levels of waste products. Felipe Montoro is the man in charge of some of his propositions that will oversee better management of solid and liquid wastes.

Edison Carlos, as well as Felipe Jens Montoros, pointed out that the basic at 90 percent. It is also noted that the local power provides more than 90 percent of the basic sanitation services. Therefore, these sanitation services are expected to be powered by a new system that will oversee its basic services in a way that depicts better business solutions. The government bodies, according to the president of Strata Brazil, to implement the new system of sanitation in the industry. In fact, few people can work to recognize this entity in a way that associates themselves with the best in the industry.


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