All about the Racecar Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is truly a chip off the old block. In addition to being a vastly successful entrepreneur, he and his father have a passion for sports. While Rodrigos has spent much of his adult career on rally tracks all around Brazil, his father spent much of his youth playing basketball.

Jack Terpins was quite successful as a basket baller in the 60s and 70s. At the time Jack, the father to Rodrigo played for Hebraica. Besides Rodrigo, Jack is also the father to Michel Terpins. He has dedicated much of his life to helping young people who show a passion for sports early in their lives. He is considered by many to be a community leader for basketball players in Brazil.

Jack Perpins also served as the Sports Director and President of the Hebrew community around 1991. He has held many other volunteer positions in Brazil. For instance, he has worked as the president of the Latin American Jewish Council and as the president of the Macabi Latin American Confederation. Mr. Jack Perpins has also worked as the VP for the Macabi World Union.

In all of them, Jack, the father of Rodrigo Perpin has always been successful. He is known for being passionate and dedicated to whatever he does. Luckily, he has managed to pass on these traits to his sons. It is amongst the secrets as to why Rodrigo Perpin has been as successful in his career as a rally driver.


Rodrigo Terpins Achievements in the 22nd Sertões Rally


The rally was 2,600 kilometers long, 7 stages traversing two states. This was undoubtedly the biggest off-road race anywhere in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins and Bianchini managed a podium finish for the Prototypes T1 category. They also came in 8th out of 38 competitors who made it to the finish.

According to Terpins, who was in car number 326, the results were quite promising. He congratulated his entire team for managing to work with new equipment and achieve such good results. The results were despite the fact they had a team of only ten, and they were working with new equipment. Check out Rodrigo Terpins’ Facebook page.



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