Talos Energy is Drilling For Oil

In the year 2014, Mexico made a momentous decision to allow foreign investors into its oil industry. This was so momentous because foreign investors weren’t allowed into the Mexican oil industry since 1938. The only company that was allowed was Petroleos Mexicanos, PEMEX—a company that was owned by the Mexican government. The reason for the sudden reversal of policy was because Mexico’s energy sector was not doing very well. In 2015, three companies from foreign companies won bids to have rights off the shore of Mexico. A couple of years later, in 2017, these companies started drilling maneuvers in the Zama-1 well. The drilling lasted a shorter amount of time than expected—lasting 55 days as opposed to the estimated 90 days. Talos Energy expects to drill more until 14,000 feet has been reached.

As the drilling operation went on and finished, Talos Energy, one of the companies involved, was very much satisfied with what they found. They found about 2 billion barrels of oil in the well. During the weekend of July, the team watched the drilling live on screens. After 400 feet of dirt and rock was drilled through, the geologist said it looked like they were onto a major find. As a result, the CEO of Talos Energy treated the team to good quality red wine.

Talos Energy, being such a small, private company, was one of the more unexpected companies to take on an operation like this. The company has about two-hundred employees, give or take. It’s employees claim that working for Talos is very exciting, since there is a “start up feel” and everyone lends an ear to everyone else’s concerns and ideas. Founded in 2012, it is definitely not the oldest company in the oil and gas business. It’s areas of business include the Gulf of Mexico and, now, the area offshore from Mexico.

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