Roberto Santiago Launches the Main Mall

Roberto Santiago began his career as a child literature writer. Writing was his passion and he gave it all he had. Later, he engaged in script writing and play directing ventures in which he was equally successful. Roberto was also a blogger, who had his own blog, which gained fame and popularity across Brazil and in other nations. People loved his inspirational messages and would often log into his blog to find out how to beat life’s odds. It was at this phase of success that Roberto desired to do business or invest his income in business ventures. Immediately he enrolled in college where he studied for two years before joining the University Center in Joao Pessoa, where he majored in Business Administration.

While Roberto was still in college, he ventured into the hotel business in Café Santa Rosa that was in the school neighborhood. The venture was profitable, and he used the savings to start yet another business, which dealt with manufacturing cardboards, plastics, and other utility materials. The venture was very successful that the savings made here helped Roberto purchase a big piece of land. Roberto had a vision of providing fun and new life to the people of Brazil by providing them with a luxurious mall that would offer them all their needs under one roof. Therefore, he used the land purchased to build the Maniara Shopping Mall that has earned him fame all over the world. Maniara is the most modern and advanced mall in Brazil, attracting mainly the upper-class people and tourists from other regions.

Maniara Shopping Mall hosts many outlets that are modern and which surpass the expectations of the people, who visit the mall. Roberto wanted people who visited the mall to have a different taste of life and to have a heaven on earth experience. As a result, he makes sure that all outlets in the mall meet the expectation by being out of ordinary. Some of the outlets are food boutiques, Casinos, theaters, stadiums, fashion shops, banks, beauty and massage parlors among others.


Roberto is a hardworking person who gains recognition in everything he lays his hands on. Case in point, his writings are still relevant because they were done with a level of excellence. Besides, he won many awards in motor sports because he was very consistent and industrious in the field. Roberto is also disciplined and he saves every coin he makes from his business and that enabled him to save from his previous businesses to build the Maniara Shopping Mall. He says that he has learned that the best way to advance in business is to save and reinvest the money. Roberto is also very focused.

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