Avaaz Rescues Millions Of Refugees Of War

Avaaz is a non-governmental organization founded by the Canadian British Ricken Patel. The U.S. based organization deals with global challenges ranging from climate change, human rights, corruption, animal rights and conflicts in nations of the world.
Since World War II millions of people have been through very trying times. Their governments and politicians have turned away from them during the time of war. These helpless people fleeing from their homeland face myriads of challenges. Avaaz has always chipped in and donated millions of dollars to assist in life-saving attempts and protective programs. Avaaz has been on the fore front in life-saving missions during the cold winters by building tents, providing clothing, blankets and food to troubled families. Some members of Avaaz even welcome refugees to their homes when the crowds are overwhelming.
In Lebanon 2013 when Syria was engaged in war, Avaazers tried to make life more bearable to the fleeing citizens. The members donated 1 million dollars as grants to donors. This money was channeled toward saving Syria from a generation without education due to war.
In 2015 when desperate refugees headed towards Europe through the deadly sea, Avaaz community donated over 500,000 dollars to assist the refugees through the great Mediterranean Sea. The Avaaz community also extended their aid mission to the Greek Islands where immigrants were running for their lives with nothing. This dedicated team is credited for assisting UN winter programs which assist vulnerable refugee children and their beloved families in the UK.
Avaaz‘s voice is always heard echoing from Europe to Australia from the US to capitals of United Nations conferences. This has led to the creation of other communities which assist take care of refugees. However more need to be done to keep pushing for a united and even more urgent response to war and catastrophic incidences.

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