Success of Sushi Itto Attributed to the Efforts of Omar Yunes

In 2015, a Mexican Franchisee by the name Omar Yunes, scooped the BFW award in an event organized in Italy’s Florence City. The award was in recognition of Omar’s contribution to his brand, the Sushi Itto. He started his first Japanese food brand at the age of 21, and today, 13 franchise units are under his name operating in major Mexican cities. When accepting the award, Mr. Yunes was pleased by achievement of his franchise through tireless efforts of 400 employees. In fact, the franchisee said the prize was dedicated to his employees because they played critical role of developing and implementing the brand’s innovative ideas.

The 2015 global edition of BFW attracted 34 representatives from different parts of the world. These franchisees were evaluated depending on the impact they brought on the network, and not specifically on the brand. They considered areas such as: skills contributed, strategies implemented to motivate employees and input in improvement of proposed models. According to one of the organizers of the BFW Mexican edition, Diego Elizarrarrás, Omar Yunes scooped the highest award because of his role of facilitating the relationship between franchising and franchisee. The CEO of Sushi Itto franchise, Benjamin Cancelmo said that it was the joint effort of the entire team to offer outstanding services to their customers, which enabled their boss to achieve great success.

Omar Yunes Achievements

In December 2015, Omar Yunes was recognized all over the world after winning the global edition of The Best Franchisee of the World award. Under his leadership, the brand he represents, Sushi Itto has achieved massive growth around Mexico and other neighboring Central American countries. The brand has also implemented effective employees’ welfare programs as well as increasing its revenue.

The Best Franchisee of the World Award

This award was created in order to recognize individual franchisees that have brought massive successes to the franchises they represent through their leadership and strategic skills. BFW’s objective is to reward executives with seeking innovative plans and promoting teamwork as a way of enhancing the performance of their franchise. The award attracts franchisees from different countries all over the world.

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