José AuriemoNeto, the Head of JHSF, Transforms the Real Estate Business

In Brazil, real estate is one of the leading business industries. The industry has in the last decade grown significantly, and it is expected to continue growing in years to come. This has offered attractive opportunities for investors both from local and foreign countries. However, most of these real estate businesses have focused so much on middle-class level customers and only a few offer high-end real estate properties. The company operates under the leadership of José AuriemoNeto, and it has a significant participation in commercial corporations, 5-star hotels, high-end residential properties as well as development and administration of shopping centers and malls. JHSF is among the few companies in Brazil offering High-end real estate properties.

About José AuriemoNeto

The international company which operates in Uruguay and United States was founded in 1972 by two brothers Jose and Fabio and two other investors. The company started as a construction business and also as a real estate developer before the two brothers split it into two companies in the year 1990. José AuriemoNeto took control of JHSJ Participações. He is now the chairman and chief executive officer of the company and has since then expanded it. Today, the company has different projects such as Catarina Executive Airport, to promote a regular cash flow. José AuriemoNeto has also received several awards due to the high performance of his company. He has also been responsible for improving the portfolio of the company due to his sophisticated strategies.

José AuriemoNeto was also responsible for launching the company first shopping center known as Shopping Santa Cruz in the year 1998. In 2009, Jose oversaw the company engage in the retail industry after signing an agreement deal with Pucci and Jimmy Choo. Additionally, in 2012, the company also signed an exclusive partnership with Valentino that led to the launching of the first ever R.E.D Valentino shops across Brazil. Jose is known for his visionary and resilience in creating the best brand in the industry. He is a workaholic and as a person who likes to get things done.


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