Attorney Bruno Fagali: A Rising Star In Brazilian Legal Circles

Bruno Fagali is one of Brazil’s most talented rising young lawyers. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and an administrative law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He also has a master’s degree in State Law from the University of Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali has also worked with several law firms and has several years experience in regulatory law, administrative law and federal civil actions along with several other areas of Brazilian law. Since 2015 he has been Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Fagali also has an independent agency called the Fagali Law Firm and he founded the Fagali Advocacy.

With his vibrant personality, commitment to corporate compliance and ethics and excellent public law speaking skills, Bruno Fagali has brought an entirely new dimension to Brazil’s legal system. Very ambitious and goal oriented, he has been actively involved in issues related to health, consumer, family and domestic violence laws and legal support for Brazilians since 2006. People all across Brazil have applauded the work Bruno Fagali has done on behalf of citizens of the country since he became involved in the public law advisory. He has also written articles that answered many of the questions the public had about a recent corruption scandal in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is fluent in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese and through his law office in Sao Paolo he has been about to help a wide variety of clients. Humble and hard working, Fagali is passionate about seeing people receive the justice they deserve. He’s also known for his perseverance and his willingness to fight for his clients to ensure they are treated fairly. Fagali has also made a name for himself through his work on anti-corruption law, electoral Law, regulatory law and many other specialized legal issues.

A visionary attorney, Bruno Fagali created ‘Code of Conduct’ policy for advertising agencies to aid compliance with national legislation. In addition to his work on public policy, Fagali has also represented several well-known clients involved in high-profile court cases. Using his excellent communication and analytical skills he has gotten them a positive outcome.

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Jason Hope, Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope believes in the importance of the internet of things. The internet of things is the collection of technology that allows devices to work together, like street lights, smart cars, refrigerators, and all kinds of devices that can be allowed to access the web in one way or another. Jason Hope believes that this kind of technology is the way forward, and that apps are coming for all our most useful household products. Hope explains that the wireless interconnectedness of the internet of things makes our lives safer, as it has already improved our roads and transportation.Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope invests in technology and publishes articles on the tech and business. Follow him on Twitter :

He believes in the importance of education, and degree in Finance from the University of Arizona and an MBA as well.Partnering with SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation), Hope helps to fund and promote anti-aging and medical research that seeks not only to extend the length of life but to improve the quality of life as we age. Hope has given more than $500,000 to SENS to promote their research and ideology, and he is among the top sponsors of the institution.

He and SENS look forward to treating ailments like dementia and Alzheimer’s before they manifest and damage their victims.As an avid philanthropist, Hope also donates to Teach for America, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not only that but he has also provided grants to students to help them kick-start their businesses. All of Hope’s investments, donations and publications express his passion and belief in the future of our world, and that technology is helping and will continue to help us lead longer, more healthy and productive lives. Learn More.



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Brown Agency Merges with Heyman Talent-South to Help More Talent

The Brown Agency is a model and talent agency that offers full-service to those in the Austin, Texas area. They came to Austin back in 2010 while they were still formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin. In the Summer of 2015 they became known as the Brown Agency. While working as Wilhelmina Austin, and also now currently, they utilized a world famous network known as Wilhelmina Models network. Once they became known as the Brown Agency, they grew quickly to become a leader in the industry. The Brown Agency is the only agency that is full-service within the Austin area. They are also one of the few full-service agencies in all of Texas. Since launching in Austin, Brown Agency has quickly become one of Central Texas’ most respected modeling and talent agencies.

While working towards becoming an industry leader, the Brown Agency had a goal of establishing market standards that were larger than other agencies. They also were striving for expectations that Central Texas had never seen before. Since Brown Agency opened, models from Texas have started working for some of the largest companies around the world including Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, L’oreal and many others. Many of their models have had the opportunity to walk the runway in some of the top fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and even more.

Brown Agency prides them in only going with the best of the best. The agency President, Justin Brown, often compliments their models by stating that they are only able to be as good as their talent. Brown Agency works hard to develop their models and their talent on a market level that is larger than most. They also are constantly striving to deliver talent that is the most beautiful, professional, dependable and of course talented that Central Texas can offer.

Brown Agency has models and talent in many different areas. These areas include film and commercials, television, voice over, industrial videos, catalog and print, fashion, conventions, runway, promotional as well as corporate events and also trade shows. Brown Agency is able to provide their clients with a portfolio that tends to have a broader range of experienced talent as well as providing their clients with more and greater opportunities all around the world.

Brown Agency recently merged with Heyman Talent-South. The President, Justin Brown, views this move as an important part in their growth as well as an important part in their commitment to serving all of their clients. Since merging, they are able to continue providing some of the most professional, elegant and dependable talent but they are now able to do this on a larger scale.

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Highland Capital Management Increase Stake Invested in Nexpoint Credit

Highland Capital Management LLP, is located in Dallas, Texas. It was co-founded by investment guru James Dondero, and is estimated to have a current value of $2.44 billion. Recently, they have stepped up their investment efforts to extend to Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. At this time, James Dondero owns 3.01 million shares of the company, which totals 18% of the company in total.

According to a recent analysis, Dondero is the largest stakeholder in the company, which gives him an extremely large say in the company’s everyday interworking’s.Nexpoint’s estimated value is currently $600 million, and it falls into the top 10% of closed-end funds. The company is considered to be a spin-off of two other companies, including Nexpoint Credit Stratagies Fund and Nexpoint Residential Trust INC. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund focused on building real-estate asset and frequently works alongside Highland Real Estate Capital REIT.

James Dondero

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management LLP, in 1993. They are based out of Dallas, Texas. As a whole, Highland Capital Management is active in the community and donates a large percentage of their proceeds to non-profit organizations that have set out make the community a better place. Currently, Highland Capital Management LLP. manages over $15.4 billion in assets. They are one of the largest global investment firms in North America. They specialize in private equity and credit strategies for their clients.Recently, James Dondero issued a Challenge Grant for a non-profit family shelter known as “The Family Place.” His goal is to aid the company in helping as many families as possible, which is proving to be successful.

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Why You Should Speak With One of the Consultants of Equities First Holdings Today

Equities First Holdings needs to be seen as a primary spot for obtaining loans for every potential investor, business owner, or high net-worth individuals. Unfortunately, high net-worth individuals often have difficulties of finding lenders that are willing to work with them and the particular loan terms that they’re seeking to find. Due to this, Equities First Holdings has decided to take action by offering loan terms for high net-worth individuals that they’ll have difficulties of refusing.

Equities First Holdings consists of a group of consultants who are finance savvy and well educated in the field of lending in which they’ll be able to adequately guide all of their clients in the right directions of obtaining loans that may be have effects of improving the qualities of their lives tremendously. By speaking with a representative of Equities First Holdings, you’ll get a good idea of what you can expect from the company as a lending institution. To know more click here.

Equities First Holdings has been a great helper of lending solutions for business owners, as they’re essentially given options of obtaining loans that set them up for greater amounts of success than they may have initially anticipated. They’re a lending institution that’s placed importance on ensuring all of their clients are truly taken care of, as opposed to being lost in the midst of financial turmoil. Many business owners are on the verge of failure; oftentimes, such circumstances are due to the heavy amounts of competition that exists within their respective fields. By obtaining the necessary capital that’s needed for them to make improvements/upgrades to their business operations through the borrowing of any particular amounts of loans that they may need at any particular point in time, they may not only be positioning themselves to continue their business operations, but also of possibly greatly improving them.

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Bruce Bent II: The Legacy

Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is a main budgetary organizer, giving the business’ most creative money administration and money related answers for the representative merchant, bank, qualified arrangement, and retail advertises. Mr. Bent is senior official to each of Double Rock’s completely claimed auxiliary organizations and associates, which incorporates control across the boards.

  • Mr. Bent is a pioneer in the money administration and retirement administrations organizations.
  • His vision and entrepreneurial drive have been the impetus for the absolute most powerful and pertinent items and advances in the money related administrations industry when all is said in done.
  • With a few licenses credited to his name, Mr. Twisted’s imaginative procedures are the establishment for each of the Double Rock organizations and have turned out to be broadly perceived as the standard in their particular markets.

Mr. Bent has gone through his whole profession with the organization where his work and commitments in the advancement of money clear and extended FDIC-protected compass programs has changed the money administration and heightened the value of the industry itself; tremendously. Right now, Mr. Twisted offers obligation regarding characterizing the vital bearing for each of the organizations.

  • Bowed was in charge of regulating the methodical slowing down of The Reserve currency showcase common store items taking after the Lehman Brothers liquidation in September of 2008.
  • The product offering was willfully shut by its administration with holders in the Reserve Primary Fund getting 99 pennies on the dollar for their unique venture, and 100 pennies on the dollar for all other cash stores.
  • The product offering was willfully shut by its administration with holders in the Reserve Primary Fund getting 99 pennies on the dollar for their unique venture, and 100 pennies on the dollar for all other cash stores.

Twisted is, and has been included in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including resource administration, protected innovation, money related advances, business counseling, purchaser products, pharmaceuticals, human services financing, and so on.

Mr. Bent is an exceptional leader of this industry, allowing many people to model their own success towards the positive steps of Mr. Bent. His instinct and consultation strengthened the core of these organizations values. It’s magnificent to see what is possible once the right person is placed into the right position. Bruce Bent II is an extraordinary figure.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter.

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Orthopedic Surgery with Dr. Gregory Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is an Australian and one of the leading orthopedic surgeons. He is a certified Orthopedic surgeon currently at Nucleus Medical Suites in Buderim. With seventeen years’ experience, he has assisted hundreds of patients in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand live better and pain-free lives through the countless successful surgeries.

Before Dr. Greg Finch journeyed through his seventeen years’ experience, he received his training in Auckland Medical School and later Royal College Surgeons Melbourne and finally Orthopedic Association. After his bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery) he gave two years of his life working with prestigious world leaders in spine surgery in the UK, Germany, and the United States.

Dr. Greg Finch, throughout his learning and practice of orthopedic surgery, he developed a particular liking in spinal surgery which makes him a certified specialist in Spinal Surgery, Trauma, and orthopedic surgery, and Pediatric orthopedics and trauma and has vast knowledge in minimally invasive spine surgeries.

There are a couple of orthopedic procedures, but before I highlight some of them, we should first know and understand what this procedure is all about. First, Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that concerns the muscles and skeleton of a person. This branch deals with musculoskeletal problems. These operations are necessary in the case of ruptures, various conditions or injuries. Most of these surgeries are operated on the knees, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle and finally the spine.

Hip replacement, repair of the ankle fractures and repair of rotator cuff tendon are the top three frequent procedures done by these surgeons as stated by Dr. Greg Finch.

  • Repair Ankle Fractures

This kind of fracture can be caused by medical cases such as osteoporosis or cancer of the bone, falling or trauma. Fractures are painful and can cause damage to other vessels of nerves.

To repair this broken bone, it may take long for the tendons and ligaments to heal most likely six weeks, but the healing process is carefully monitored through x-rays.

Treatment is done depending on the area affected and how far spread the fracture is. The ankle is repaired surgically by inserting a plate and screws.

  • Hip Replacement

The hip joint, in this case, is replaced with a prosthetic implant. This procedure is mostly executed to relieve arthritis pains or only treat hipbone breaks and broken bones.

  • Repair Rotator Cuff Tendon

The tendon is reattached or trimmed to help reduce pressure and agony. If necessary, the tendon is stitched back to normal if there is the presence of a complete tear.

These procedures are top on the charts for they are common cases in the orthopedic field.

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USHEALTH Group Inc. and Its Call in Provision of Healthcare Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that is based in Ft.Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group Inc. has provided innovative and tailor-made insurance plans for 50 years. It has served more than 15 million customers. Troy McQuagge is the president of USHEALTH Group. He is also an award-winning leader. He has led the company through the provision of diverse and innovative plans in healthcare insurance. They have a wide variety of products that cater to the needs of different customers. They target self-employed individuals, families, small business owners, and their employees. The company provides innovative insurance solutions in life, accident, specified diseases, and disability coverage. They put the needs of each customer into perspective. The company does this through its subsidiaries including Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life. They have a wide variety of coverages that promotes the choice of customers. This enables their clients to choose their preferred option. USHEALTH Group stands out as a provider of unique insurance products that are affordable and reliable. To know more click here.

USHEALTH Group and its family of companies also offer other coverages without additional underwriting. They do this through their wholly owned subsidiary known as USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisors is a trusted and licensed agency that offers them the guidance. It has the product certification and training. It is authorized to represent their products. USHEALTH Advisors aims at providing ‘HOPE.’ HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This is their primary mission and agenda. It is important to note that Troy McQuagge spearheaded the company in restoring and housing the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Troy is the ambassador of HOPE in the enterprise. He did this in partnership with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA).

USHEALTH Group helps one to build security for themselves and their families. Their premier choice, specified disease, and accident plans allow one to receive first dollar payment benefits for covered services. They also offer tailored coverage approach for customers who want security and can afford a specified level of cost sharing. They have a wide variety of affordable and reliable products to cover all types of health coverage that a client wants. They can enhance their protection through them. These plans include critical illness, accident, med-guard, specified disease, short-term accident, income, income protector, dental, vision, and term life insurance covers. The subsidiaries rely on the fact that every customer is unique and that there is no approach of “one fit all” to healthcare plans provision.USHEALTH Group has earned various awards including the 2013 Top 50 North American Center. The company has outstanding and award winning customer services. They also offer claim processing and payment cycles. It ranks among the best and leading elite companies in the insurance industry across the world.

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Wine And Food, The Traveling Vineyard Way

Wine is best paired with good friends and a great meal, and that especially holds true when one is visiting Napa Valley. Traveling Vineyard wine guides recently visited Napa and shared their insight on some non-wine focuses activities. It does not surprise anyone that cooking classes made the list.

The Silverado Cooking School was included in a roundup of some great things to check out during a visit to the Napa Valley area. Food pairings are just one way that Traveling Vineyard guides enhance the wine drinking experience. With appropriate wine pairings, both the wine and the food is elevated to something much more special.

In fact, learning about which foods are best complemented by the Traveling Vineyard wines is one of the main knowledge modules that the wine guides focus upon. They are able to share their expertise at private wine tasting events and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Knowing which wine best goes with a special dinner can set a host’s mind at ease, and this knowledge becomes very useful for those that entertain a lot. The entire experience with Traveling Vineyard is one that is centered around fun and learning about new and interesting wine-related facts.

The business model of Traveling Vineyard allows its guides to host their own wine tasting events and work with their clients to help them find the best wine for their needs. They are also able to work in a team environment and support one another to greater success. Most importantly, Traveling Vineyard focuses on enjoying wine and learning more about it in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Guides are encouraged to learn more about the wines, the winemaking process, and how each varietal is best enjoyed. They are then able to pass on this knowledge to their clients and the participants of the private wine tasting events. Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that focuses on having fun and enjoying wine with friends, two things that may people are already doing! The guides are able to earn money, free wine and accessories, as well as trips.

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Cassio Audi’s Early Years: A Drummer That Changed a Band

Have you ever observed how one instrument can change the sound of an entire band? Casio Audi was a renowned drummer in a band called Viper in the 80’s. One of the most celebrated songs performed by the band was the Soldiers of Sunrise. The song clearly displayed Audi’s musical talents. The beat of the drums on that album has a definitive sound. The methodology used by Audi, give the impression to be a combination of heavy metal and classic rock rhythms. He helped change the Latin American music scene with each thud of the bass drum, tap of a snare, or cymbal crash.

In the mid-80’s, heavy metal was in its tender years. Harmoniously, the band had taken keen advantage of this era in music. It’s important to note that Audi was inspired by bands like Iron Maiden. This sparked immense inspiration to help mold his drumming style. You can notice small instances of what inspired his drumming sequences in several songs. For instance, listeners may notice his speed on the drums and compare the stylishness to some contemporary bands of today. This is because he was one of the pioneers of heavy metal music in Brazil.

Along with Audi, the entire band climbed to prominence quickly. Audi had the experience of recording two albums with his fellow band members. Audi played the drums for Viper on a few collective albums and demos. Correspondingly, he was part of the band when it first started to develop. The initial demo was called The Killera Sword, and it had set the pace for additional sales. Cassio Audi was a member of the band Viper for four years. His last year with the band was in 1989. He subsequently enrolled in college.

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