Cancer Treatment Centers of America Continue to Leverage Valuable Partnerships

In their quest to stay at the forefront of cancer treatment research and new developments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently formed a strategic partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to provide physicians with the latest developments in cancer treatment options and research across various markets. When operating to its full extent, physicians will have everything needed at the point of care with the patient to make all appropriate decisions for their overall care. In addition, they will have access to any potential drug interactions that could occur as a result of a proposed treatment. It also enables them to look at the key differences between different treatment options, as well as cost differences by market.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of 5 hospitals in major cities across the United States including Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix. These highly specialized hospitals provide the most cutting edge cancer treatment available today by the most experienced and sought after oncologists in the country.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” their headquarters is located in Boca Raton, FL. The network of highly specialized hospitals provides an integrative approach to the care of every patient that is centered around the individual and the treatment options that will best meet their specific needs. While focusing on cancer treatments and surgery, they also focus on effectively treating difficult side effects such as nausea, fatigue and pain. Before moving their headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida in 2015, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. They do not practice a cookie cutter approach to cancer, rather believe that each cancer is just as unique as the patient that is fighting it.

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Arthur Becker is Making Real Estate Headlines

Arthur Becker is the CEO of Zinio. He also serves at Chairman for the company. He has had many years of executive experience in the world of technology. He previously was the CEO of NaviSite. Navisite offered app management as well as other technologies to companies based out of the UK as well as the US. He worked with that company from 2002 until 2010. It was a global company that had offices all over the world including India, the UK, as well as the US. Some of the products and services that Navisite offered was cloud-based application management as well as data center hosting.

Arthur Becker was also affiliated with Vera Wang fashion and served as the senior advisor to the company for seven years. Arthur was also married to Vera Wang for twenty-three years. He went on to begin investing in real estate and technology. He began those endeavors once Navisite was sold. Time Warner bought NaviSite in 2011 and Arthur began to create a healthy portfolio in both of the industries.In fact, he has been making headlines for some of his most recent real estate endeavors. He was backing some of the biggest names in real estate, but in a turn of events, he decided to become hands on with the transaction rather than just funding the projects. He is involved in a $53 million dollar apartment complex deal on Washington st. in Tribeca. The proposed development would consist of eight units in a sought after area. Click here to know more.

Arthur Becker is also a managing member of Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that is mostly involved with Bio-Tech and real estate. In addition to his real estate ventures in New York, he is also involved with real estate in Miami. Arthur Becker attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


Jose Borghi Improves South American Advertising

Jose Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, and it is one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the world. The agency has been built using the business prowess that Jose has gained over the years, and he became the CEO after a large merger. This article shows how Jose has done the work required to grow this company into one of the finest in its field.

#1: Worldwide Advertising

Mullen Lowe started in Brazil where it was one of the leading advertising gencives in South America. They have grown the company quite a lot over the years, and he wants to see the company build its international customer base. They have done so with international offices, and the company brings its distinctive international flair to a business that has been essentially American.

#2: Supporting The Brand Of The Client

Supporting the brand of the client is the goal of Mullen Lowe, and Jose looks into his partnerships to ensure that all the companies he partners with to learn how they may be served best. He works quite hard to serve each new client, and he directs his staff to offer the finest customer service possible regardless of the circumstance. Click here to know more.

#3: Giving The Client Better Creative Services

The creative services that are offered to the client will help with artwork and creation for the campaigns. Jose watches over all campaigns to ensure that they are done properly, and he wishes to show his clients a simpler way to care for their companies. He knows that there are a number of things that may be done to help each client, and he wants to see his clients prosper with a campaign that they will be proud of.

Jose Henrique Borghi is an advertising expert. Mullen Lowe offers the finest advertising services to a world of clients.



Equities First And the Essence of Business Financing

To make profit it takes cash, so the celebrated saying goes. Associations need to consider their assets for their countless functions, stretching out from survival in testing conditions to strengthening working of the organization to another level. The manner in which you finance your business can impact your ability in hiring staff, purchasing stock, securing licenses, growing and advancement of the association. While assets are not by any means as basic as vision, they are basic to keep things working. It is by then you consider Equities First Holdings; a company that has been tried and true lender on the planet.

Starting Capital

Each new business interest needs seed money. Business proprietors have thoughts and dreams and until they have some cash is when they to able to attest their ideas. Despite whether it is the service or item, you will require a way to deal and convey the same and moreover seek enough money and time to put the premise of exchanging and setting up essential linkages. Most business people confront the fundamental choice between equity financing and obligation. A business loan from Equities First Holdings will abandon you from financial bondage and enable you to take the control of your premise while giving you the power to handle major business responsibilities. Your shares are used as security to seek working capital and there will be no reason for your business to stall out in transit. Thus, the essential choice about your financial management will impact the way in which your business will work from that point henceforth.

Debt Ratios

Financing is all the more concerning the funds in your hands. While most associations have some huge measures of obligations especially at the first stages, acquiring loans from merchants with high financing costs services might leave your business in more awful circumstances. Not at all like conventional loans, Equities First Holdings offers emergency and fast capital to people and firms to begin and build up their organizations.


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A Look At A Great Achievement By OSI Group

OSI Group is a privately held food processor with operations and facilities across the globe. It was founded in 1909 and is currently led by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin.

It employs over 20,000 and earns approximately $6.1 billion in annual revenue. The company was focused on processing meat for many years but today it also supplies a great many other types of food products including vegetables, fruits, condiments, sauces, dressings, and dips.

In 2016, OSI Group was honored by the British Safety Council. As recognition of the safety, health, and environmental stewardship of the company they were given an award at the 2016 Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour Awards. In order to receive their award, the team at OSI Group had to pass audits of their operations that achieved 5-stars in all of their stewardship roles. The entire company needed to pass these audits, from the facilities that process food to the boardroom back in Aurora, Illinois.

Winning the Globe of Honour Awards reflected OSI Group’s deep commitment to running the company ethically and responsibly. This is the third time that the company has won this award, having also won in both 2013 and 2015.

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Troy McQuagge’s Recent Success at US Health Group Recognized by Industry and Peers

According to a recent press release on PRweb, Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., was named the Gold Winner (CEO of the Year) during this years One Planet Awards ceremony.


The One Planet Awards honors business excellence across all industries around the world. All private and public, for-profit and nonprofit companies and business organizations throughout the globe are eligible to submit nominations regardless of size and how long they have been in business.


McQuagge’s recent nomination comes at the helm of his incredible efforts to rebuild US HEALTH’s distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Since 2010, when McQuagge first joined US HEALTH, he has been able to add profitability and growth in all areas of the company’s individual insurance business. All of these achievements are what made him a prime candidate, and eventual winner, of Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year.


Mr. McQuagge said he was deeply honored to be named One Planet Awards CEO of the Year and promised to continue his ongoing efforts as CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., to provide customers with affordable and innovative coverages that grow along with them.




About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is the current CEO and President of US Health Group, Inc., an insurance holding company based out of Fort Worth, Texas. He joined the company’s captive/career insurance agency in 2010 as its President and CEO. Since that time, McQuagge has gone on to man the helm as CEO and President of the entire company, as well as serving the same roles for the company’s other health insurance subsidiaries.


Mcquagge began his career in the insurance industry when he joined Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. In 1995, he joined United Insurance Companies Inc’s, Student Insurance Division. In 1997, he became President of United Insurance Companies insurance agency, UGA. There he went on to propel the company to new heights and broke many sales records in the process. In 2007, he was nominated to President of Healthmarkets’ Agency Marketing Group, which eventually won the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year Award.

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Nihiwatu Resort, Chris Burch’s Investment Crown Jewel

Christoper”Chris” Burch is a prolific entrepreneur and investor, dipping his hand in a variety of industries from fashion, technology, and most recently, hospitality. During a career spanning more than 40 years, Burch has had a hand in the rise of over 50 companies, most notably luxury retail brands Tory Burch and C.Wonder, and Faena Hotel + Universe, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Voss Water.


Burch’s entrepreneurship journey started when he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in 1976. He and his brother, Bob, started clothing company Eagle’s Eye from a 2,000 dollar investment. They were able to expand the venture into a 165 million dollar business, which was later acquired by Swire Group. After this, Burch was able to grow his fortunes by being one of IPO success Internet Capital Group’s earliest investors.


Chris Burch attributes his successes to a unique understanding of consumer behavior, extensive experience in utilizing efficient sourcing and direct-to-consumer infrastructure, as well as an innate ability to find the right balance of innovation and implementation. He has been able to apply these principles in his latest foray into investment: hospitality.


Chris partnered with James McBride, a renowned hotelier, in 2012 for this latest venture. They purchased a beach hostel on the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia. They then poured 30 million dollars into renovating the hostel and transforming it into a five-star resort called Nihiwatu. The resort reopened its doors in 2015 go rave reviews: by 2016, it was voted the “best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure.


Nihiwatu, fondly called “The Edge of Wilderness” by the locals, is located on Sumba’s western coast. The resort has a total of 27 private villas, each with a plunge pool with views over the adjacent Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. When not spending time in Miami of the Hamptons, Burch resides in Raja Mendaka, his private villa in the resort.


Traditional Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints, and local woods are featured throughout Nihiwatu. The resort offers beach and room spa treatments, offers yoga sessions at the wellness center, and unparalleled surfing opportunities at the beach. Vacationers can also explore the nearby blue lagoon and waterfalls, as well as ride horses from the resort’s stables.


During the low season, the price for a villa starts at 750 dollars per night, while Burch’s private five bedroom estate goes for about 14,000 dollars per night during the high season. Since it began operations in 2015, the resort has become the island’s main source of employment. A significant portion of its profits are donated to the Sumba Foundation, which funds programs focused at uplifting the local community.


Currently, Burch and McBride are looking to expand and develop more resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rico. Their target market for these new ventures is the millennial traveler.



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Going To Sleep Fast With Wengie Hacks

One of the ways that Wengie falls asleep quickly is to treat the bed as a place to sleep instead of a place to eat, watch television or do other things that are associated with being awake during the day. Only wear your pajamas before it’s time for bed. This will help train the brain to associate bed with sleep and pajamas. Sleeping with cats can help you relax at night. The purring can lull you to sleep.


If you like sleeping on your side, try sleeping on your left side. If you sleep on the right side, it can trigger heartburn and acid reflux. Cherries have melatonin in them, a chemical that helps you get to sleep and stay asleep longer at night. There is a specific breathing pattern that is meant to help you relax. Breathe in for about four seconds, breathe out for seven seconds, then breathe in again for four seconds.


Take a hot bath or shower at night because this will help your body feel relaxed. It will relieve the tension in the body so that you can go to sleep faster. Ditch the electronics, especially those that emit blue lights, as the brighter light can keep the brain active at night, preventing you from going to sleep. Eat a bowl of oatmeal before bed as the food has magnesium in it, which can help the brain slow down to a point that you’re relaxed before you go to bed. You can also take magnesium supplements before bed.


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Adam Milstein Decides To Run Video Competition With StandWithUs

Videos created by individuals often have the touch of creativity and a personal meaning that might not be found in those produced by big production companies, so that’s why Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have teamed up with StandWithUS and 12Tribe Films Foundation to host a video supporting Israel competition. This competition has a Grand Prize of $8,0000 to the winner, but others in the top 10 finalists will also be given cash prizes making the total prize amounts $20,000. The videos will be hosted on and are open to the public to vote on which ones they like. Last year the winner was “Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel,” a video that became featured on the Jerusalem Post.


Most of Adam Milstein’s work has been with Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial and residential real estate broker firm. Milstein’s job as Managing Partner is financing the firm’s operations and overseeing property management. The firm owns billions in assets including luxury commercial properties in California, Texas and Illinois. Prior to cofounding Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein primarily worked in building construction with his father while still living in Israel.


Adam Milstein is a second generation Jew whose parents were one of the first wave of people to arrive in the newly-declared state of Israel in 1948. Military service was one of his first known accomplishments following in his father’s footsteps as his father had served in the war of independence. Adam was in the Israeli army division that forced Egypt’s surrender in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He met his wife Gila during this service and later raised three daughters.


Adam Milstein got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Israeli Institute of Technology, or Technion as it’s commonly referred to. He later cofounded Hager Pacific Properties after getting his MBA at the University of Southern California. Adam and Gila started their family foundation in the year 2000 and also helped form the Israeli-American Council. Other Jewish foundations that they support through the foundation are Students Supporting Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, the Anti-Defamation League’s Pacific Division, AIPAC, StandWithUs, Hillel International and Jerusalem U.


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