Keith Mann Is Leading Dynamic Search Partners Into The Future

Keith Mann is the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search and he has been in the executive search industry for over fifteen years. His specialties are hiring strategies, staffing,and hedge funds. He provides qualified employees for international financial services businesses. He is also responsible for creating a business within Dynamics Executive Search called Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. He started the company when he saw that the hedge fund sector was not being fully represented.


In addition to providing qualified marketing, investment, and internal strategy personnel they also help companies with platform building. Dynamics Executive Search is responsible for filling two hundred positions yearly. Keith Mann uses his extensive experience in the staffing and financial industry to help businesses not just acquire talent but strategically structure their companies. They range from services that Keith Mann offers is unique in his line of work which is why his company is so valuable to so many other companies that require the type of talent that Dynamic Search Partners can provide for them.


Keith Mann has been able to use his vast knowledge of staffing and the financial sector to offer unique services to some of the largest companies all over the globe. His extensive hedge fund management experience also helps to serve that sector and offer the best talent to be found. Dynamic Search Partners has enjoyed tremendous success through the leadership of Kieth Mann and is projected to continue growing over the next several years. They will continue their efforts to find the best professionals for their clients and help them to succeed in their endeavors.

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Vegan Herbal Cleansing & How Is Changing The Game

Have you ever heard of vegan herbal cleansing? Have you ever of the company Dherbs? If you haven’t then this article will give you a better perception of the brand and what it can do for you. is a leader in alternative medicine. It hosts a wide range of products that deals with issues of the human body. Some of the company’s products included are detox water, ebooks, aura sprays, fascial skin kits, and many more. The “show piece” of is it’s vegan cleanse kits. These kits work wonders in many ways thanks to their therapeutic effects.

The cleanses provide the body with numerous benefits in different areas such as circulatory, immune, digestion, organs, respiratory, and vessels. These powerful detoxifiers do exactly what their name represents. Cleansing actually detoxifies the body and removes many harmful additives that’s been building up in a person’s system. By expelling the toxins, your body will begin to transform and optimize at it’s peak level. This is no gimmick or trick to persuade individuals to buy the product. Everything we as a people eat plays a critical role in our very own health. These harmful foreign substances pollutes the vital organs such as liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, and bloodstream. has built a solid reputation from the many satisfied customers. Many popular television programs such as “The Steve Harvey Show” and it’s graced the pages of the prominent “Sheen Magazine.” is changing lives and setting new trends so don’t just be a part of the status quo and start to experience natural healing at it’s purest form.  Find out more on the official Tumblr page, or you can try and buy for yourself from

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OSI Group Expands Territories by Purchasing Baho Foods

OSI Group recently made the bold step of acquiring the Dutch-based Baho Foods in a bid to expand their Europe territory. This only adds to the list of achievements OSI has made this year—another prominent one being crowned the Globe of Honor award for 2016.

OSI group is an American owned private company that provides meat processing services to retail outlets and the general food service industry. With their headquarters in Aurora Illinois, OSI has been able to make a steady and rapid growth to become one of the leading global food solution providers for both North America and Europe.

Acquiring Baho

Their move to acquire Baho food just serves to expand an already Europe market. In a press release announcing the merger, both OSI and Baho are confident there are a lot of mutual benefits to be earned from this partnership.

Baho Food is a Dutch based company that manufactures convenience food sold largely in the Europe market. Prior to the buyout, Baho owned over 5 subsidiaries namely Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren and Bakx Foods. Baho Foods runs two processing companies, in Netherlands and Germany, and have grown a large clientele in over 18 European countries.

Through this acquisition, OSI will greatly benefit from a well-established European market to supply their products. Though now a part of OSI, Baho will still maintain its management model and all the projects they are currently running. Their greatest benefit from this partnership will be to reach an even wider international market currently enjoyed by OSI. They will also share the prestigious recognition and prominence OSI group gained from the 2016 Globe of Honor award.

Globe of Honor Award

The Globe of Honor, also known as Sword of Honor, is an award from the British Safety Council granted to any company that is able to achieve a high status in health, safety and environmental management while running business. All companies are welcome to apply and each is vetted by a chosen independent panel of judges. The judges review the track record of the company in the three key areas then give a ruling whether they deserve the award.

OSI Group indeed has proven to be deserving of the award by ensuring their processing plants adhere to the required safety and environmental standards. Additionally, they ensure that their employees are well taken care of financially through convenient medical cover and providing an ample working environment free of health hazards.

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Equities First Holdings Unique Lending Alternative

Equities First Holdings is a financial service providing company located in the United Kingdom. The private corporation specializes in offering clients with finance solutions, capital providence and other various financial services.Equities First Holdings avails its quality-proven services to persons with a verified financial qualification in need of money. The money provided by the firm is majorly a non-purpose loan that allows the borrower to decide on the preferred venture of investment.

The process through which the company offers the capital is consistently transparent and secure, hence ensuring that the customers have adequate flexibility in usage of the money.To-date Equities has a record of transacting more than 625 non-purpose capital loans.The unique strategy of the credit offered by the firm is that the company does not adhere to the traditional financing conditions and also provides a lower capital cost with improved financing terms.

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis in the United States and has extended its business to other nations such as London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, and Bangkok.Equities’ primary product is the stock alternative loan. The loaning option allows a borrower with stock in a different firm to use Equities as the collateral for three years. When the borrower is sure that the stock at the other company will increase with time, he/she can then transfers the shares to Equities to qualify for a loan procession.

The main details of the procedure are that the borrower does not have to liquidate the active stock in question. The person also has the benefit to retain the full market value upon maturity of the appreciated stock.Equities First Holdings has assured clients of integral and quality services by adhering to the following standards:

Supervision of transactions by a trusted legal party

Maintaining low fixed rates of 3 percent during the life of the procession

The lender’s recovery is solely limited to the agreed collateral, inclusive of the stock on the major exchange market

Return of matured collateral to the borrower upon maturity of the loan

Fixed loan to value ratio of 75 percent

Credit transaction takes five to seven business days


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Growing Whole: Todd Lubar

Businessman Todd Lubar makes plenty of money. More importantly, he makes change.

Since launching himself into the real estate industry in 1995, Lubar has set his sights on creating lending sources that aid those borrowers typically overlooked by traditional mortgage brokers ( Through careful examination of the market, a broad knowledge base and the utilization of monetary resources, Lubar skillfully created companies that focused on under-served individuals and businesses.

Relationship building has proven to be Lubar’s greatest skill. By establishing collaborative networks with major banking centers and knowing the right people with the right experience, Lubar has the ability to get the job done. He utilizes his resources effectively and makes sound decisions based on market conditions. In the process, Lubar grew his real estate business utilizing private company and personal funds to aid borrowers (

When the real estate industry became turbulent in 2007, Lubar rolled with the shifting tide. He diversified, involving himself with other industries including Automobile Scrap metal Recycling and Commercial Demolition ( Despite his gradual move from the real estate industry, Lubar has seen continued financial stability.

Financial success, however, is not what defines Todd Lubar. Despite his many success, Lubar’s personal goals are not centered around money. He strives to be a better person, each and every day ( His goal is to add value to everything, everyone, that he comes into contact with ( Todd Lubar is a savvy and successful businessman. More importantly, Todd Lubar is a man with a clear goal to improve the world around him. Todd Lubar strives to grow whole.


Lubar, T. (2016). Todd Lubar. Retrieved November 29, 2016 from

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