The Role of United Vintners in Providing High-Quality Wine to Various Parts of the World

Wine making and intake has been popular in the history of United Kingdom. Currently, there is a general increase in the demand for wine more than ever in the UK. Therefore, the vintners in the UK have taken a leading role in ensuring that they provide the best quality of wine in the market. There are a few vintners in the United Kingdom, and most of them produce the best wine there is in the world. The leading vintners in the United Kingdom include Wilkinson Vintners, UK Vintners, Merchant Vintners, Enotria & Coe, and Capital Vintners.

Society of Vintners in U.K

The Society of Vintners ( comprises of five wine merchants from Nottingham Wine Buying Group and others from Allied Wine Buyers Consortium. The two groups came together in the early 1970s to form the Society of Vintners Ltd. The Society consists of 25 members from Wales, England, Channel Islands, and Scotland. The members meet four times in a year for wine tasting and reviewing the purchases. Their primary goal during the sale of their products lies on the quality rather than the pricing of the wine.

The members operate similar companies, and they run their sales through the member’s network rather than doing it on their own. They agree on their prices and the quality of the wine before embarking on the negotiations and the sale. The Society of Vintners deliver their products to countries such as France, Italy, Europe, Spain, Australia, South Africa, and California among others. The company reports that there is a general increase in the demand for the red wine more than the white one resulting to a scarcity and a raise on the prices.

The Wine Making Apprenticeship

The growing demand for wine in the UK has made the young people gain interests in learning about this fast-developing industry. Therefore, Hattingley Valley Wines has teamed up with the Worshipful Company of Vintners in offering the first winemaking apprenticeship in the United Kingdom. The successful applicants receive full sponsorship for the courses in vine growing and wine making from Plumpton College in England.

The main sponsors of this activity include the Worshipful Company of Vintners, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and the Liberty Wines. The successful candidates will receive training on how to handle various types of machinery such as presses, filters, riddling equipment, pumps, labeling machines, disgorging kit, and heat exchangers. The trainees will receive on-job training with the Worshipful Company of Vintners in preparation for future work with different wineries.


A New Pizza Tradition By Markus Rothkranz

I want a pizza – but I don’t want to load up on all the dough,cheese and meats of a more traditional pizza. Or maybe you’re already a vegan, or just trying to adhere to a healthier lifestyle, and you’re tired of feeling like you’re missing out on something and you just wish there was a viable solution. You’re craving that eye-popping display of a traditional pizza but you don’t want all the bad that comes with it.

Well, Markus has you covered.

Get ready to feast your eyes on a Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Healthy Pizza (from his book : Love On A Plate).

With his his customary ability for amusing, yet intelligent presentations, Markus delivers the goods on a pizza pie using only raw/uncooked ingredients that looks like the real thing and will have you dancing in the streets. And not only does it taste great, is good for you, but it also has the flexibility and texture of a real pizza. Something most other attempts at vegan pizzas (that have the look and texture of the box a more traditional pizza arrived in) can’t deliver on.
Keep in mind some of the more exotic, key ingredients you’ll need to have before you attempt this tasty treat on your own.

Food Dehydrator
Coconut Meat
Coconut Water
Nutritional Yeast
Chia (ground)
Cashew Milk
Moss Gel

Most of all remember to have fun with this delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional, weigh you down and leave you bloated after, pizza. This pizza will have you feeling energized and ready for your next adventure.

Now, if you’re feeling apprehensive about introducing this wonderful recipe to your more traditional pizza eating friends, remember what Markus says,

“Most people are not vegetarian. You’re not going to be able to switch them over to something healthy unless you show them something that looks and tastes like something they’re used to.”

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Wengie Vlog Recap: Makeup Haul, Makeup Brushes, Contact Lenses

Youtube beauty blogger Wengie shows off her haul of new makeup products she had bought that month. The first thing she shows is her package from Marc Jacobs that contains a video screen. When you remove the top paper, a video starts playing about the products inside. Inside the box is a set of blushes and a contour brush. Each blush has stripes of two colors.


Next, Wengie shows a set of expensive brushes that she had been wanting to try that Artis sent to her. She says they are the best brushes she has used because it gives her an airbrushed look and cuts down her application time.


Shu Uemura also sent her a lot of products to try. She first talks about the skincare products including a toner and an oil moisturizer. The next product she shows is a collection of lip and cheek colors that are a two in one item. They come in coral, plum, and pink. Wengie also shows two eye shadow palettes and an eyebrow mascara gel. Finally, she shows a setting powder designed to keep your makeup in place all day and to give an airbrushed look to your foundation. She says it is very fine so you cannot tell that it is actually white in color.


Wengie ends the video by trying on two different pairs of colored contacts from Italy. The first color, Desert Dream, is a hazel green tone. The second pair is in a light yellow brown color called Cappuccino.

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Nathanial Ru: Makes It Easier To Get Nutrients

If there is one thing that is certain about society, it is that people are not getting adequate amount of nutrients. While a lot of companies are pushing supplements, it is important for people to know that it is possible to get all of the nutrients that they need from the food they eat. For one thing, eating fast food and processed food does make it harder for people to get the nutrients that they want because they are filled with a lot of chemicals that are bad for the body. Also, the food that is offered is also lacking of any nutrients. All people are getting are empty calories. At best a lot of these fast food joints offer protein.


Fortunately, there is someone that is working really hard to change this. His name is Nathaniel Ru. He is offering an alternative to the fattening junk food that is offered at fast food joints. This alternative is SweetGreen. This fast food company offers salads and other types of foods that are organic and filled with a lot of nutrients that will help people function in many different ways. To make things better, people will find it easier to get healthier with the nutrients that are found in the foods that SweetGreen offers.


Nathaniel has seen a big problem in the community when it comes to fast food. He has seen the lack of nutrients that people are getting. One of the things he is passionate about is health. He wants people to be healthy and live productive lives. This is one of the reasons that he is involved in making sure his community is eating healthy.


Another thing that could be said for Nathaniel is that he has a good work ethic. He is someone that is very interested in being a leader and inspiring people with his example. He takes time off to work with his employees on the company. He makes sure that they enjoy their time with him. For one thing, he is very passionate about making sure that people are healthy in their choices that they make when it comes to diet.


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It is more than a salad bar

While growing up we make thousands of choices every day. For example, what to wear, how fast to drive, who to talk to, how long to study for tests, how long to work, etc. Many of the decisions we make on a given day can be related to food. There are plenty of different food chains each offering something unique.


Nathaniel Ru and his buddies decided they wanted to create a fresh and healthy food chain that would be affordable. The Georgetown University students wanted to create something more than just an ordinary salad bar.


It took several calls to the landlord for nearly a month in order to present a plan for the Sweetgreen chain. To get the business going the group of guys had to find a reliable architect and some business backers. They worked for three weeks to find the workers they needed. The Georgetown students were grateful that the landlord was willing to invest her time in helping these guys that had no previous restaurant experience. They got her at the perfect time.


Sweetgreen has grown from a couple of chains around Georgetown to hundreds across all major cities of the United States. All of the products continue to be high quality and fresh. All of the ingredients used come from local farmers and purveyors. It is much better than the average salad bar. From the beginning, the Georgetown guys said it will be much more than a salad bar. It is a place to relax, enjoy time with friends.


Sweetgreen is marketed as a fun, smart, and local place. Every year the chain throws a music festival for everyone to enjoy. Regardless of how many stores the guys end up opening, each station will have to keep the five main values of the brand. The first value is to always win. The company is always on the line as a new competitor can enter the market. Another value is think long-term. Everything that is done should resemble an effort to affect the company long-term. Third value is keep it real. All employees should remain honest and dedicated. All food should be set to high standards.


Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen in 2007. The ideas for the business came around while he was taking classes at Georgetown University. Once him and a few of his closest friends graduated they put the business in motion. The three founders parents were able to invest in the business.


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Markus Rothkranz on “The Real Cause of Diabetes”

What is the real cause of diabetes? Sugar and carbs are not good for you, but they are not the cause of the disorder. They are more of an antagonist to the development of the disorder, they put pressure on the body where there is already a weak spot.

Pretty much everything you eat turns into sugar in some form. Once it is in the body, it can be called a wide array of sugar related terms. In the normal body, once sugar is in the blood stream, the pancreas releases insulin. The receptors in the body tell the pancreas how much insulin to release in order to neutralize the amount of excess sugar in the blood stream.

Once insulin is released into the blood stream, it attaches to the sugar. The sugar then touches a cell. The cell sucks in the sugar and uses it as fuel.

One of the reasons for the development of diabetes is animal products. The fat from animals is full of saturated fat and cholesterol. This fat clogs up the insulin receptors and causes them to malfunction. It also prevents the cells from absorbing the sugar and utilizing it as fuel.

When sugar sits in the body too long, it goes bad, just as it would if it were sitting in a wet bowl on the counter. This unused sugar feeds bacteria and viruses. What isn’t used is turned into fat for later storage.

While the problems associated with sugar may be a problem, they are not the major problem, just a symptom. The true problems is that the insulin receptors in the body are not working properly because they are clogged with animal fats and animal byproducts.

Markus also points out that scientific research has proven that the number one link to childhood diabetes, or type 1 diabetes, is milk. Doctors have told us for years that our children must have milk to grow and thrive, but it is also the primary reason our children are developing an irreversible form of diabetes.

The reason milk increases the risk of developing type 1 diabetes is because it is primarily made of animal fats, sugars, and lactose, which humans in general should limit, or avoid all together.

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What you should know about Jennifer Walden, the Best Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a female plastic surgeon who is trained in plastic surgery and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The professional specializes in facial surgery, breast aesthetic and augmentation and facial procedures including rhinoplasty. She has presented her work both at the national and international levels. Furthermore, she is determined to make sure that her patients make informed choices before surgery to achieve positive results.


Besides being a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden is a media plastic surgery commentator and the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, MD. Additionally, she is also the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC; a private surgery center based in Austin, Texas. Jennifer Walden began her career at the Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. Having been mentored by Dr. Sherell Aston, she performed well in her work and was listed as one of 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in Harper Bazaar in 2014.


Walden is recognized for her development and use of modern technologies in her practice. She is acknowledged for using a 3-D imaging technology, which is used to visualize a patient’s look before surgery. Moreover, the surgeon uses a temperature controlled ThermiVa, and a radio frequency system for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. In addition to this, Walden has developed breast surgery instruments which are carried by the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments.


Dr. Jennifer Follows her Dream and Starts Working on her Career.


After obtaining partnership in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital, the specialist served for seven years and a half years on the Upper East Side of the New York City. In the city, Jenifer participated in clinical trials, which led to the reintroduction of silicone breast implants.


Walden Returns Home


Following the birth of her twin sons, the great author of the Plastic Surgery book returned to native Austin, Texas in December 2011. She established a private practice in Westlake Hills and a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014. Her vast experience and expertise in plastic surgery allowed her to be nominated as a spokeswoman for the ASAPS in a Daily Mail editorial about labiaplasty operation.

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