How Raj Fernando Recruits High Performing Staff For Chopper Trading

Growing a successful company has numerous challenges. They range from quality of products offered to the kind of staff hired by a firm. Raj Fernando understands the importance of having qualified and committed employees. He has dedicated his life to ensure that his company, Chopper Trading, recruits ‘A’ players in every department. This need has seen the company develop a unique recruitment methodology.

The process starts by visiting top American schools and interviewing potential employees. The recruitment team is made up of seasoned recruiters, experienced traders, qualified programmers, and senior managers of Chopper Trading. This broad group of experts has the unique ability to identify candidates that are ideal for the company. Fernando’s method also involves spending as much time with the candidates as possible.

As the team goes about their recruitment activity, they do not have fixed goal on which traits they should look for in a candidate. However, the group’s work is to ensure that each recruited candidate has an interest in the company and is ready to retire at the firm. Potential employees having this particular trait have an added advantage. Recruitment and training processes are expensive. Chopper Trading works on getting the ideal candidates in order to avoid the high recruitment costs.

The lengthy interviews are also critical in determining the candidates having the right frame of mind required by the firm. Trading is an intense job and requires one to withstand loads of work and stress. However, regardless of whether an individual will be working as a trader or a programmer, he or she must have an outstanding grasp of mathematics. Since Raj Fernando is not a programmer, after short interviews, he turns programming candidates over to the programmers. The short session with candidates enables the CEO to inspire the candidates.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a renowned entrepreneur and executive residing in America. He is known for founding both Chopper Trading and Scoutahead. Fernando’s outstanding leadership qualities have seen the two companies grow from humble beginnings to leading corporations in their respective fields. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Raj Fernando worked as a trader in Chicago.

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