Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Provide Guests with Numerous Activities

The Squaw Valley resort is a great place to go for anyone that may be interested in enjoying a nice getaway in the mountains. This is a wonderful resort that has something for everyone. It is easy to enjoy yourself in the Squaw Valley because there are so many activities for people to consider. There is never a dull moment.

The first great thing that people will notice is that there is a really nice tram that gives guests a graceful view of the mountains. Riding the tram is something that is considered a must when you come here because it gives you a view that you would not be able to get any other way. Views of Lake Tahoe at more than 8,000 feet in the air are simply breathtaking.

Some people are so impressed with the view at Lake Tahoe that they make the decision to have weddings here in Ski Resorts of California. This is a great summertime wedding spot that also serves as a great honeymoon lodging spot as well. There are tons of people that have made the decision to come here and celebrate their union with friends. After that celebration they will have the chance to retreat to a wonderfully spacious room and start enjoying all the activities that are available.

Alpine Meadows offers activities like roller skating for those that wish to bypass the slopes. Families that visit here will never be at a lost for things to do. There is a day camp that can keep kids entertained while their parents enjoy the art of pampering themselves at the spa. This is a golden opportunity for many parents that may have never realized that they could get time to themselves on vacation.

Many people that are interested in shopping will find that they never have to leave the premises. It is one of the best possible things about booking a resort like this. It gives you everything right on the premises so you don’t have to leave. People that are fans of Yoga, for example, will have access to free yoga classes on Wednesday down in the village. Guests can get into Wanderlust Yoga Studio classes on any days, but Wednesday is the day where these classes are free.

Guests that come for the summer will also get the chance to enjoy some summer concert activity. There are a plethora of things for people to enjoy in.

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Makari: A Leader in Skin Whitening Products

Makari is a skin care brand that is luxurious. In Swahili the word Makari means beautiful and that is exactly what Makari wants it’s customers to feel like. Here is some information about this wonderful skin care brand.

Makari’s skin care products are all made in Switzerland. They are great at making individuals skin radiant. It’s also very affordable so that just about anyone can buy this wonderful skin care brand. This brand is the leader in skin whitening creams and products.

Using Makari has many benefits. Their products reduce dark spots on the skin. They do this by adding Hydroquinone which naturally lightens the skin. It prevents skin aging by only using quality ingredients in their skin products. It has been proven clinically that their skin care products lightens the skin and even fades acne scars without harmful substances.

Makari offers a lot of great discounts which makes their products very affordable. Right now Makari is having a sale on their body beautifying milk products. If individuals buy one they get one fifty percent off. That saves customers over twenty dollars off their products. They also are providing a fifteen percent discount on their Makari or Rose 24k Gold Collection.

Makari offers several different skin lightening products. One of these products is the Body Beautifying Whitening Milk. This product smooths the skin and removes discolorations. Another product that does this is the Beauty Milk Premium+ This product not only lightens skin but it also removes signs of aging and prevents them. It’s a light weight cream that is free of Parabens and other harmful substances. Body Beautifying Whitening Milk 2 is another product that helps with lightening of the skin. It removes pigment marks and helps with age marks. It also helps the skin to be healthy and soft. This product also helps with discolorations of the skin and was originally created for the medical market.

Makari is a great skin care brand that offers amazing products to their many customers. Individuals looking for more radiant looking skin should check out this brand. They will be happy they did.


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Laidlaw & Company Receives a Temporary Restraining Order from the U.S. Federal Court

Laidlaw & Company, an investment firm based in the U. K, has been issued with a restraining order and an associated injunction from the United States Federal Court. Laidlaw has been releasing false information regarding Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. Relmada is a clinical company based in the development of novel therapies for treating chronic pain.

Laidlaw’s principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, personally received official communication regarding this sensitive matter. Laidlaw has a history of violating U.S. financial regulations, which has resulted in monetary penalties, customer complaints and regulatory injunctions. Relmada had previously hired Laidlaw as its investment banker.

Sergio Traversa, the CEO of Relmada welcomed the injunction news and reiterated how happy he was that the Court had intervened. In addition such malpractices from Eitner and Ahern had negatively impacted the company’s uplisting to NASDAQ. Remalda can now focus on improving the company’s product portfolio.

Services Offered By Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw is an investment banking and brokerage enterprise that offers dynamic investment advice and competent execution to public and private institutions. In addition, the firm also represents high net worth investors. Its banking services focus on capital raising, equity placement with high net worth retail investors, arranging national exchange listings, initial public offerings and finance acquisition.

As competent as they may sound, the firm has been plagued with numerous scandals over the years. For instance, Leonard V Gallick has dominated headlines for the wrong reasons. Gallick still has other pending court cases while working at different firms.

Gallick, an employee with twenty years’ experience in the securities industry has received several complaints from customers. In 2013, Gallick was accused of making unauthorized transactions. The client successfully sued and received $350,000 from the company.

I find it hard to understand why a company such as Laidlaw would hire such an individual based on his past track record. The decision to hire Gallick was reckless and has now tarnished their reputation. The company needs to do damage control as soon as possible and avoid further embarrassment.

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Duda Melzer And His Professional Career

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer AKA Duda Melzer is a very well-known business owner in the country of Brazil. Duda Melzer is the chairman and the president of Grupo RBS. RBS is one of the biggest communications companies in the entire country of Brazil. In 1998 Duda Melzer got a business administration degree from the Catholic University of Rio Grande and in 2000 Duda Melzer went to Harvard University and he was able to get his MBA. Duda Melzer returned to Brazil to begin his career. Duda Melzer started working in the financial market, and he worked as a master franchiser at Multinational Sweet Sweet Way. While living in the United States, Duda Melzer was a senior analyst at Delfi Corporation, and he was CEO of a media company named Top Box as well. In 2008, Duda Melzer went to Harvard Business School in order to get more information about effective business strategies.

Duda Melzer joined Grupo RBS as CEO in 2004. He was the CEO for the domestic market, and he also was appointed vice president of Business Development and Marketing in 2008. Later in 2001 he became the executive by vice president of Grupo RBS. The founder of Grupo RBS is Maurício Sirotsky Sobrin. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrin also happens to be the grandfather of Duda Melzer. In 2012 Duda Melzer became the executive chairman of Gruop RBS, and his uncle is the individual that turned over that position to him.

In 2006 Duda Melzer received an award in the Professional Vehicle Category, and in 2015 he was chosen to be one of the leaders at the Cambridge Institute for family enterprise.Duda Melzer is an individual that has accomplished much when it comes to his business career, and he is also an individual that has done much to improve the economy in the country of Brazil.

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Adam Goldenberg Uses Metrics to Guide Company

Adam Goldenberg has built a great career and a great legacy as one of LA’s top young CEOs by not being afraid to trust the numbers. Adam Goldenberg uses information and metrics as well as just about any CEO in business today. He is fearless when it comes to decision making. This, combined with his excellent hiring practices, is why he has been so successful over the years. It is also why his current venture, JustFab, is having so much success.

JustFab is a VIP membership fashion and clothing company on http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1477272&privcapId=37181322. People buy memberships to the service and then can shop online for different products and clothing to suit their needs. It helps them get these items at a lower cost than if they bought the items themselves on a retail basis. The company has seen a lot of success since its inception. In fact, JustFab received just over $50 million in funding in 2014. JustFab has solidified Goldenberg’s legacy as one of the top young CEOs in Los Angeles. This is a reputation that he has earned through his successes over the year.

The superstar CEO first burst onto the scene in LA in the late 1990s with Adam Goldenberg’s company Gamer’s Alliance. Gamer’s Alliance was a gaming network. The company was bought in 1999 by Intermix media. This was Goldenberg’s first success. His next notably successful venture was Intelligent Beauty. This company was a brand incubator that Goldenberg headed up in 2006. He ran that company until he started JustFab in 2010.

Goldenberg is not afraid to ignore his own instincts and use quality feedback in order to make his decision on vator.tv. He is well-known to take customer reviews and customer complaints to heart and use them to help shape the path of his company. He has been known to change the price on items on JustFab if they are selling well and customers have complained that the price is too high.

Goldenberg also isn’t afraid to abandon an idea that isn’t working before it is too late. Many CEOs make the mistake being married to an idea just because it was their idea and they think it will work eventually. Adam Goldenberg isn’t scared to move on quickly nad not waste any more time or resources on something that isn’t effective in any way. This open-minded commitment to using information as it is given in order to help the company is something that a lot of CEOs fail to do.

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I Think Securus Is What We Needed All Along

Spiritual guidance is one of the most important things I think for prisoners, but I know that all of them are not going to run out and get a bible from the prison library on their first day. We are a spiritual center that tries to talk to prisoners about harnessing their energy for good things no matter what religion it is, and that is why I was glad that we found Securus. There are a lot of things that we have to talk to prisoners about, and it is a lot easier when we are looking at them in the face on a video monitor.

I actually set up big monitors in the office that are going to help us see them in a large scale, and we talk to them about how to use their personal energy for goods uses. I have talked to people about being spiritual while getting a college degree, and I have talked to people about harnessing their anger to help people instead of fighting. I know that people are using Securus because the calls are private, but I love is the fact that they are a video system. I get to talk to someone face to face about a way that they are going to really change their life.

I have talked to guys who have gotten out early for good behavior, and I have talked to guys who have been able to get educated, get ordained as ministers and even start charities the day they get out of jail.

Our spiritual guidance relies so much on Securus, but I love the way it works. They are helping us see our students in the flesh. They are showing us how to get the best results for every person by looking at them instead of struggling to hear on the phone.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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