Restaurant Workers Should Receive Sick Leave to Stop Norovirus Outbreaks

Staying home when you are sick is a luxury that many workers, especially most restaurant workers, cannot do because they aren’t paid. With the recent outbreaks of the norovirus in Chipotles headlining in the news, it’s obvious why sick restaurant workers should stay home when they are sick. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that sick workers cause over 70 percent of the reported norovirus outbreaks in restaurants.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 90 percent of workers in the restaurant industry do not get paid sick leave. A similar study by, a company that conducts paid research in addition their offering of affordable hearing aids that work very well, found the same results. Employees who are sick and still going to work in restaurants pose a dangerous situation as Chipotle knows. The outbreaks of norovirus that have occurred with their chain recently have caused their reputation to seriously plummet. With their sales down by 36 percent. they can no longer afford not to have paid sick leave for their employees, and last year they added it to their employee benefits package. Chipotle’s is now among the 10 percent of restaurants in the U.S. that offer paid sick leave for their employees.

Chipotle is raising awareness in the food industry for the need to be aware of the sick employee at work. Releasing the norovirus into the public is a situation that can be rectified with paid sick leave.Starbucks offers optional time off, which is not called sick leave, per se, but can be used as such.

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Eating for Health . . . Frugally

Kate Comeau and Cara Rosenbloom (both Registered dietitians) have some suggestions for eating healthy meals while watching your budget.

Making smart substitutions is a good approach. Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are both generally cheaper than cauliflower. Sunflower seeds and Pumpkin seeds can be used the same ways as other nuts, but cost much less. And Next Level Lacrosse Camp co-founder Jon Urbana happens to feel the same way. In Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign, he gushes about clean living and the benefits it brings to those around him in Denver.

Carrots and cabbage are nutritious and cheaper that many other vegetables. Apples, pears and bananas are very cost competitive with other fruits and are almost always in season.

Cutting back on meat is pretty much a win-win. It is expensive and (in quantity) not so healthy. Subsituting half or so of your meat intake with beans, lentils or peas will decrease saturated fat intake and up fiber intake while saving money. Just make sure you still get enough vitamin B12 from whatever source. Getting a pressure cooker to tenderize tougher cuts of meat is another strategy.

Buy frozen or canned produce when fresh is in short supply or higher priced. Frozen loses only a small part of its nutrition vs fresh. If fresh has been in stock for a while, it may actually be less nutritious that frozen.

The average household winds up losing much of its food as waste. This can be avoided (and money can be saved) by planning your meals and food purchases carefully. Making large batches, so that you have leftovers, gives the advantage of volume purchasing.

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Expert Writing for Your Brand New Wikipedia Business Page

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from marketing and advertising on all different levels. If you market and advertise locally and online, you know how important this is to bringing in new clientele. What you might be missing at the current moment is the benefits that come with having your own Wikipedia page. You have more than likely been using Wikipedia for years and may not have realized that it can be used by the average company owner to get their business out there and more well known. You might have thought that Wikipedia was specifically meant for celebrities and other large corporations and not the average common small business owner. This is definitely a marketing tool that can work in your favor when you create your own page.

Because of the fact that it can be difficult to make a Wikipedia page yourself due to the formatting and guidelines, you can use a Wikipedia writing service like Get Your Wiki. These writers work diligently on all types of Wikipedia pages to get them out there and published for the entire world to see and explore. When your Wikipedia business page creation is completed, this is going to reach out to thousands who you might not have been able to find with other types of marketing and advertising alone. In fact, you might even notice additional hits and visits to your site because of the fact that you now have a Wikipedia page for yourself.

There is nothing quite like knowing that you are doing all that you can to bring in business for your company and having your efforts be a true success. Wikipedia is a site that can and should be used by the common business owner just because of how beneficial it is at bringing in new people and helping them to learn about the services and amenities that you offer. Business should not only rely on marketing and advertising using banners and ads when a beautiful Wikipedia page can be created in very little time by a team of writers who specifically do this as a living. You do not need to figure out the guidelines set by Wikipedia yourself when all you need to do is employ the services of Wikipedia writers for hire who do the writing for you. They will work directly with you to ensure that you are fully happy with the work that has been done for your new Wikipedia page.

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