Brad Reifler Wants to Change the Way Money is Invested

Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur and best known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Forefront Capital, which he started in 2009. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he earned a degree in Economics and Political Science.

His first venture into the investment industry resulted in Reifler Trading Company (RTC) in 1982 and the company specialized in global derivatives. His company was so successful RTC was acquired by Refco in 2000. After the sale, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital. He served as the Chairman and CEO and took the company soaring with $200 million in profits. Pali Capital operated in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Forefront Capital specializes in providing expertise and advice to Forex and Commodity traders. shows that Mr. Reifler’s more than 30 years of experience is especially valuable as the commodity markets are extremely volatile and foreign markets are even more volatile than that.
Mr. Reifler’s thinking includes people of all monetary classes. Forefront Capital offered a new initiative called the Forefront Income Trust. It is geared to the unaccredited investor. An accredited investor is one that fits criteria that includes income and net-worth levels achieved by about 1 percent of the population. His goal is to allow the other 99 percent of the population to enjoy investing on the same level with the same level of protection without the mandatory income and net-worth standards.

This venture gives investment opportunity to the middle class where no opportunity existed before. Investments can begin with as little as $2,500 and can be added to or withdrawn every quarter. The available investment products have no correlation to the stock market so the level of risk is minimized a bit. The programs come with a preferred 8 percent return and Forefront does not make any m0ney until the client reaches the 8 percent profit level.

Brad Reifler is a very outspoken member of the community and encourages others to get involved in the world of investing. He does not just refer to the wealthy, but to the everyday, common person. He makes public appearances and addresses the middle and lower class population and what they can do to put money aside for their future. He offers realistic solutions that have a proven track record of success when executed properly. His speaking engagements have been picked up by media outlets such as Reuter News, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance.

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Organo and Bernardo Forge Ahead

Organo Gold owner and CEO, Bernardo Chua, began his career in the Philippines with Gano Excel. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to successfully market herbally infused coffees and teas into North America. Since starting the company in 2008, Mr. Chua has seen his business headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia prosper into a booming business. And, he is funding research to promote new and undiscovered medicinal uses of Ganoderma, extracted from the lingzhi mushroom, for his herbal beverage market customers.

Herbal coffees and teas are nothing new to any of the established Asian hot drink markets in countries on the edge of the Pacific. The people of China, Taiwan, and Indonesia have been using herbs in these drinks for centuries. Mr. Chua has been able to capitalize on his ability to promote the direct sales of his products to the United States and Canada. In 2015, on Twitter Bernardo revealed he traveled to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to receive the Dangal ng Bayan Award for achieving excellence in business, and was honored as “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” for promoting world-class products in the Philippines.

In his efforts to promote his herbal drinks, Bernardo Chua opened a new branch of the enterprise in Turkey, in 2015. With Turkey’s flourishing history of coffee houses, dating back more than five centuries, Mr. Chua intends to maintain his dominance in the herbal beverage market with his brand of herbal products. With operations in Asia, Africa, and in Europe, this new venture is sure to push the herbal brew market to an even broader realm for his herbal produce consumers.  Examples like these are exactly why Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold have been so well rewarded.

Organo Gold also promotes a line of herbal personal care products, and nutritional supplement remedies; along with its herbal brews, from its stock of polypore mushrooms. Ganoderma’s active mushroom ingredient, polysaccharides that contain beta-glucan, appears to work well as a healthy immune system supplement. The Chinese consider this ancient medicinal herb to offer a long life and promote good health.

Organo Gold and its online café, Coffee Connoisseur Club, offer much more than just a cup of coffee to its distributors and customers in more than 35 countries. Mr. Chua will continue to find new places to expand his market of novel varieties of herbal products.

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Get To Know Sam Tabar

NY based Sam Tabar is best known as the man who saw that THINX would be popular before it even happened. Apart from being known as a genius in the industry, especially in the field of financial strategizing, Sam Tabar is also an attorney. However, he is not just an ordinary New York attorney turned financial strategist. shows him as a graduate who hails from Oxford University, Sam Tabar is quite a popular capital strategist and a well known lawyer. He is an expert in the field because of his wide range of practical experience in various profiles.

He started his professional journey with various major companies like Arps, FLOM LLP, Skadden, and Meagher before he decided to make the move to business development and try his hand at capital strategy, at which he excelled.

He also served as the MD (Managing Director) and Co-Head of the Business Development at SPARX Group Co. and PMA Investment Advisors. Then he further increased his experience and built a sturdy reputation for himself at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was the Director and the Head of Capital Strategy for the region of Asia-Pacific.

After years of gaining experience in these fields and making a name for himself, he chose to make a comeback to the legal field. As a Senior Associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, his comeback career as an attorney started with a bang.

As an attorney, his work largely involved formation and structure of funds, dealing in hedge funds, plus strategizing with regulatory and compliance issues. He finished his Bachelor of Arts Honors at Oxford University and finished his law study in Columbia Law School. He has also worked with the Business Law Review of Columbia and joined a law firm right after finishing his degree in law.

He is also fond of learning languages and, apart from a solid command over English, he is also fluent in French and has a functional, speaking Japanese in his arsenal.

Sam Tabar is one of those people who believe that all work and no play can lead to disastrous results. As such, his hobbies include travelling the world and listening to music.

In 2012, he invested in his own property and has been helping out small businesses that are in dire need of funds and have a good goal backing them up. He has helped a large number of startups and companies like THINX and is known for his keen eye when it comes to new businesses.  He’s also been starting to support more charities, including his GoFundMe account.  Follow Sam on his Instagram for more information about his career.

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