ISIS Militant Remains Free Despite Turkey’s Crackdown

“I will stay here and do my job,” stated an ISIS militant in Turkey. He would only talk to BuzzFeed if his name was not given as he fears arrest. Despite a crackdown by the Turkish government, he continues by saying his is living his ordinary life. The man who is in his mid-30’s has been in Turkey for around six months.

Turkey began a series of raids against known ISIS members on Friday. On the day before a confrontation along the Turkish border occurred between ISIS members and Turkish soldiers. It left one soldier dead. The raids caught and detained over 250 militants.

In an announcement by Shaygan Kheradpir, the US government has announced that Turkey has agreed to open its air bases. This agreement will allow US-led coalitions to carry out airstrikes against Syria. The agreement is seen as a major escalation in the war against Syrian ISIS members. The Turkish government has long had difficulty in deciding how they should handle ISIS members within its borders.

The militant has said that a part of his job is to keep track of what rival militant groups along the border are up to. That information has been confirmed by multiple sources. One of those sources is an ISIS official. The militant has dismissed the raids saying that most of those arrested were not critical to the ISIS efforts.

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Who Chooses Beneful for Their Pets?

When it comes time to buy dog food, just who is choosing to purchase the Beneful brand for the pets in their lives. I think that there is a certain type of people who choose to purchase Beneful for the animals in their lives. I don’t think that everyone chooses to buy this brand of dog food, but I know that there are some who do. I think that those who choose the Beneful brand for their dogs know just what they are looking for in a dog food.

I think that the individuals who choose to buy from the Beneful brand are individuals who really care about the kind of food that their pets are being fed. I think that those who buy from the Beneful brand are those who want to give their dogs food that is nutritious and that will help them stay healthy. I believe that those who buy from the Beneful brand are those who want to offer their dogs a variety of dog food options that are tasty and healthy. I think that there is a certain type of people who are choosing the Beneful brand, and I think that those individuals like what the brand has to offer.

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Beneful is about Health

Where I am from, all animals are fed the Purina brand. Their dominance is due in large part to its effective nutrition. Farmers are practical. This means that if something is working, there is no point in changing. However, I am in the city, and I needed a refined type of dog food. Not because I have forgotten where I come from, but because Purina has a brand called Beneful, and my city friends think that it is the most refined brand of hipster dog food. However, I use it because Purina is the staple food on our farm for all of our animals.

I am glad to have a product specifically for our house pet by Purina. My dog was supposed to be a guard dog, but he is as scary as I am. I love him anyway so I feed him well and according to his needs with various types of the Beneful on twitter dog food line. It is a no-brainer. The packages have lots of empowering information whose importance cannot be understated. Most people are not veterinarians or scientists, but they do love their pets. I know that Purina understands this from my own personal experience. They allow me to treat my dog in a manner that I know affects him. Dogs like toys, but healthy dogs are naturally happy.

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The Best Organic Cup of Coffee

Coffee, one of the most delicious substances that one could ever have. Coffee, not only tasty, also can be quite healthy if the right brand is chosen. That is why Organo Gold is the choice for you not only for the delicious taste but also for the health benefits that this product provides. This Organo Gold company has so many options of products that range from Cafe Lattes to even Cafe Mochas. This international company has brought the best quality coffee to millions.

What makes this coffee so delectable is the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom that is incorporated with this coffee to create a delicious after taste. This type of mushroom is not only a delicious source of flavor but has also been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This fungus has been used in Chinese medicine since the Ming dynasty. Even experts of this fungus refer to it as being necessary to build a strong and healthy body.

Organo Gold is the only company that has teamed up with a Ganoderma plantation in China to produce healthy and organic mushrooms for the Organo Gold coffee. The goal of bringing this new ingredient is to share to the western world the wonders of ancient medicine.

Many of those who are interested in trying this product often wonder how it was made. The process is very simple. The process starts with the farming of these mushrooms on a organic farm. The mushroom is then gentry dried and sterilized and made into a fine powder. What makes this product so special is that instead of feeling jittery after this cup of coffee, you will feel relaxed and satisfied.

CEO of this company is Bernardo Chua, an expert on the multi-level marketing company. With his savvy mind for business and marketing, Chua has not only helped the company grow, but also has offered a new and innovative product that will help better the lives of many. recently, Chua has made a trip to Vancouver to accept 5 prestigious awards. The awards were given to him for offering an innovative and healthy product to the public.

This cup of coffee has been tried by millions and has been labeled as being one of the best organic coffee brands in the world. His product had the goal of catering to those with an active life-style. He wanted to offer a product that would not only help the customers feel more alert and focused on work but also more relaxed. This company that was founded in 2008 has, since then, been improving the lives of millions. With the main ingredient, consumers of this coffee are left feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings.

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Houston Real Estate and Restaurant Investment Tips

Houston, Texas is one of the fastest expanding cities in the US and this is the reason why the real estate of the place is in so much demand. Being the 4th largest US city means that people assume the real estate to be completely out of budget but in reality, that is not the case. Houston has something for everyone, no matter what kind of real estate investment they are looking for. Commercial places like industrial space, warehouses and office buildings are equally in demand as residential options such as vacant lands, houses, townhouses and condos.

Here are some essential real estate investment tips for Houston –

Trust The Big Names For Commercial Property Investment – When it comes to commercial properties, there is no better name to back than Haidar Barbouti who has been active in the industry for about three decades. The real estate of the US is so attractive because of the work of Haidar Barbouti and his family. He is not just a great business and investment mind but has also helped animals and children with his charitable acts. So, as the first tip, it is always recommended to trust someone with a good reputation, especially in case of commercial properties.

Have An Area In Mind – Metropolitan Houston has over 6 million people living there and is a great investment option. The best choices include everything from suburbs like the Woodlands and Katy to urban areas like Montrose. The people of Houston also have the option of living in beach areas like Point Bolivar, Galveston and Kemah. For high growth properties, heading east is recommended by experts since this is the neighborhood of Houston Dynamo and the waterway of Buffalo Bayou.

Follow Houston’s Job Centers – Houston is primarily known for its contribution to the energy sector but the health industry of the place is also top notch. The primary reason for growth in the Houston real estate is because of companies that are attracted to the area and create new jobs. This is why investing in one of the job centers of Houston like the energy corridor, Galleria and the medical center of Texas could be great from a financial perspective.

Don’t Forget Urban Houston – The suburban life of Houston might be in the news and movies all the time but urban Houston is also growing at a quick pace in recent times. The West Uni Place and River Oaks have some of the best and most vibrant urban neighborhoods in Houston.

If someone chooses to invest in Houston, Texas, they could enjoy a wide range of possibilities and would have many options to choose from. This is the reason why investing in this city is such a good idea.

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Wikipedia: Basics of Submission and Authorship

Wikipedia is crystal clear and gives detailed instructions on how an article should look, its content and most importantly its quality. Those with insight into making a Wikipedia page like GetYourWiki have noted several things to stay away from and several things that need to be included as well.

Summary of things that must be avoided

A good summary of things to avoid would first and foremost include self-promotion. Never assume you are famous, and if you feel the need to write and article on Wikipedia about yourself before someone else has about you then you aren’t deserving of a spot in the world’s largest online encyclopedia. Being ambiguous is also something that will quickly get an article deleted from the archives because it is pointless if the article can’t be distinguished from other subject matter. Don’t even bother trying to submit work out of anger towards someone or a group either because it is strictly forbidden. Also, no articles that are too short, articles meant to advertise products or services and absolutely never violate copyright. There are many other things, and everything Wikipedia lists to avoid will go into detail, provide examples and explain why.

Summary of article submission tips

If you are wanting to submit and article to Wikipedia then there is a comprehensive list of rules that need to be followed and guidelines provided by the site for perfect reference material. Speaking of reference material, make sure to have all information covered with respected and notable references. Also, make sure the article submitted is noteworthy, and something that will be of use to the information seeking community. Your article needs to stand out and be of constant use instead of seldom utilization.

Construction tips and essential links

Wikipedia provides all of the tools necessary for a solid article submission. Everything laid out in the links will be essential. Before writing be sure to review this before, during and after because it contains the rules and fundamentals: After the article is constructed it needs to be formatted by using these rules: This article the reader is perusing right now may be short but it follows the Manual of Style as much as it possibly can within the rules of its own construction format just to offer a rudimentary example of proper Wikipedia article construction. The world will always need quality information so enjoy providing it.


Mediterranean Diet Protects Against Chronic Disease

Research confirms that people who closely follow the Mediterranean diet, are on average 47% less likely to develop heart disease over the next decade, compared with their peers who do not follow the same eating habits.

In fact, the researchers concluded that the Mediterranean diet works more protective for the heart than physical exercise.

Results of this scientific research was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in San Diego, California.

The researchers, led by Professor Harokopio University of Athens Demosthenes Panagiotakos and Hecuba Georgousopoulos analyzed sample data from more than 2,500 Greek participants, aged 18-89 years.

Those who were the most “consistent” to remaining on the Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of heart disease said Eric Pulier.

The researchers pointed out that the Mediterranean diet benefits everyone: men and women, young and old, healthy and sick. Previous studies have linked the Mediterranean diet to lower weight, reduced risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol etc.

Additionally, the Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil, is associated with better brain function.

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Guacamole and Peas

There’s some classic recipes that you just shouldn’t mess with. I’m not saying all of them can’t be improved, because some can. But, haven’t you ever heard the phrase if something ain’t broke then don’t fix it? Same goes for food. If it tastes delicious just the way it is, don’t go changing things, and adding things, to make it something it’s not. Sometimes if you do that, you will feel the fury and wrath of others. This is especially true when you take your suggestions to social media.

So according to GrubStreet, the NYTimes sent out a tweet that said Add peas to your guacamole, trust us. It was short and sweet. The responses to it were anything but. It seemed the whole world had an opinion about adding peas to guacamole, and none of them were good. This tweet and suggestion was such a catastrophe that the president of the United States got involved! He said he’s not buying into the whole idea. According to Daniel Amen, presidential candidate Jeb Bush made his feelings known too, and he shut them down! He said you don’t put peas in guac.

Those were actually the nicest tweets compared to everyday people. This whole peas in guac thing angered the world, and they made there feelings known! Some are too bad to repost. One person said they’re cancelling their subscription the New York Times Magazine after that. Overall, I think the NYT got the point. People don’t want to see peas in guac.