Benefits of Bananas

One of the healthiest and easiest fruits to eat is the banana. They provide many benefits and relatively cheap which means they are easily accessible to the average person. One of the top things you can benefit from with bananas is that they give you benefits and keep you regular. They also power the brain, reduce depression, and have even been known to prevent ulcers.
In addition to being cheap, plentiful, and good for you; bananas can be used in a variety of ways. You can cook them, eat them raw, put them in cereal, or even make bread with them. Bananas are arguably one of the most diverse fruits available today.
Who would benefit most from eating bananas? Well the answer is everyone, but to be specific; athletes, college students, and families with young children. Dr. Daniel of the Amen Clinic says they give you the nutrients you need and are cheap enough for a college student to eat daily without breaking a budget. If you would like more information on bananas, please click here.


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