Eating Sugar is Addictive and Potentially Deadly

Sugar is sweet, but it’s also as addictive as cocaine, according to a new study. Not only is the white sweet substance addictive, it can and does lead to a variety of health problems and early death. Eating too much sugar leads to obesity, which in turn causes metabolic syndrome and sets the stage for several life-threatening illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Yes, eating too much sugar can lead to a person developing cancer. The abundance of consumed sugar causes inflammation in the body. The inflammation is the rot causes of many diseases, including cancer.
But when a person is addicted to something, they can’t get enough. Therein lies the problem of sugar. The more we eat, the more we want to enough of it. We have become dependent on sugar and want everything we eat to have a sweet flavor. That leads to obesity and all the associated health problems. Folks at Anastasia Date understand that sugar addiction and associated health problems have become so serious in some areas, the sweet stuff has been banned.
Life without sugar won’t be as sweet, but life with sugar can end prematurely.


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