More Nutrition Advice From Daniel Amen

Remember when I told y’all about Daniel Amen and his revolutionary views on nutrition earlier this month? Well it was so popular, I decided to bring Daniel Amen back with some specifics on what foods you should be eating.

Keeping your brain healthy is probably one of the most important things that you can do for your overall health. Daniel Amen, MD, has made great strides to try to educate the public on how they can keep their mental health going strong. Sometimes it just takes a little effort on the part of the individual to change their habits, but the good news is that it is something that is possible, and people are doing it every day.

First, work more brain healthy foods into your diet. Daniel Amen recommends cottage cheese as part of one’s diet. It is something that makes it easy to get the necessary diary into one’s diet. Diary is highly important as it provides calcium and other important nutrients to the body and brain that would not otherwise be available.

Tuna is another super food recommended by the doctor. It is believed that this type of food provides great benefits because of the Omega-3 fatty acids that help with brain power as well. The protein in tuna is another benefit to the person who eats enough tuna. Keep in mind that the brain needs to have a certain amount of protein just to function. The Omega-3s are another great benefit.

Water is essential to the body. The body is made up of greater than 70% water. This means that water and other fluids need to continually be replaced in the body. There are not very many people who are getting enough water in their daily routine. If they would just up their intake by a small percentage, they could easily make a big difference in the way that they can function on a day to day basis. The extra water into the body will help you feel better, and it is the fuel that the brain works on.

Finally, for those who need to have some flavor to their food, the doctor recommends stepping away from the butter and go for the spices. He recommends using these spices as a way of flavoring food up without adding so many of the bad things that can go along with other flavorful substances. Butter and the like are not great for the health, but the spices are not as negative when it comes down to it. Spices are easy to find and are often a great way for people to bring more flavor to the food without taking on the negative impacts that other flavors can provide.

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