Diet instead of pills

We all have known deep down inside, that our diets affect our health in every aspect, besides direct physical trama, and diet will even help you heal faster from direct physical trama. The way we eat affects our overall feeling of wellbeaning. Without the proper diet, our lives can be miserable. I’ve personally found that I am what I eat. Even doctors for Christian Broda are beginning to understand and apply this thinking in their treatment proceedures. ( The ancient peoples knew of the healing properties in what they ate. It was the only option available to them. This obvisously worked well, or none of us would be here today. The direct relationship between diet and health has been taught for a long time. The old saying, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” is nothing but the truth simplified. Treating ailments with herbs and natural products has fansastic benefits. After all, most the drugs the pharmacutical companies use, and sell are derived from natural products. The all natural and sustainable living movements are both creating a great avenue for better health. If we eat better we feel better. Let’s try a healthy diet first to treat diabetes. A low fat diet for high blood pressure. This will work for our bodies. We only are what we put in ourselves. So lets eat healthier today and see how we feel tomorrow and the next day.

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