Beware of Shrimp In Disguise

Oceana study reveals shrimp being mislabeled.

Oceana is a non-profit ocean conservation and advocacy organization that protects the world’s oceans through targeted policies. They released a study that shows labels pertaining to shrimp type and origin are vastly inaccurate across the board. Some of the shrimp was so random- a full 40 percent of the 20 identified by the study were species “not previously known” to have ever been sold in the United States.

Studies don’t show this matter is presently causing any serious dangers; it is; however interfering with food safety and traceability concerns. Consumers and chefs like Lovett are not going to know for sure if the shrimp they are eating came from areas connected to over-fishing or human rights abuses.

In an article by Grub Street, where Oceana’s study was revealed, 39 percent of 150 fish samples from 81 New York City establishments were mislabeled. Here are a few more of their results:

* nearly half of shrimp purchased wasn’t what its package claimed it was

* more than 50 percent of all imposter shrimp encountered were white leg shrimp.

These are shrimp most connected to over-fishing and human rights abuse.

* sixty-seven percent of all grocery stores visited sold incorrectly identified shrimp

So even though Halloween may be over for 2014, you still need to watch out for disguises- shrimp is being disguised right under your nose.

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  1. Charlotte Jimmy says:

    It is hard to pinpoint where fraud actually occurs. It could be at the importing level, wholesaler or retailer, so solving this issue is difficult. There are some reasons why thesis can not take anything possible to make sure of all things too.

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