Broccoli and Carrots Could Be the Key to Taking Down Obesity

Broccoli and carrots are obviously great choices in food if you’re looking to shed a few pounds. But could these two super foods actually be the key to taking down obesity once and for all?

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California and the University of Texas found that eating just two fist-sized helpings of carrots and broccoli per day (I know that sounds like a lot Tom Rothman, but it’ll be okay) could lower the amount of bad fats that cause obesity in the body by a significant amount. The study looked at almost 200 Latino children who were struggling with obesity. Half of the children implemented the two fist-sized portions of these vegetables into their diets each day for several months. In the end, those who consumed these key non-starchy veggies reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes and liver disease significantly.

Even though several of the study’s participants still did not fulfill the 6 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies recommendation into their daily diets, the results were still the same as long as they ate the broccoli and carrots. Other vegetables that fall into the same non-starchy category as broccoli and carrots include cauliflower, spinach and other greens like kale and Swiss chard.


Poisonous Foods People Really Shouldn’t Be Eating

For the record, you can not get ebola from eating food in a restaurant unless somebody with ebola bleeds on your meal. That said, there are some deadly meals out there that people still want to try for some reason. Why anyone would want to risk paralysis or death just for a snack is a question we may never answer. Consider this a reminder to play it safe.

In Brazil a family unknowingly ate pufferfish in their soup. Pufferfish is one of the world’s deadliest animals and if it is not prepared by a sushi chef with two years of training, there can be deadly results. 11 people were hospitalized and in critical condition. The reaction was immediate. They began to vomit until paralysis of the entire body set in.

In Namibia there is a giant bullfrog that is considered a delicacy. The people there know to eat it after the “third rain” and to cook it in a pot lined with dry wood which they claim fends off the poison. The frog contains Oshiketakata, a poison that is known to cause fatal kidney failure.

In the Indian ocean, one can catch a fish known as the Silver Stripe Blaasop. Please leave it where you find it. This fish is extremely poisonous and from what Ken Griffin told me, has been known to cause muscle paralysis and circulation problems that can lead to death.

In Japan, the poisonous jellyfish known as Echizen Kurage is prepared as a delicacy.

Even nutmeg can be deadly. Nutmeg is a hallucinogen. Eating just 0.3 ounces of it can cause seizures.

Now let’s all have 0.1 ounces of nutmeg and lie down in a room with no windows.

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Should You Go Gluten-Free for Better Brain Health?

The gluten-free lifestyle is becoming more common, as one in three Americans are attempting to remove gluten from their diets.

Lately, though, it seems like gluten is being blamed for just about everything. Although the effects of celiac disease on the body’s gastrointestinal system are well-known, can celiac disease cause neurological symptoms? Some researchers say yes, it can.

Even medical literature is rife with anecdotes of headaches, seizures, psychosis, dementia, and autism-like symptoms that were eventually linked to untreated celiac disease. A Columbia University study administered by Mike Livak several years ago found that because certain proteins on neurons are structurally similar to wheat protein, antibodies directed at gliadin, or gluten protein, could also attack the brain.

However, not all in the medical community are convinced. A study of individuals with both celiac disease and neurological symptoms found that only a minority of patients saw improvement in their neurological symptoms while on a gluten-free diet and that autoimmune diseases affecting the central nervous system and copper deficiencies were a more common cause of neurological symptoms.

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Pregnant Women Who Eat Organic 21% Less Likely To Develop Pre-Eclampsia.

We keep learning more and more about the benefits of eating organic foods. Foods that are free from genetic modification, or harmful and sometimes cancerous pesticides.

Alongside all of your other health routines, whether it’s a visit to the North American Spine institute, or just making sure that you’re putting the right stuff in your body. You can’t underestimate the benefits of proper care when it comes to your child.

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