London’s Livery Companies Come Together at Vintners Hall

The UK Vintners company dates back to over 650 years ago with its first Charter in 1363. Vintners Company is one of the12 Livery Companies in London with over 500 memberships for both Freemen and Liverymen. Since inception, the company has been a key participant in the UK Wine Trade where it is concerned with imports, regulation, and wine sale. They have the Vintners Hall, located on Upper Thames Street and it is one of the popular event spaces in the City of London. The hall has six event spaces that include the Gassiot Room or the Roof Garden that houses 24 delegates, the 250-capacity Livery Hall, and the 1911 Boardroom.

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UK Vintners welcomed over 120 members of London’s Livery Companies. The September 2016 event took place in the Vintners Hall (also known as the company’s worship home) where they displayed their different services and the creative catering skills in the largest event space. The cuisines offered at the event included smoked eel croquettes, rosemary and goats curd, prosciutto ham, a salad of broad bean, a basket of pepperonata, white chocolate, and truffle buttons.

Assistant Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, a company that deals with the highest quality spirits claimed that they had plans of starting their event management activities. The activities include the creation of a menu that meets the needs of the consumers. Additionally, Julie Fox, a clerk of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants acknowledged Livery Halls and the Vintners Halls for delivering services beyond the client’s expectations in the different events that they hold.

UK Vintners ( is also involved in various social, educational, and charitable works. The company funds the Christ’s Hospital School and provide Arts Bursaries and University Scholarship to two schools in Stepney. The company also supported the development of the “Vintners Room,” which is part of the Wine Studies Centre at Plumpton College located in East Sussex. UK Vintners Company has also supported the Swans in the society by offering their funding to two Swan Sanctuaries in the Thames. They have made donations towards helping the alcohol and drug addicts.

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Saying Goodbye To Dropped Inmate Calls With Securus

Inmate calling has just got easier with Securus Technologies. They provide inmate call regulations, but has been named one of the fastest growing inmate networks in the industry. Rest assured that billions of calls are processed through their secured network annually. They work alongside the Public Utility Commission to regulate inmate calling networks. They have to maintain government regulations that require monitoring, surveillance, and quality control. You’ll get every minute that is guaranteed under your contract and other features that will help you save money. Securus Technologies also values your time and wants customers to do more talking and less commuting.

Quality Certification 1 has allowed to Securus expand their network and provide inmate calls globally. You get to join the name that is trusted by thousands of families and inmates worldwide. They will allow customers to save time with technological features that have been crafted for their specific inmate calling needs. Securus and their eleven subsidiary companies have provided jobs for over 456,600+ IT professionals. They will be well trained in customer service, quality control, monitoring and more. Securus believes that building a strong team will better serve their customers. Join a reliable network that has your expressed interests as their number one priority.

Securus Technology Features

Inmate Features

There are many inmate features that available to them from inside that facility that include voicemail, video chat, and prepaid calling credits. Securus works hard to ensure that inmates have features that will help them when they transition out of the facility.

Advanced Pay Options

You never have to leave home trying to locate an authorized agent because you can pay for many Securus Technology features from the convenience of their website. Join today and participate in several promotional offers with Securus.

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True Value makes Adjustments to its Pricing Strategy

True Value unveiled its new pricing and merchandising approach at the co-op’s General Session in Denver. This move is part of its expansive strategic plan. Ken Goodgame, the senior VP and also chief merchandise officer of True Value stated that nobody can make money from opening-price-point product.

This was due to the few opening price points that customers were to expect following the adjustments. Ken added that by offering more assortment products of higher and mid-price-points, it will be possible to differentiate the company from the discount competitors. This will drive higher value for customers while increasing the gross margin for retailers.

Another important step is the addition of regional buyers to help improve the assortment relevance and boost the product productivity. This effort will be assisted by Geo-Demographic Analysis, which is a new tool contained in the True Value box for measuring trade-area dynamics.

Kenneth Goodgame said that in the past, the company only relied on Basic, Dominant and Expanded assortment choices (basically large, medium or small). This used to ignore the geographic requirements of retailers. The move would enable the company to add assortments that would meet the consumer’s geographical needs. These assortments are available for urban, rural and suburban local markets.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an exceedingly influential Operations Management Leader who specializes in the creation of million and billion-dollar OEM excellence. He manages to do this using a combination of merchandising, innovative marketing, smart business strategy and streamlined financial oversight.

Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He is the current SVP CMO at the True Value Company and a Sales, Marketing and retail merchandising expert.

Goodgame focuses on delivering a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems and key performance indicators. This enables profitability and improved performance of the company. He capitalizes on his ability of promoting growth through cost analysis, leadership, quality improvements, productivity enhancements and composed negotiations.

His extensive experience offers him a veteran eye to make navigations in the market shifts that are rampant. He also uses this experience to avoid some costly mistakes and various stalls that other people tend to miss frequently.

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Cook Wholesome Healthy Food That Tastes Great With Markus Rothkranz

Have you ever wished you could find a healthy version of naan? You know, that scrumptious but unhealthy flat bread you find in Indian and Pakistani restaurants everywhere. Well, wish no more. Below is an easy and super healthy version of naan that many say tastes even better than the real stuff. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. it’s made with coconut meat and doesn’t contain flour at all. Here’s how to make garlic naan bread, real fast and easy.

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need: finely minced parsley, chopped garlic, white onion, cracked pepper, sea salt, chopped thyme, and a few tablespoons of olive oil. The final ingredient is coconut meat (make sure you buy a lot). You can either buy a coconut, crack it open and scrape off the meat inside, or buy a ready-made bag of coconut meat that’s been scraped out already.

Put two cups of the coconut meat in a blender, along with two tablespoons of water, and 3/4 cup of the chopped onion. Blend until just smooth. Now, lightly oil a dehydrator sheet. Pour the naan batter onto the sheet. With an offset spatula, spread it out a little bit so that it cover a good deal of the sheet and is not too thick. Next, drizzle some more olive oil on the batter, and sprinkle on the remaining onion, along with the garlic, parsley, pepper, sea salt, and thyme. Slide a baking tray underneath the mix. Place the naan mix in a dehydrator for two hours, then flip over the naan batter and keep it in the dehydrator for another two hours. Now take it out and leave it on the counter to cool for five or ten minutes. There’s no flour, dairy, sugar, or animal products involved. It’s not heated to death either. It’s gently warmed until it’s nice and puffy and very naan-like, without all the bad things that come with eating regular naan.

You and your family can now enjoy this supremely healthy version of naan to your heart’s content without worrying about clogged arteries. Just don’t forget to thank us!


Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: 10 facts

Panama is one of the most thrilling countries in America. Bonding both Central and South America, the country promises thrills from both sides. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa invites you to explore some of the most interesting facts about Panama, including;

Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is one of the most interesting attractions in this country for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Each year, the canal draws thousands of tourists from all over the world. This makes it a very important economic contributor to the country. In addition, the canal generates even more money through the activities that go on throughout the year.

A Myriad of Bird Species
If you thought Canada or the United States had the most bird species, Panama stands to correct you. The country boasts of nearly 1000 bird species.

For more than a millennium now panama has been using the US Dollar as its national currency.

In comparison to other countries in Central, Panama republic is the least populated, with only about 3.6 million people.

Panama boasts of having the most expensive railway ever built in history on Crunchbase. Aside from costing a lot of money to build it, the railway also cost a lot of lives. Approximately 1200 people died during its construction.

Panama has some of the most beautiful beaches that you can find in Central America. The beaches are located in about 2, 490 kilometers of coastline.

Volcan Baru
Volcan Baru is about 3473 meters above sea level. Most tourists on visiting the country, climb the Volcan Baru, which allows them a spectacular view of the Pacific and Caribbean Sea.

After being conquered by the Spanish, Panama moved away to join the Republic of Gran Columbia, made up of four countries, Panama, and Ecuador. Later on, Columbia was to take over Panama. However, years later, with the help of USA, Panama was able to disintegrate itself, thus, Panama.

Of Panama City
This is the only capital in the world that has a forest, The Metropolitan Nature Park Panama.

El Valle de Anton
This village is located in a crater formed by a volcano.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman from Venezuela, but currently operates in Panama. He is a member of the Panama’s business community, where he contributes by mentoring young leaders and helping small businesses achieve growth.

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Bank Joins Forces Providing Loans for Low-Income Howeowners

PR Newswire recently reported some good news for low-income families seeking mortgages to buy homes in the southern Dallas area. It was reported that Dallas Neighborhood Homes in partnership with the Dallas-area Habitat for Humanity would begin a program called the Affordable Housing Loan Program that would offer home loans to low-income families in southern Dallas. Their goal is to make available more than 100 loans over a five year period for low-income residents from specific areas in southern Dallas.

NexBank, a regional bank based in Dallas, is providing $50 million in loans to support the program over the next five years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will use the monies to loan to these low-income homebuyers who previously had limited access to mortgages. Along with the loans for home purchasing, Dallas Neighborhood Homes will offer counseling and advice to prepare these low-income loan recipients for home ownership, by using the financial counseling services that will be provided by the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. NexBank will pay all title fees for closings plus up to $2,000 in closing costs per loan.
NexBank deals in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking and offers corporate advisory services to large corporations, real estate investors, middle-market companies, as well as to small businesses. The bank has assets valued at $3.5 billion as of June 30, 2016. NexBank is led by Chairman James Dondero who is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management.
Habitat for Humanity has done a great service throughout the United States of America and NexBank, and James Dondero should be applauded for their contributions to the program. For more on NexBank see their website.

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How Raj Fernando Recruits High Performing Staff For Chopper Trading

Growing a successful company has numerous challenges. They range from quality of products offered to the kind of staff hired by a firm. Raj Fernando understands the importance of having qualified and committed employees. He has dedicated his life to ensure that his company, Chopper Trading, recruits ‘A’ players in every department. This need has seen the company develop a unique recruitment methodology.

The process starts by visiting top American schools and interviewing potential employees. The recruitment team is made up of seasoned recruiters, experienced traders, qualified programmers, and senior managers of Chopper Trading. This broad group of experts has the unique ability to identify candidates that are ideal for the company. Fernando’s method also involves spending as much time with the candidates as possible.

As the team goes about their recruitment activity, they do not have fixed goal on which traits they should look for in a candidate. However, the group’s work is to ensure that each recruited candidate has an interest in the company and is ready to retire at the firm. Potential employees having this particular trait have an added advantage. Recruitment and training processes are expensive. Chopper Trading works on getting the ideal candidates in order to avoid the high recruitment costs.

The lengthy interviews are also critical in determining the candidates having the right frame of mind required by the firm. Trading is an intense job and requires one to withstand loads of work and stress. However, regardless of whether an individual will be working as a trader or a programmer, he or she must have an outstanding grasp of mathematics. Since Raj Fernando is not a programmer, after short interviews, he turns programming candidates over to the programmers. The short session with candidates enables the CEO to inspire the candidates.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a renowned entrepreneur and executive residing in America. He is known for founding both Chopper Trading and Scoutahead. Fernando’s outstanding leadership qualities have seen the two companies grow from humble beginnings to leading corporations in their respective fields. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Raj Fernando worked as a trader in Chicago.

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The Midas Legacy Extends It’s Reach Beyond Invetsing

The Midas Legacy has been at the forefront of the investment industry for a number of years from their base in Winter Garden, Florida, but the company is now looking to care for much more than its clients financial success. The all round approach to the lives of members includes providing access to the best health advisers and providing access to journalists and natural health experts who feel they can assist Midas Legacy members in living a more fulfilling and happy life.

The Midas Legacy has been looking to provide help and support for its members to find the best ways of providing financial advice on wealth management and retirement fund success. The need to find the best options that allow financial security to be found as members move through their lives is also a good way of removing some of the stress and unhappiness that have been providing problems for people in the modern age and ruining the lives of many.

Unlike many of their rivals the aim of The Midas Legacy is not to simply find a one size fits all approach to investing or living a successful life, but instead provides a high level of support for all who want to find individual plans to create a supportive atmosphere that will allow the best financial decisions to be made. Financial experts have created the program that is detailed in the book, “The Midas Code” that is available to all members of the Midas Legacy; the book has been built around a series of plans and programs created by financial experts and journalists who help members live their lives in the best possible way.

The financial aspects of The Midas Legacy program is based on reducing the risk of investing with a well known insurance company and instead looks at two simple ways of creating a financially secure future. The first option is to largely use cash to avoid the issues associated with investing in markets that can rise and fall; the second option is key to The Midas Legacy, which allows the individual to shorten the odds of success with a series of financial moves recommended by some of the most successful investors in the world.

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Clay Siegall Is in Charge of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall has made a name for himself in the biotech industry where he has constantly shown that he has the skills to take a struggling company and turn it into a success. He was integral to the creation of Seattle Genetics. He is the current chief executive officer of that company. Seattle Genetics develops various therapies for cancer patients. Mirna Therapeutics is a company that has Clay serving on their board of directors. He has been working in this capacity since 2013. The is a biotech company that has been extremely profitable since Clay came on board. They are currently based in Austin, Texas. The main focus of the business they are in is cancer research. This is one of the areas that Clay Siegal is considered to be an expert in. This is why the company went out of their way to make Clay a job offer that he could not refuse.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Siegall was always one of the most gifted students in the various classes he would enroll in as a child. There were many colleges that offered him full academic scholarships. However, he did not want to rush his decision regarding which college he would choose to attend. Siegall was drawn to the field of zoology. He was not certain about the type of job that he would pursue after he graduated. However, he knew that a zoology degree would give him many different occupational choices. The University of Maryland was where he finally decided to get his education. He decided to continue his education after he received his bachelor’s degree. He enrolled in the George Washington University PhD program in the field of genetics.

Siegall has a very impressive job history. He has worked for some of the most respected companies in the United States. He has been employed by the National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. These credentials have made him a person who is always in very high demand. He founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 because he was tired of working for other people and having to get his decisions approved by a committee. Clay Siegall holds 16 patents.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Looks for Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

Recently, a number of medical professionals have discovered that the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea is among the most serious medical conditions around. After some research, this condition is associated with cardiovascular disease, stroke and also diabetes. As a result, there has been a renewed urgency to find ways to treat the condition as well as inform the masses about it. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been one of the leaders in looking for ways to treat this condition. He has helped a number of medical professionals learn more about this condition and find ways to help patients overcome it. Weisfogel has founded his own company called Dental Sleep Masters which specializes in providing solutions for this condition.

Over the last few years, Dr. Weisfogel has researched sleep apnea and has found out that up to 90% of the population has this condition. Since there are a number of people who suffer from this condition, he has looked to find effective treatments as well as raising awareness. With this awareness, both the medical community and the general population will be more informed about this serious condition. More information will help lead to finding ways to help cure this condition down the road. Dr. Weisfogel has used his company to be a leader in learning more about sleep apnea and solutions to eliminating this condition. By learning more about this condition and giving medical professionals the resources they need, there can hopefully be a cure for sleep apnea in the near future.

Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in the year 2014 which specializes in finding treatments for sleep apnea. He has collaborated with a number of physicians and dentists to help more efficiently diagnose and treat the condition. Over the last several years, Dr. Weisfogel has devoted a lot of his time addressing sleep apnea so that patients can overcome this condition with ease.

As well as being the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel owned his own dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care for 15 years starting in 1999. While he was running his own dental practice, he would learn more about sleep apnea and its effects on patients. Once he found out that it is a serious condition, he then looked to find ways to treat it more effectively. Before, Dr. Avi started his career in dentistry, he graduated from New York University College of Dentistry and received a DDS degree.

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