Sustainable Farming And Fine Products

There is nothing better than a great product with a great back story. We love our success stories in the United States, and not that other countries don’t love their success stories as well, but in the United States the stories are less about nationalism and more about entrepreneurship. No matter where you come from, the United States largely has a level playing field, designed to allow everyone, from all corners of the earth, a chance to succeed. This is certainly the case with Naa-Sakle Akuete, owner of Eu’ Genia Shea, who launched this company after abandoning a promising Wall Street career. A graduate of Harvard business school, this talented young woman leveraged the Greek words Eu’ Genia, which means origin of goodness, to create her pure product while her also celebrating her mother’s first name, Eugenia.

Ms. Akuete, who is from Ghana, wanted to also be environmentally correct, and with the help of hundreds of sustainably paid farmers, she brought her pure, unadulterated product to market. The supplier, Naasaskle Ltd., works with a cooperative in Ghana to harvest shea fruit in a sustainable manner. Once soft, the shell is removed, it is boiled, and then the nut is extracted. The nuts go on to be hand-sorted, where roughly 1/4 do not even make the cut. The chosen nuts are roasted, grounded and kneaded with water. This process forces the shea’s moisturizing oils to separate from the matter, and then it is boiled a second time. They will only boil twice as they want the product as pure as possible.

Shea butter can be used on scars, wrinkles, acne, eczema, on hair and even in food. This family business, with roots in Ghana and the United States, albeit venturing into Shea Butter at this point, has plans to change the world, if even in just a small way. Sustainability in farming practices, creating a pure product and delivering a lotion rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and E is perhaps just the beginning of great things for this well-thought out enterprise. Additionally, should you want to try their products regularly, they offer a subscription where products can be purchased monthly with the added bonus of free shipping!

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QNET: A Company That Serves You

The Hong Kong based company QNET has become one of Asia’s top direct sales companies. QNET began selling custom-commissioned coins before adding a range of other products. The company now sells a variety of products such as energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. QNET has been the official distributor of commemorative coins for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as well as the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The company strives to focus on providing opportunities for anyone to be able to start their own business with minimal overhead. QNET desires to individuals the freedom to become economically self-sufficient, improve the life of their families and communities as well as help others to achieve their dreams.
QNET believes that in order to be a successful company they must help others to succeed. They have developed a very public-spirited business model called RYTHM – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. QNET strives to promote the concept that a good leader is one that is willing to serve others before their self. The company’s founders have inspired the motto of service above self in both the employees and the network. QNET seeks to instill humanity in all aspects of their business.
Recently QNET has launched a campaign called the Positive Thoughts Project. If 1,000 people comment a positive thought or sentiment on their designated Facebook post QNET will donate a HomePure RED to Rashid Centre, a centre for the disabled in the UAE. If they are lucky enough to receive 500 positive comments in the last two weeks of the campaign, QNET will donate a HomePure RED to Taarana, their school for children with special learning needs. The HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System is a superior solution to the crucial need to provide clean, healthy, and great tasting drinking water for families. HomePure Red was developed for the fifth anniversary of the original HomePure filtration system. HomePure Red Edition offers NSF Certification, German design joined with South Korean construction, and Japanese living water technology; emanating a pure, pleasant tasting, and satisfying water. During the campaign each individual can post up to three positive comments. QNET continues to be company of high standards and philanthropic opportunity. This charitable company is offering us a simple task to complete in order to provide clean drinking water to those who truly need it.

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Athleisure Fabletics Brings Performance Wear to Everyday Wear Status

Function and fashion define the athlesiure trend, and even Vogue the style Bible is giving the look the green light. Popular brands like Fabletics, the one co-founded by the super fit actress Kate Hudson, has introduced the world to gorgeous, bright athlesiure wear. From the gym to the street to the office, the trend has blurred perfectly into the active lifestyle of the modern woman. has observed the athlesiure look gaining steam and allowing women to escape the dark and more traditional uniforms that everyone had become accustomed to. Athleisure wear walks the fine line between locker room and boardroom, but with the right fashion adjustment, the look can work in a variety of places.

Of course, you’re not going to enter the office in a sports bra or sexy cropped top, unless it can be discreetly hidden under a blazer and so forth. Leggings with a longer coat, however, have been acceptable in a number of workplaces.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba are just a few who have taken the athleisure look to a whole new level. Let’s be honest; leggings, tanks, scarves and sporty chic stuff are super comfortable. The fabrics are breathable and stretchable and allow you to move freely about.

JustFab highlighted that that’s why athleisure Fabletics and other brands have started defining the modern fashion trends. The demand is there, and women want variety. Fabletics now offers athleisure dresses in gorgeous, high-quality fabrics and styles at affordable prices. It’s so easy to join the Fabletics movement by signing up for an online shopping VIP membership, and it’s enticing with your first outfit only costing $25.

As a Fabletics VIP, you pay a $49.95 monthly fee that gets credited toward your next purchase, giving you access to discounts on the sporty chic apparel and free shipping. You also have five days at the beginning of the month to “skip a month” and not be charged the monthly fee.

Kate Hudson looks adorable in athleisure Fabletics and so will you.

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George Soros’ Bold Predictions on Future Market Performance

If you know anything at all about George Soros then you know at least one thing is true. Right or wrong, when he speaks about something passionately and he has a prediction on, then it is at least rooted in truth. When someone as powerful as George Soros is able to give information off concerning future performance of the financial markets, that’s exactly when you should be quiet, take notes, and start to plan on how you can use the information to your advantage. Love him or hate him, the predictions of George Soros in the past have absolutely lead to some significant wealth generation over time.

When you think back to the years leading up to the financial crisis on, many individuals were completely unaware of what would happen next. The key was that there were certain indicators, and even though you may not have seen them at the time they were still present. Why that is such an important thing to now think of is that if you were to look at the current economic climate and try to discover what was going on, you could very well see some of the very same indicators in today’s economy as you did back around a decade ago. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same things will in fact happen, George Soros is starting to think there are just too many indicators that run parallel to ten years ago and it could be time to hedge your bets.

Instead of just ignoring one of the richest people in the world on, it might be an important time to fully understand what needs to be done. Whether or not you fully agree with him as an investor or you agree with his general thoughts on the matter, it might be important to start considering what your options are when it comes to protecting yourself. Obviously there isn’t any impending doom with respect to the financial markets and no one is running around claiming that the sky is falling. And on the other hand, it is the perfect time to start evaluating your position and thinking about what you can do to eliminate any potential risk just in case George Soros is on to something.

When you consider how the markets work, you know that for every high there is also a low. You also know that while you can’t time the market, the next potential dip is always just right around the corner. Even the biggest optimists are planning for what could potentially happen and how they would survive something like a recession, because whether you believe in George Soros’ predictions or not, it’s literally only a matter of time until the next crash happens.

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Fabletics is the Best in Fashion

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson has one of the best healthy, athletic bodies in the business. Maybe that’s why the gorgeous actress has finally teamed up with the right people to launch a stunning swimwear collection from Fabletics, available mid-April. We’ve already seen the gorgeous pieces from her Fabletic fitness line, and this sporty-chic ocean wear is just the icing on the cake, and you know what we mean.

According to Elite Daily, Kate is also adding a collection of lovely, complementary dresses that will look fab on all women, from XXS to XXL. The actress gave out more details in a recent press release:

“Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections,” Hudson revealed about the line. “Our design team also worked hard to perfect the swim styles. TheyÕre sexy and stylish, but comfortable to wear, and we have styles for every body type.”

Kate Hudson is a fun, happy woman who enjoys life and staying active with her two adorable boys. Her Fabletics line is all about bold prints and vibrant colors that flatter a woman’s body and skin tone. Kate co-founded the company which comes under the JustFab umbrella, featuring an “innovative, high-quality athletic wear & accessories line,” as described by the company’s presence on popular social media like

Fabletics offers a unique shopping experience as an online subscription retailer. The website offers members personalized sportswear outfits chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. It takes the guesswork out of the buying and delivers great style and fashion at an affordable price –

Elite Daily says Kate’s new swimwear line features tropical, nautical and tribal designs that look chic at any ocean around the world. Plus, these pretty pieces are friendly to the environment, constructed of high quality, recycled fabrics. Best of all, the swimwear offers UV protection from the sun.

What more could you ask for?

Alright, maybe we’d all like to be Kate Hudson, but if we can’t, at least we can dress like her in the sassiest sportswear around.

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Market Outlook in 2016 by Strategist at HSBC and Madison Street Capital

Strategists at HSBC Holdings PLC have urged caution to investors intending to buy falling stocks. This news comes at a time when the world equity markets are experiencing some recovery after uneasy start to the year. In an article written by Julie Verhage on Bloomberg Business, Fredrik Nedbrand of Global Head of Asset Allocation affirmed that cash is still king. He affirmed that while there was a remarkable recovery after the January sell-off, entering into the equity risk was not a smart move. Fredrik instead recommends investing in high-yield and emerging market debt, whose risk premia is more appealing.

The strategists at HSBC cite existing lofty valuations and a slowdown in corporate earnings as the main reasons for the continued caution. On lofty evaluations, HSBC points that whereas valuations have become more attractive over the course of the downturn. The existing market dynamics have made it difficult to snap-up market bargains. The team is highly skeptical of how valuations will play in the near future because valuations were not the basis for the market stabilization or selloff. In the second analysis, HSBC strategists observe that there has been a great deal of talk about profit recession over the last few months.

The strategists believe the pressure on earnings is bound to erode any bullish feelings towards stock purchase, unless earnings begin to rise. HSBC’s cautionary sentiments follow calls by various Wall Street firms who have been saying that the odds of global recession will continue to linger on for a while. In the meantime, JPMorgan Chase & Co has told investors to take advantage of the recent market rebound to sell stocks. They cite dwindling corporate earnings, looming risk of recession and worsening economic outlook as some of the factors that have informed this decision.

Madison Street Capital
The other key player in the financial advisory sector is Madison Street Capital. This boutique investment banking firm offers a host of services including; mergers and acquisition, buy out, reorganization, capital restructuring and private placement advisory services. On February 9, MSC offered its 2016 hedge fund and mergers and acquisition outlook. According to the business and marketplace promotion site, the firm reported that 42 hedge fund deals were announced or completed globally in 2015. This was a 24 percent rise from the 2014.

Madison Street Capital noted that assets held by the hedge fund industry were at a record high despite poor performances by majority of hedge fund strategies in the year under review. The other notable shift was a move by institutional investors to alternative asset management sector. The move is aimed at increasing the prospects of attaining high returns in order to match rising liabilities. MSC predicts a brighter deal environment in 2016.

You can follow them on Linkedin.

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Jon Urbana Seeks Funds for an Environmental Group published an article on February 3 highlighting a new GoFundMe campaign by Jon Urbana to help fund Earth Force. Earth Force is a non-profit organization located in Denver that educates the youth in the area about environmental issues and energy independence. Jon believes in having a clean and healthy environment, and he is looking to raise $1,750 to support Earth Force’s youth environmental education programs.

Jon Urbana is a native and resident of Denver who co-founded and operates the Next Level Lacrosse Camp by Jon Urbana. Each summer, teens learn from Urbana’s staff about the game of lacrosse and share their concerns about environmental issues. Jon is inspired by the teens interests in the environment, and he uses the camp to share his own interests in improving the environment. Growing up in Colorado taught Jon to appreciate the beauty in nature and the importance of preserving a healthy environment.

All of the money raised by the GoFundMe campaign will be used to fund Earth Force’s programs. Earth Force’s values and commitment to the environment are in line with Jon’s environmental activism which is why he has devoted his efforts to raising money to support their activities. The article about Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign can be found at

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Restaurant Workers Should Receive Sick Leave to Stop Norovirus Outbreaks

Staying home when you are sick is a luxury that many workers, especially most restaurant workers, cannot do because they aren’t paid. With the recent outbreaks of the norovirus in Chipotles headlining in the news, it’s obvious why sick restaurant workers should stay home when they are sick. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that sick workers cause over 70 percent of the reported norovirus outbreaks in restaurants.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 90 percent of workers in the restaurant industry do not get paid sick leave. A similar study by, a company that conducts paid research in addition their offering of affordable hearing aids that work very well, found the same results. Employees who are sick and still going to work in restaurants pose a dangerous situation as Chipotle knows. The outbreaks of norovirus that have occurred with their chain recently have caused their reputation to seriously plummet. With their sales down by 36 percent. they can no longer afford not to have paid sick leave for their employees, and last year they added it to their employee benefits package. Chipotle’s is now among the 10 percent of restaurants in the U.S. that offer paid sick leave for their employees.

Chipotle is raising awareness in the food industry for the need to be aware of the sick employee at work. Releasing the norovirus into the public is a situation that can be rectified with paid sick leave.Starbucks offers optional time off, which is not called sick leave, per se, but can be used as such.

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Eating for Health . . . Frugally

Kate Comeau and Cara Rosenbloom (both Registered dietitians) have some suggestions for eating healthy meals while watching your budget.

Making smart substitutions is a good approach. Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are both generally cheaper than cauliflower. Sunflower seeds and Pumpkin seeds can be used the same ways as other nuts, but cost much less. And Next Level Lacrosse Camp co-founder Jon Urbana happens to feel the same way. In Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign, he gushes about clean living and the benefits it brings to those around him in Denver.

Carrots and cabbage are nutritious and cheaper that many other vegetables. Apples, pears and bananas are very cost competitive with other fruits and are almost always in season.

Cutting back on meat is pretty much a win-win. It is expensive and (in quantity) not so healthy. Subsituting half or so of your meat intake with beans, lentils or peas will decrease saturated fat intake and up fiber intake while saving money. Just make sure you still get enough vitamin B12 from whatever source. Getting a pressure cooker to tenderize tougher cuts of meat is another strategy.

Buy frozen or canned produce when fresh is in short supply or higher priced. Frozen loses only a small part of its nutrition vs fresh. If fresh has been in stock for a while, it may actually be less nutritious that frozen.

The average household winds up losing much of its food as waste. This can be avoided (and money can be saved) by planning your meals and food purchases carefully. Making large batches, so that you have leftovers, gives the advantage of volume purchasing.

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Expert Writing for Your Brand New Wikipedia Business Page

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from marketing and advertising on all different levels. If you market and advertise locally and online, you know how important this is to bringing in new clientele. What you might be missing at the current moment is the benefits that come with having your own Wikipedia page. You have more than likely been using Wikipedia for years and may not have realized that it can be used by the average company owner to get their business out there and more well known. You might have thought that Wikipedia was specifically meant for celebrities and other large corporations and not the average common small business owner. This is definitely a marketing tool that can work in your favor when you create your own page.

Because of the fact that it can be difficult to make a Wikipedia page yourself due to the formatting and guidelines, you can use a Wikipedia writing service like Get Your Wiki. These writers work diligently on all types of Wikipedia pages to get them out there and published for the entire world to see and explore. When your Wikipedia business page creation is completed, this is going to reach out to thousands who you might not have been able to find with other types of marketing and advertising alone. In fact, you might even notice additional hits and visits to your site because of the fact that you now have a Wikipedia page for yourself.

There is nothing quite like knowing that you are doing all that you can to bring in business for your company and having your efforts be a true success. Wikipedia is a site that can and should be used by the common business owner just because of how beneficial it is at bringing in new people and helping them to learn about the services and amenities that you offer. Business should not only rely on marketing and advertising using banners and ads when a beautiful Wikipedia page can be created in very little time by a team of writers who specifically do this as a living. You do not need to figure out the guidelines set by Wikipedia yourself when all you need to do is employ the services of Wikipedia writers for hire who do the writing for you. They will work directly with you to ensure that you are fully happy with the work that has been done for your new Wikipedia page.

Lear more about Get Your Wiki’s stellar service by reading a review about them here.

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