Mediterranean Diet Protects Against Chronic Disease

Research confirms that people who closely follow the Mediterranean diet, are on average 47% less likely to develop heart disease over the next decade, compared with their peers who do not follow the same eating habits.

In fact, the researchers concluded that the Mediterranean diet works more protective for the heart than physical exercise.

Results of this scientific research was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in San Diego, California.

The researchers, led by Professor Harokopio University of Athens Demosthenes Panagiotakos and Hecuba Georgousopoulos analyzed sample data from more than 2,500 Greek participants, aged 18-89 years.

Those who were the most “consistent” to remaining on the Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of heart disease said Eric Pulier.

The researchers pointed out that the Mediterranean diet benefits everyone: men and women, young and old, healthy and sick. Previous studies have linked the Mediterranean diet to lower weight, reduced risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol etc.

Additionally, the Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil, is associated with better brain function.

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Guacamole and Peas

There’s some classic recipes that you just shouldn’t mess with. I’m not saying all of them can’t be improved, because some can. But, haven’t you ever heard the phrase if something ain’t broke then don’t fix it? Same goes for food. If it tastes delicious just the way it is, don’t go changing things, and adding things, to make it something it’s not. Sometimes if you do that, you will feel the fury and wrath of others. This is especially true when you take your suggestions to social media.

So according to GrubStreet, the NYTimes sent out a tweet that said Add peas to your guacamole, trust us. It was short and sweet. The responses to it were anything but. It seemed the whole world had an opinion about adding peas to guacamole, and none of them were good. This tweet and suggestion was such a catastrophe that the president of the United States got involved! He said he’s not buying into the whole idea. According to Daniel Amen, presidential candidate Jeb Bush made his feelings known too, and he shut them down! He said you don’t put peas in guac.

Those were actually the nicest tweets compared to everyday people. This whole peas in guac thing angered the world, and they made there feelings known! Some are too bad to repost. One person said they’re cancelling their subscription the New York Times Magazine after that. Overall, I think the NYT got the point. People don’t want to see peas in guac.


Relieve Your Anxiety by Eating a Pickle

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a pickle a day will keep anxiety away. If you don’t like pickles, yogurt will do the trick. A bowl of sauerkraut or kimchi will work too.
Any fermented food is loaded with ‘good’ bacteria. When our gut is teaming with good bacteria, there is less of the stress hormone, cortisol, in our system. Less cortisol, less anxiety.
Pickles and other fermented foods cause the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) into our brain and that has the same effect on us as anti-anxiety medication. In other words, popping a pickle is the equivalent of popping a pill when it comes to relieving the feelings of anxiety, and the pickle has no side effects.
Fermented foods have been shown to increase the number of microbe bacteria in our digestive system. We normally have a few pounds of bacteria in our system, Deere says it’s typically slightly over 4 pounds in a person weighing 150 pounds, but more is always better.
The probiotics in fermented foods increase the good bacteria in our gut, and they in turn calm our nerves and provide several other health benefits. The fewer microbe bacteria floating around in our gut, the more likely we are to develop heart disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma and allergies.


Burger King Bringing Veggie Burger to America?

When it comes to good food, Burger King has a variety of offerings available. Those who enjoy the fast food chain may be excited by news of what is possibly coming from the restaurant. It seems that Burger King may be bringing another one of their sandwiches to the US, and this sandwich is something that is different from their others.

It is rumored that Burger King could be bringing their veggie burgers to the US. These burgers are something that will delight the vegetarian crowd. These burgers have great taste, the kind of taste that is expected from Burger King, but Skout suggested that they are made without meat. If Burger King chooses to bring this sandwich to the US, they could draw in new fans and keep those that they currently have. This sandwich could be a big deal in the fast food world, as there is not much out there that is without meat.

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Orange Juice and Grapefruits May Cause Melanoma Risk

According to a report appearing in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, individuals may be at an elevated risk of developing melanoma if they consume a glass of orange juice or eat a grapefruit, in the morning. A form of cancer, melanoma, left undetected, can prove to be fatal.

The participants of the study, 100,000 United States adults, were monitored over a period of nearly 25 years. 1,800 individuals were diagnosed with melanoma, over the period of the study, with the probability elevated amongst those who ate a grapefruit or enjoyed a glass of orange juice. In addition, factors such as lifestyle, amount of daily exposure to the sun, and degree of severity of sunburns, were given due consideration.

Having a glass of orange juice every day, Tabar noticed elevated an individual’s probability of the onset of melanoma by 25%, and individuals eating a grapefruit had an elevated risk of developing melanoma of 41%, versus those that did not eat a grapefruit every day.

“I don’t think the general public should make any changes based on this study,” Mariann Berwick, a University of New Mexico, dermatology professor commented, and further indicated, “We certainly wouldn’t want people to avoid fruits that are generally good for their health, just be aware that there’s an association with melanoma, and perhaps be extra careful about sun protection on days you’re eating citrus fruits.”


BK May Bring In New Vegetarian Sandwich Options

Burger King already has a veggie burger on their menu. It is a pathetic excuse for a sandwich. The patty comes frozen and is made by Morningstar, a brand you can go buy in your grocer’s freezer. Although it is nice to have a vegetarian option at their restaurant let’s face it, the vegetable topping are better than the actual burger. Over in India there are two successful vegetarian sandwiches that may soon be coming to America, the Veg Chilli Cheezos and Paneer King Melts. The U.K. may end up getting to try these new offerings before the U.S. due to a significant vegetarian market in the country. Popularity for meat-free options is growing nation wide, even with individuals who do consider themselves to be vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes it is just nice to take a break from meat and up your veggie intake. Other restaurants are considering a vegetarian sandwich option as well, it could be the next big thing.

Thanks to Brian torchin for showing me this news.

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Want To Be A Great Cook? Don’t Forget Those Veggies

If you want your family to rave about your cooking each night when you present their supper, make it a point to always include those delicious vegetables.

According to a recent article posted on, a detailed study was undertaken at Cornell University concerning which food items taste best together. Folks at Boraie Development have heard that the findings of the study were that meat-centered entrees actually taste better when they’re accompanied by vegetables. This is surprising, since so many people seem to prefer starchy items with their meats, as well as the growing number of restaurants that are combining food items that were traditionally standalone dishes.

I found the study to be very interesting, especially since I’m one of those old school people who still believe that every meal should be served with at least one green item. I’ve practiced this for years, and since it works for me, I plan to continue doing so!

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Comfort Food May Be Depressing You

Many people turn to sugar-laden snacks when they feel blue. They hope the delicious taste will help them feel better. Those yummy foods aren’t helping and when it comes to depression they could be doing actual harm.

Findings in a recent study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest a link between foods that raise blood sugar levels and an increase in the potential for experiencing depression. The study measured data from about 70,000 postmenopausal women regarding the food they ate and the depression symptoms they experienced.

Foods with added sugars proved to have a strong association with depression. Mann also noted the amount of influence such foods have on depression could depend on how much of them someone eats in comparison to their entire diet.

Fortunately a better diet including choices like fiber, fruit, and vegetables should mean lower chances of suffering from depression. The study found diets where women ate more of these foods correlated with “lower odds of incident depression.”


Major Food Companies Promise to Remove Artificial Flavors and Colors Soon

They don’t have to, no law has required them to do so, but at least six major food manufacturers have promised to remove all of the artificial flavors and colors from their products in the upcoming years. Folks at the Aspire New Brunswick are shocked. Ecstatic but shocked.
General Mills, a well-known name in the cereal isle of your local grocery store, will be exchanging their artificially colored and flavored red hearts, green clovers and yellow moons from their popular Lucky Charms cereal for naturally flavored and colored shaped marshmallows. The company promised to remove all the unnatural ingredients from their cereal line and derive the flavors and colors from natural sources, such as vegetables.
Nestle and Kraft are two more major food players that have made the same promise, along with three other well-known food companies.
Hooray for them and us, but if we only knew what these major food companies have been serving us all these years, we would be wondering why the change had not been made sooner. Chemicals, preservatives, dyes and bizarre ingredients such as bug parts, wood shavings and duck feathers have been used to flavor and color our food. With so many recent studies linking these artificial flavors and colors to obesity and every disease known to man, food manufacturers have decided to do the right thing and change their ingredients to natural products for the health and well being of consumers.


If Sugar Makes People Gain Weight Why Are So Many Children Thin?

Sugar Is A Villain Today But It Hasn’t Always Been

We have all heard the message. Too much sugar causes all sorts of health problems. The list of diseases that sugar plays a part is too big for this page, but sugar wasn’t always such a bad guy. Back in the 1970s sugar was touted as a healthy ingredient that could curb appetites and even help reduce weight. So what is the real deal with sugar intake? Why can some kids consume a lot of sugar and stay thin? The answer, of course, is metabolism. It’s the ability to take in and burn calories. As our bodies age our metabolism changes. Our bloodstream, organs and glands can’t process sugar as quickly as they could early in life.

But it’s not just age that influences sugar absorption. Vijay Eswaran noted on Twitter that even in younger years, some people can’t process sugar because their internal system is not wired correctly. That faulty wiring is the due to their genetic code.

So sugar is not the villain. It is our internal wiring, which includes cells, organs, bloodstream and our psychological makeup that throws the body into a sugar overload. Everyone has a different sugar absorption rate. We also have a different mentality about what sugar does to the body.