Bruce Bent II: The Legacy

Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is a main budgetary organizer, giving the business’ most creative money administration and money related answers for the representative merchant, bank, qualified arrangement, and retail advertises. Mr. Bent is senior official to each of Double Rock’s completely claimed auxiliary organizations and associates, which incorporates control across the boards.

  • Mr. Bent is a pioneer in the money administration and retirement administrations organizations.
  • His vision and entrepreneurial drive have been the impetus for the absolute most powerful and pertinent items and advances in the money related administrations industry when all is said in done.
  • With a few licenses credited to his name, Mr. Twisted’s imaginative procedures are the establishment for each of the Double Rock organizations and have turned out to be broadly perceived as the standard in their particular markets.

Mr. Bent has gone through his whole profession with the organization where his work and commitments in the advancement of money clear and extended FDIC-protected compass programs has changed the money administration and heightened the value of the industry itself; tremendously. Right now, Mr. Twisted offers obligation regarding characterizing the vital bearing for each of the organizations.

  • Bowed was in charge of regulating the methodical slowing down of The Reserve currency showcase common store items taking after the Lehman Brothers liquidation in September of 2008.
  • The product offering was willfully shut by its administration with holders in the Reserve Primary Fund getting 99 pennies on the dollar for their unique venture, and 100 pennies on the dollar for all other cash stores.
  • The product offering was willfully shut by its administration with holders in the Reserve Primary Fund getting 99 pennies on the dollar for their unique venture, and 100 pennies on the dollar for all other cash stores.

Twisted is, and has been included in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including resource administration, protected innovation, money related advances, business counseling, purchaser products, pharmaceuticals, human services financing, and so on.

Mr. Bent is an exceptional leader of this industry, allowing many people to model their own success towards the positive steps of Mr. Bent. His instinct and consultation strengthened the core of these organizations values. It’s magnificent to see what is possible once the right person is placed into the right position. Bruce Bent II is an extraordinary figure.

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Orthopedic Surgery with Dr. Gregory Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is an Australian and one of the leading orthopedic surgeons. He is a certified Orthopedic surgeon currently at Nucleus Medical Suites in Buderim. With seventeen years’ experience, he has assisted hundreds of patients in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand live better and pain-free lives through the countless successful surgeries.

Before Dr. Greg Finch journeyed through his seventeen years’ experience, he received his training in Auckland Medical School and later Royal College Surgeons Melbourne and finally Orthopedic Association. After his bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery) he gave two years of his life working with prestigious world leaders in spine surgery in the UK, Germany, and the United States.

Dr. Greg Finch, throughout his learning and practice of orthopedic surgery, he developed a particular liking in spinal surgery which makes him a certified specialist in Spinal Surgery, Trauma, and orthopedic surgery, and Pediatric orthopedics and trauma and has vast knowledge in minimally invasive spine surgeries.

There are a couple of orthopedic procedures, but before I highlight some of them, we should first know and understand what this procedure is all about. First, Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that concerns the muscles and skeleton of a person. This branch deals with musculoskeletal problems. These operations are necessary in the case of ruptures, various conditions or injuries. Most of these surgeries are operated on the knees, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle and finally the spine.

Hip replacement, repair of the ankle fractures and repair of rotator cuff tendon are the top three frequent procedures done by these surgeons as stated by Dr. Greg Finch.

  • Repair Ankle Fractures

This kind of fracture can be caused by medical cases such as osteoporosis or cancer of the bone, falling or trauma. Fractures are painful and can cause damage to other vessels of nerves.

To repair this broken bone, it may take long for the tendons and ligaments to heal most likely six weeks, but the healing process is carefully monitored through x-rays.

Treatment is done depending on the area affected and how far spread the fracture is. The ankle is repaired surgically by inserting a plate and screws.

  • Hip Replacement

The hip joint, in this case, is replaced with a prosthetic implant. This procedure is mostly executed to relieve arthritis pains or only treat hipbone breaks and broken bones.

  • Repair Rotator Cuff Tendon

The tendon is reattached or trimmed to help reduce pressure and agony. If necessary, the tendon is stitched back to normal if there is the presence of a complete tear.

These procedures are top on the charts for they are common cases in the orthopedic field.

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Cassio Audi’s Early Years: A Drummer That Changed a Band

Have you ever observed how one instrument can change the sound of an entire band? Casio Audi was a renowned drummer in a band called Viper in the 80’s. One of the most celebrated songs performed by the band was the Soldiers of Sunrise. The song clearly displayed Audi’s musical talents. The beat of the drums on that album has a definitive sound. The methodology used by Audi, give the impression to be a combination of heavy metal and classic rock rhythms. He helped change the Latin American music scene with each thud of the bass drum, tap of a snare, or cymbal crash.

In the mid-80’s, heavy metal was in its tender years. Harmoniously, the band had taken keen advantage of this era in music. It’s important to note that Audi was inspired by bands like Iron Maiden. This sparked immense inspiration to help mold his drumming style. You can notice small instances of what inspired his drumming sequences in several songs. For instance, listeners may notice his speed on the drums and compare the stylishness to some contemporary bands of today. This is because he was one of the pioneers of heavy metal music in Brazil.

Along with Audi, the entire band climbed to prominence quickly. Audi had the experience of recording two albums with his fellow band members. Audi played the drums for Viper on a few collective albums and demos. Correspondingly, he was part of the band when it first started to develop. The initial demo was called The Killera Sword, and it had set the pace for additional sales. Cassio Audi was a member of the band Viper for four years. His last year with the band was in 1989. He subsequently enrolled in college.

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USHEALTH Group Inc. and Its Call in Provision of Healthcare Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that is based in Ft.Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group Inc. has provided innovative and tailor-made insurance plans for 50 years. It has served more than 15 million customers. Troy McQuagge is the president of USHEALTH Group. He is also an award-winning leader. He has led the company through the provision of diverse and innovative plans in healthcare insurance. They have a wide variety of products that cater to the needs of different customers. They target self-employed individuals, families, small business owners, and their employees. The company provides innovative insurance solutions in life, accident, specified diseases, and disability coverage. They put the needs of each customer into perspective. The company does this through its subsidiaries including Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life. They have a wide variety of coverages that promotes the choice of customers. This enables their clients to choose their preferred option. USHEALTH Group stands out as a provider of unique insurance products that are affordable and reliable. To know more click here.

USHEALTH Group and its family of companies also offer other coverages without additional underwriting. They do this through their wholly owned subsidiary known as USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisors is a trusted and licensed agency that offers them the guidance. It has the product certification and training. It is authorized to represent their products. USHEALTH Advisors aims at providing ‘HOPE.’ HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This is their primary mission and agenda. It is important to note that Troy McQuagge spearheaded the company in restoring and housing the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Troy is the ambassador of HOPE in the enterprise. He did this in partnership with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA).

USHEALTH Group helps one to build security for themselves and their families. Their premier choice, specified disease, and accident plans allow one to receive first dollar payment benefits for covered services. They also offer tailored coverage approach for customers who want security and can afford a specified level of cost sharing. They have a wide variety of affordable and reliable products to cover all types of health coverage that a client wants. They can enhance their protection through them. These plans include critical illness, accident, med-guard, specified disease, short-term accident, income, income protector, dental, vision, and term life insurance covers. The subsidiaries rely on the fact that every customer is unique and that there is no approach of “one fit all” to healthcare plans provision.USHEALTH Group has earned various awards including the 2013 Top 50 North American Center. The company has outstanding and award winning customer services. They also offer claim processing and payment cycles. It ranks among the best and leading elite companies in the insurance industry across the world.

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Equities First Holdings Has Moved Its Melbourne Office To A Bigger Space

Equities First Holdings has relocated its Melbourne office that operates under the name, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company’s current Australian office is located in Melbourne. The new office will be more accessible to customers and business associates.According to Mitchell Hopwood, the Australian business is continuing to expand. This move will give the company a better space to accommodate their clients and staff. The area has more space for future expansion. Hopwood is the managing director of Equities First Holdings in Australia. The telephone number for the new office, which serves as the regional office of Equities First Holdings (Australia) is +61 3 86887191. Its address is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne. If you want to learn more about them : Click Here.

The company maintains three business locations in the country, which are based in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The company offers clients with stock based loans for purposes of facilitating their business expansion and enhancing their strategic investments. Notably, stock based loans do not have many restrictions. This way, the funds can be used for various purposes. Additionally, most loans are non-recourse.Apart from its Australian offices, the Indianapolis-based company has opened other offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a respected global provider of innovative financial services. The company’s main focus is to offer clients with loans using stock as collateral. Al Christy is the brain behind Equities First Holdings. Initially, the leader in providing alternative financing services served clients having stock based loans in the United States. After realizing that the global market was demanding for their services, the company decided to open international offices. Presently, the firm has an active presence in all continents. Over the years, the corporation has issued over $2 billion in loans. They have also completed over 2,000 transactions. Equities First Holdings maintains its leadership position in the alternative financing industry.


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Nine9: Tips to Get You Started in the Modeling/Acting Career

Like many careers, the acting and modeling scene is tough, especially to newcomers. This is true even in regions that are deemed to have the most successful opportunities, like California. However, if you have the talent and this is truly your passion, you can’t give up.With hard work and the right people to hold your hand, you can become whatever you want. According to Anthony Toma, the CEO of UnAgency, the following tips will help you out.

  1. Network

How will people make you a star if they don’t know you? You need to put yourself out there as much as you can. Volunteer or work as an extra. The point is to build strong relationships and put yourself in front to the right people.

  1. Keep Learning

People don’t just wake up and become experts in their jobs. Most successful models and actors are always attending workshops and classes to add that extra skill. Never be tempted to think that you know everything!

  1. Get Head Shots

A newcomer to the acting scene needs head shots. Models on the other hand need a composition card. This is what you present in auditions. Bottomline is, you need professional photos. Get a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water before going for a photoshoot.

  1. Attend Every Audition

Auditions are a good learning opportunity and a chance to make meaningful connections with your peers in the industry. Try showing up on time and communicate if you can’t make it. Your reputation in the industry depends on it such small gestures.

  1. Every Job is Important

People start from somewhere. All the fancy actors you see today started from ‘small roles’ that acted as a bridge to where they are today.

Ask for Help

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help, does it? Nine9 is a UnAgency that has helps newbies get their foot in the door by providing the right opportunities to showcase their talent. Their mission is clear; they are out to look out for the 99% of the population who do not get opportunities on a silver platter. They avail the necessary tools, support, mentorship and opportunities to get you started.

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The Rise and achievements of OSI Group/Industries

     OSI Group is one of the most renowned companies in Europe, specializing in producing food and beverage products. It has become popular among its customers since its inception in 1975 by producing value-added food products. Although the company started out as high-volume meat processing plant, it has expanded its tentacles into producing a wide range of meals suitable for breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks, and desserts.

Most of its customers associate it with its signature Bacon, Pizza, hot dogs, pork, and processed chicken. OSI Group’s employee capacity is averagely over 20, 0000, and still employing. In the Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies, OSI Group was positioned at number 136. In 2015, the company was ranked at position 58. The world’s largest brands in the industry of fast food chains such as KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Subway are among the beneficiaries of OSI Group’s top-notch quality merchandise.

OSI Industries has a reputation of processing food products and acquiring other food manufacturing plants like Baho Food that specializes in producing meat products in Germany and Netherlands so as to broaden its presence in Europe. OSI Industries also purchased the Tyson Foods plant in June 2016 and won the 2016 Globe Honour by the British Safety Council. Tyson Foods Plant, which made items such as meatballs, Sauces, Omelets, Tempura, and Chicken bleu was based close to the OSI Group facility in Chicago. OSI Group has garnered various awards over the years in environmental management and the management of health and safety risks.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Helping Tempus Inc Become a Global Player in the Field of Medical Research

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the notable entrepreneurs in today’s date and well-known for his achievements not only in the United States but all over the world. He has founded successful companies, such as Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, and Lightbank Investments. Recently, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Inc, which is a database management and data aggregator firm for the field of cancer research.Eric realized that the area of cancer research and treatment is moving ahead at a very slow pace and many parts can improve drastically with the help of technology. As millions of lives are lost each year due to cancer, Eric felt that it is his duty to use the resources he has available to fill the void he noticed in the field of cancer research.

He noticed that the physicians, oncologists, and the research scholars do not have access to the clinical, patient outcome, molecular, genomic, and therapeutic data. Eric Lefkofsky says that aggregation of such data from different hospitals and medical centers can take months or years, and in many cases, it is impossible to get reliable data.It is for this reason; Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus Inc so that the physicians can get clinical, molecular, and therapeutic data at the click of a button. It would help the doctors to provide more efficient treatment to the patients that are personalized as per their medical history, health, and current medical situation. With such personalized treatment that takes the patient’s RNA and DNA into consideration, it becomes much easier to get the results the doctors have been looking for and provided patients with hope as well as faster recovery.

Eric Lefkofsky recently also wrote a bestselling book named Accelerated Disruption, where he wrote how there is an urgent need among the companies in the different sector to innovate and update them with the use of technology. As technological advancement is happening in every sector, it is entirely possible that a new start-up can overshadow as well as overtake the business that has been running through generation. Without the companies realizing the need to upgrade them using innovative technology, there is always a chance of heavy competition and overnight failure. Learn more.


17-year Old Entrepreneur And Executive Sawyer Howitt

17-year old Sawyer Howitt is already an accomplished business consultant. He’s a project manager at Oregon-based The Meriwether Group. As a member of the project management team, Sawyer is an liaise between executive management and team, making sure to manage relationships and track progress. He already is recognized for his keen business acumen, and deep insight into the business world. His other involvements include presentations and supporting the executive team in high pressure environments.

The Meriwether Group was founded in 2004 by David Howitt, Sawyer’s father. The company assists entrepreneurs tap into their creative genius. They help small and mid-sized businesses with funding, strategic planning, business and marketing coaching, campaigns, shape visions, and improving the health of the business. David Howitt is an accomplished consultant and mentor. He and his wife, Heather Howitt, formally ran Oregon Chai, a $15 million dollar beverage company, that they sold in 2004 to the Kerry Group. Prior to launching Oregon Chai, David served as corporate counsel, then Vice President of Licensing and Business Development for Adidas.

Throughout his career at The Meriwether Group, David Howitt has successfully developed strategies and people. He helps entrepreneurs refocus and develop into a success. Under his leadership, Sawyer Howitt is already being recognized by industry experts for his creative services. Sawyer Howitt is working on furthering the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology. This technology is used in retail stores to track products. His ideas will help broaden and improve the customer experience, not to mention, automate the point-of-sales so consumers can select and bag items, and their bank cards will automatically be deducted as they exit stores. This will also help retailers lower their overhead, in which the savings can be passed onto shoppers.

Since working at The Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has already defined his skills in the merchandising and business development, leading to key accomplishments, with lots more to come.


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New Study Provides Hope For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The results of a new clinical trial provides hope to people who suffer from multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune diseases which causes the immune system to mistake the central nervous system for something that needs to be attacked. The study subjected study participants to a high-dose immunosuppressive therapy. This was followed by transplanting the study participant’s own stem cells from their blood back into their bodies. This led to a sustained remission of their disease systems.

Almost 70% of the patients in the study showed no progression in their disease in the five years of the study. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis includes brain lesions, lethargy, pain, and speech and motor difficulties. The study as sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The NIAID is part of the National Institutes of Health. The study was carried out by the Immune Tolerance Network and published its findings in the peer-reviewed medical journal Neurology.

As a Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has worked with many multiple sclerosis patients. He is excited by this new research and Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta thinks it shows a great deal of promise. He has been practicing medicine for almost 40 years after graduating from the Government Medical College in his native India.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta served his residency at Boston City Hospital soon after emigrating to the United States. He now practices medicine at Eastern Neurodiagnostics Associates in Voorhees, New Jersey.

As someone that is a Neurologist, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is very experienced in handling brain lesions in the multiple sclerosis patients he serves. He also uses his experience in psychiatry in order to help the patients deal with the emotional side of the disease that most suffer from.

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