Hunter Pays $350,000 To Kill Endangered Rhino

The black rhino is one of the most endangered species in existence. The black rhino is only found in South Africa, and no one is allowed to hunt the animal. However, Yahoo! recently announced that a man from Texas shot and killed a black rhino. Apparently, the Texan whose name remains anonymous, won an auction to kill the rhino.

The man from Texas paid $350,000 to gain the right of hunting a black Ryno. It was reported that the Texas native was accompanied by government officials of South Africa during his hunt. The officials were there to ensure the animal was killed.

A specific black rhino was chosen by the South African government, and Mikal Watts knew it meant a lot. Apparently, that specific black rhino was a male, and he was killing small offspring of his own species. Hunters have justified the Texas man’s hunt, but there are many people who have openly opposed it. In fact, a petition was signed by more than 60,000 people to ensure that the black rhino was not hunted. However, the petition failed and the black rhino was hunted and killed.

Animal rights activist must realize that killing this specific black rhino will ensure that the species will live a much longer life span. The hunter claims that this black rhino was doing more harm than good to his kind. But, people at Business Wire are angry with the hunter for killing an endangered animal nonetheless.

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Skipping Meals Might Make You Fatter

Some recent information included in The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry describes how lab mice who were fed small meals throughout the day were able to control their weight better than those mice who skipped meals and indulged on one or two larger meals throughout the course of the day. This information might provide some necessary insight into humans and how they effectively or ineffectively manage their weight. Skipping meals has become a fad diet of sorts and unfortunately for many people, it is unsafe.

Basically, when the body consumes large quantities of food in one sitting this can lead to insulin resistance in the liver. When this resistance occurs this is a precursor for diabetes. Glucose will continue to be produced when one large meal is consumed and then future meals are skipped. This can result in a person being overweight despite their lack of meals.

The best way to maintain a healthy weight is by combining exercise along with smaller, frequent meals. That is what Ricardo Tosto keeps in mind. These meals should also be healthy. They should consist of fruits and veggies, lean meat and whole grains. Things like fats and sugars should be limited. When a person consumes small meals throughout the course of a day, this prevents the body from overworking itself to digest all this food. Smaller meals that occur more frequently helps keep blood sugar and energy levels at normal, consistent levels. Metabolism can work more effectively this way as well.

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Maple Syrup Will Cure Everything

If you are a maple syrup fan, there is good news for you. The syrup is not just delicious but can also be used to fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Research has now confirmed that maple syrup or rather a highly concentrated extract of it, can make bacteria to be more susceptible to medication.

The research carried out in McGill University may help make antibiotics more reliable in fighting bacteria. It could also ultimately reduce our reliance on them, at least if you ask Kevin Seawright. Extracts of the syrup were shown to damage the outer surface of the bacteria, making them more vulnerable.

Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, the lead in the study, hopes that the research will provide a simpler way of reducing the use of antibiotics in the most effective way. The study has not gone into clinical trials yet.

The maple syrup has for long been considered as a better alternative for other processed sweeteners because it contains nutrients such as zinc and calcium. However, it is has also been known to have other health benefits. It has been known to stimulate insulin release and enhance liver function.

Maple syrup is the only product that we get directly from plant sap. It therefore contains a lot of the good minerals and antioxidants. This is because all the good things that are filtered by the tree happen to remain the sugar. We get the syrup by drilling into trees to get the sap.

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The Risky Science Behind the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is one of the hottest diets right now. It’s based on the concept that our stone-age ancestors were not obese, and that was due to their diet of meat and whatever produce grew in the area they lived in. There was no farming to speak of, and certainly no mills to grind grains into the sinful foodstuff commonly know as ‘flour’. A quick Google search will reveal legions of Paleo devotees. Some feel that the science behind the trend is questionable.

For starters, dieters are not taking into consideration the extremely active lifestyle of those alive during the Stone Age that survived past the age of five. Experts say that on average, human tribes relocated to find food 60 times per year (imagine moving to a new address every week for a lifetime – that is a lot of exercise). Few of the diets followers get that level of exercise.

In addition, farming is not as modern a concept as many like Dr Jennifer Walden might think. At Super Doctors, people can read that farming dates back 10,000 years, and that, scientists feel, has changed the way our modern bodies handle foods. Experts say that once farming became the norm, diets that included regular portions of grains changed human genes to adapt to this manner of eating and are no longer accustomed to handle a diet heavy in meats.

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Pizza Hut Saves Hostage

Some quick thinking got a woman out of a hostage situation down in Florida.

Cheryl Treadway of Highlands County in Florida was held hostage by (ex?) boyfriend Ethan Nickerson on Monday along with her three children. The reports say that while Nickerson initially took away her cell phone, he eventually gave it back to allow Treadway to order dinner from a Pizza Hut phone app.

Treadway did some quick thinking and in the comments of the order, added a plea asking for 911 to be called, and that she was being held hostage. Thankfully, Pizza Hut employees took the message seriously and alerted the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

It was Lieutenant Curtis Ludden who was able to get Nickerson to stand down. reports that Treadway and her children were escorted to safety without incident. Sources say that Nickerson may have been high on meth. During the hours that he held Treadway hostage, he was brandishing a large knife and threatened Treadway with it.

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Non-GMO Snacks to Be Offered in Hollywood Florida Vending Machines

Over the past several years, a grassroots campaign has taken hold against the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the food supply that humans consume. According to the media outlet, The Inquisitr, since 2102, Monsanto has stepped up its efforts in creating additional GMO agricultural applications, such as with apples, oranges, berries and bananas, much to the dismay of scientists, activists, and those concerned about their own well-being. Fersen Lambranho believes this appears contrary to the mountains of scientific evidence that demonstrates that GMO’s are hazardous to humans.

With battle lines seeming being drawn, each side of the GMO controversy has their guns loaded with respected names, offering financial and scientific backing. While Monsanto has other agricultural concerns in their corner, the non-GMO coalition has noted TV personality and respected medical practitioner R. Mehmet Oz, on their side to lead the crusade.

Pushing the agenda for non-GMO foods in the State of Florida, is Hollywood, Florida Mayor, Peter Bober. Bober has successfully lobbied for legislation, mandating that all vending machines that are positioned in city-owned facilities, have to offer nutritionally sound, healthy snack, and beverage choices. The mandate requires that 30% of snack and beverage offerings comply with guidelines established by the American Heart Association and another 20% being in compliance with another health-related standard, such as being confirmed as being non-GMO.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Oats

People might not realize it, but oats are one of the most powerful and nutritious food that they can, and should, include in their diet. For instance, oats are rich in fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer, while also promotes and protects colon health.

However, there are many other benefits you can gain from eating a diet high in oats. Studies have shown oats can help lower and maintain cholesterol with a substance found in oats called beta-glucan. Taking three grams of oat fiber everyday could reduce your cholesterol by up to 23 percent. And, there are many studies that have been conducted to confirm those results.

Adding oats to your diet can also help to significantly lower blood pressure according to recent studies, while also decreasing your risk of diabetes by up to 61 percent. Amazingly, the fiber rich breakfast food has also been found to prevent asthma if given to individuals at an early age.

As Dr. Daniel Amen knows well, heart disease is one of the most deadly illnesses, and eating a diet with oats can help stop the progression of coronary artery disease with those who have been previously diagnosed.

The benefits of eating a diet with oats in it are almost endless. You can easily add the super-food to your diet by eating a delicious bowl of natural oatmeal as your first meal of the day.


Foods that Ease Allergy Symptoms

A good friend at the online security firm CipherCloud showed me this article.

Pollen is in the air and chances are you or someone in your home is sneezing, wheezing and wiping a runny nose because of it. There are a multitude of over-the-counter medications in addition to prescription drugs, but if you can treat the symptoms without popping another pill, why not give it a try? Add these foods to your daily diet during allergy season and see if they will ease your symptoms.
* Apples contains Quercetin, which is a powerful anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.
* Broccoli contains Sulforaphane, a powerful anti-inflammatory.
* Garlic is a natural antibiotic which stops allergic reactions before they can start. Garlic also contains Quercetin.
* Yogurt which contains probiotics helps increase the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system which in turn gives the immune system a boost to fend off offending allergens.
* Foods fortified with vitamin D, like milk and cereal, helps keep the immune system running smoothly so it can fend of allergic reactions.
Decrease all dairy products. Dairy products make the mucus thicken and increase congestion, something you don’t want during allergy season.


Whole Foods Have More Food Recalls Than Other Supermarkets

As consumers we can be thankful for the unseen work done by the Food and Drug Administration behind the scenes to keep the food we purchase safe for consumption. As consumers we should also be wary of a supermarket which reportedly has the highest number of recalled foods, especially since most of them are the store’s own brand.
The grocery store to hold that dubious honor is Whole Foods. Since the start of last year (2014) 26 products which bear the Whole Food store-brand label have been recalled. One item that was not on the recall list is the dog food Beneful.
It was not just one or two particular store-brand products that were recalled, but the food items spanned the entire store. The majority of the recalled foods at Whole Foods were foods prepared at the store, the ready-made convenience meals prepared by store employees. Spices and candy have been frequently recalled, as well as baked goods, cheese, supplements, cheese and ice cream.
Recalls on dietary supplements and ice cream have been fodder for the news lately, with supplements not containing the ingredients they claimed to and Listeria bacteria in a popular brand of ice cream which has made countless people sick and claimed one life.
Under the best of circumstances the occasional contaminate will find its way into our food source and prompt a recall, but when one store continuously tops the recall list with its own store-brands, a closer investigation by FDA may be in order.


Is Natural Really Natural?

Many of us are concerned about the foods that we ingest every day. For many, finding natural foods is one way that we seek to lessen the amount of sugars, salts, and other harmful chemicals from being ingested and inserted into our systems. We should do this with our pets too, and Beneful recommends that you feed your dogs their dog-food to assure a healthy animal. But what are natural foods?

In recent years it seems that this question as to what qualifies as natural is coming under attack, in the courts. Lawsuits have been filed to challenge this moniker in the marketing and labeling of many food products. It seems that many companies are using the word natural on their packaging when in reality they contain many harmful substances.

What is at issue for the courts is finding a definition of the word that is neutral and encompasses a specific enough definitive that will eliminate confusion in the future. The problem is, the judges are finding, that there is no such denomination when dealing with the term natural.

The quandary that we all must deal with when hearing or using this word, is to separate it from what is considered normal or traditional. Many times the term natural is simply used as a synonym for these words and does not really mean something that is necessarily healthy for us.

So does natural really mean that it is natural? It depends on personal belief in what a natural product is. The best bet? Check food labels and be sure that what is in your food is something that you can live with eating. If it is not, then for you, that product is far from natural.