An Orthopedic Expert: Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Breaks Down Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee and joint problems severely limit mobility and can be incredibly painful. A common surgery for people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis is knee replacement surgery via arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System, breaks down into simple terms what arthroscopy is comprised of.


In the past, knee surgeries required opening up the knee to view the joint, ligaments, and tendons then make repairs. Now arthroscopy is the preferred method because it has a faster recovery time and is less invasive. Two slips are cut into the skin of the knee. An endoscope, a tool with a camera and light, is inserted into the knee to give the surgeon a complete view of the knee’s interior. The other slit is used for the surgical tools to work and fix the affected areas.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in arthroscopy, joint replacement and reconstruction, knee and hip replacement, and reconstructive surgery. He performs these surgeries as minimally invasive as possible to give his patients the best results and quickest recovery.


Outside of the operating room Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also the chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System and is also a member of many professional organizations. He is involved in research to further perfect knee and hip replacement surgeries along with developing specialized surgical instruments used in the orthopedic field. Additionally, he is the original executive director of Medscape Orthopaedics, Stryker Corporation’s orthopedic consultant, and a contributing member of WebMD. Dr. Kirschenbaum is an expert in his field that continues to learn, grow, and adapt to changes in technology to benefit his patients.

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Investing in Freedom Checks with Matt Badiali

Starting a new business can be risky. Of course, there are going to be innumerable ups and downs. Then there are going to be many people online who can mislead you by giving the wrong insight. If you are one of those individuals who seek online advice, perhaps you have come across people who claim to have extensive knowledge in stocks, shares and other business ventures. These people may have told you that it is easy to make money online regardless of your input. At some point, you may have wondered if that is possible. Well, just like in the case of Matt Badiali and his video on freedom checks, people have questioned the viability of some businesses.

What Badiali Says About Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali was recently seen holding a bunch of checks in a video he released discussing the valuable benefits of investing in checks. In the video, he says that the idea has been in the industry for decades but, the experts were not willing to share. That is why he has come forward to disseminate the information and help others make money as well. For Baidiali, the idea is to empower emerging investors too.

Reviewing Badiali’s Profile

Badiali is a skilled geologist. He has a degree in earth sciences and has toured the world in search of knowledge. In his ventures, he inspected oil mines, fields, besides other sources of energy like fuel with the aim of confirming legitimacy. As he worked in this sector, he met different chief executive officers in charge of the world’s best energy suppliers. Having garnered vast experience in this industry, he was able to give invaluable advice to investors. That explains why in the 2008 stock market crash, he advised his friends against investing in the energy industry. From that moment onwards, he has been helping people make invaluable decisions in business. Today, he is addressing the issue of freedom checks and how rewarding it is.

Exploring the Value of Freedom Checks

Checks are not the conventional government programs issued free of charge. They have to be invested in companies that control the supply of oil and other energy sources. If you have been keen on what is happening in the same industry, you may have noticed that Americans have sufficient sources of energy. This implies that they are no longer importing the same. It also means that they can invest freedom checks since the companies running the business will give back 90% of the total revenues. All it takes for an individual to reap from the business is investing in these companies called MLPs.


Gulf Coast Western Is Setting The Pace For Success

Gulf Coast Western was founded in Dallas Texas in 1970. Since then it has a proven track record which has attributed a great deal to its success. Having a transparent relationship with their accredited Partners; ones built on trust and integrity, Gulf Coast Western has been setting the stage for future plans to expand their activities to other gas plays throughout the country.

Gulf Coast Western serves as a leading Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships otherwise known as a Joint Ventures. Since its founding, it has been exploring new developments in domestic oil and gas reserve acquisitions located throughout Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Over the decades, Gulf Coast Western has acquired thousands of acres in these types of acquisitions. With several drilling programs in these aforementioned areas, future plans on continuing aggressive expansion campaigns throughout these territories will ensure the company’s stability for many decades to come.

Not only has Gulf Coast Western solidified its future expansion campaigns, but it has also done right by its partners. Bill W., The president, and CEO of an equipment rental company recently stated on their website that “Throughout the year in which their company has been working with Gulf Coast Western, they have shown confidence and professionalism throughout all of their business dealings with us.” Bill goes on to state that he “feels comfortable pursuing partnerships with Gulf Coast Western and recommends them to anyone looking to invest in Gas and Oil Joint Venture Partnerships.

Gulf Coast Westerns top priority, despite their ever expanded acquisitions and positive standing with their partner investors, is giving back to their community. Possessing an unmatched commitment to support organizations which play an active role in the health and wellbeing of families and the greater community, Gulf Coast Western proudly supports organizations helping to achieve that purpose. Some of the organizations Gulf Coast supports include American Cancer Society, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, North Texas Food Bank, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Family Place. In recognizing Gulf Cost Westerns impressive professional portfolio, investors believe they are a sure fit for progress moving forward.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Laceys Fight against the Social Injustices Perpetrated by Joe Arpaio at Maricopa County

The release of Mr. Joe Arpaio by President Trump through a presidential pardon has left people with many questions. Did he deserve the pardon? What message does it send to the supporters of his ideologies?

Well, there are many unanswered questions and that has led to the pardon being a controversial topic. He perpetrated the detainment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey after they exposed his illegal activities as a Sheriff at Maricopa County.

The story behind the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

As a sheriff at Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio ordered the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The word about his toughness in the facility had spread tremendously. The Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Units Agents executed the orders by arresting the owners and managers of the Village Voice Media. They faced the charges of interference with an on-going investigation by exposing the details of the investigation.

Lacey and Larking, Executive Editor and CEO of Village Voice Media respectively, had published a story in the Phoenix New Times about a grand-jury without knowing that the same grand-jury was investigating them.

Arpaio joined the Maricopa facility in 1992. Since then, his activities at the facility had been linked to social profiling, mistreatment of inmates, illegal arrest and detention of Latinos cases. The stories of the heinous acts had been published several times by reporters. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

He was always summoned and advised against such a behavior behind closed doors. After sometime, everything came to the limelight after he was sued. The details of the lawsuit came to the knowledge of people. The lawsuit case contained the details of mistreatment of inmates, among other allegations. He was charged with those offences. However, the activities continued at the station. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There was a public outcry concerning the state of inmates, the racial profiling and rampant arrests of Latinos at the facility. The outcry caught the attention of the reporters. Lacey and Larkin exposed out-rightly all the activities which were being carried out at the facility against the constitution.

They published a lot of stories about the facility and Arpaio himself. It is under those circumstances that the reporters were arrested and detained for 24 days. After their release, they initiated a lawsuit which saw them compensated with $3.7 million.

The Arpaio’s release

Most likely, Arpaio had an exit plan. He was a supporter of Trump during the campaigns. At one point, Trump had hinted about releasing him in a public rally. Joe Arpaio was later released by President Trump.

The Aftermath

Many organizations and movements came forward to fight the racial profiling, mistreatment of inmates as well as illegal detainment of Latinos. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey stepped in and found probably the largest charity organization called Frontera Fund.

They fought for the rights of Latinos among other disadvantaged people and supported any non-profit group that came forward to fight for Hispanic civil rights and courses.

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Will Legal Misdeeds Resume After Joe Arpaio’s Pardon?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona racked-up a long and notorious history of abuses during his six terms as the chief law enforcement officer in Maricopa County. His Selective Enforcement Unit was known to scoop up people in the middle of the night and whisk them away in black SUVs, many for nothing more than the suspicion of being illegal.

These abuses even extended to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, respectively CEO and Executive Editor of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, who were taken to separate jails after a midnight raid on their homes and held for 24 days.

There was national outcry over the arrests, which were considered in retaliation for unfavorable stories about the sheriff’s practices and civil rights abuses.

The charge was publishing details of a grand jury investigation which the newsmen were unaware that they were the subjects of. But, this wasn’t the first, nor would it be the last time that the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” would make local or national headlines.

From the time he was first elected in 1992, he strove to enact the most aggressive campaign in the nation against actual and suspected law breakers. Many of those who felt the rough side of justice under Sheriff Arpaio were women and Hispanics. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey: and

His tent cities were infamous, and he was sanctioned many times in court after being told he was violating the civil rights of those in his jurisdiction. He ignored all court orders, and after several lawsuits were filed against Arpaio and his department, various news publications became involved.

That’s how Larkin and Lacey got as first-hand taste of Arpaio-style justice. The pair later settled a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for $3.7 million.

Finally in 2017, even the citizens of Maricopa County had enough of Arpaio, and he lost his bid for a seventh term. He was also found guilty of contempt of court for continuing his civil rights abuses against Latinos and others. Many people were relieved to see him unable to target vulnerable populations any longer, and that’s where Donald Trump enters the picture.

Joe Arpaio was one of Donald Trump’s earliest supporters at a time when no one took his candidacy seriously. He was so vocal and enthusiastic in his support that Trump began to hint early on that he might pardon him if elected. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

One of Trump’s first official acts after his inauguration was to make good on that suggestion and pardon a man whom he referred to as a hero for his treatment of immigrants. This pardon has left many wondering, even fearful, for what’s next with both men.

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Dick DeVos: Bringing Change To Michigan

Dick DeVos has always been someone who cared about the people around him and the society that he lived in. This care for others often translated into the kind of work that he used to do in his state. He was responsible for major improvements that took place in Michigan and was also someone who contributed to the overall development that people are now experiencing.



Before focusing on philanthropy, Dick DeVos started working at the company that his father built. This company was Amway, and Dick DeVos had been trained all through his life to take up a notable position within this company and lead them. One of the core departments that DeVos grew proficient with was concerning international trade. The company had already been offering its services to countries all over the world, and DeVos helped them expand even further. There is no doubt that the impact that he had on this position was enormous, which is also why he was given such notable positions within the company. After spending a considerable amount of time working for Amway, he decided to branch out and partake in newer endeavors.One of the things that DeVos decided to work towards was his political profile and the work that he wanted to do for Michigan.



Philanthropy has always been a big part of DeVos’ life, and it was something that he wanted to pursue when he left Amway. His goal was to start up an organization that would contribute towards the betterment of society, and which would help him reach out to those in need. The organization that he formed came to be known as the DeVos Family Foundation and stands as one of the most philanthropic organizations in the entire country.



Through the organization, DeVos has been able to help various causes, and people who are in need of help. The organization has helped the state of Michigan prosper by funding several projects for the development of various places within the state. He has also helped organizations that were working towards the beautification and environment protection of Michigan and the places therein.



Education is also something that the DeVos Family Foundation has tried to focus on and through the specialized Education Freedom Fund. Through this fund, the organization has been able to provide scholarships to children all over the country and has been able to help several others seek a good education.



Read to learn more.


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The rise of Michel Terpins as a rally driver.

When Maykel Justo was brought on board to become the new navigator for Rodrigo Terpins many thought they would take time to attain working harmony. This would, however, prove to be false as they were able to better the performance delivered by the Bull Sertoes rally team in the previous edition.

The duo had been practicing for a number of months before the race, but as usual, the rally provides the real test. This comes from the fact that its no longer a simulation but a moment of untold pressure. The 24th edition would turn out to be one of the best for the team as they were able to achieve position one in the second stage. A small slip up would see them take position five overall, but all matters considered it was a very good performance. As Michel Terpins gave an account of the race, he would note that the third stage was especially challenging for them presenting a road with more windings, depressions as well as extremely muddy areas. You can visit


The race was an overall very good outing for the Bull Sertoes rally team and is in line with Michel Terpins’ strategy to overall T1 prototype category domination. His career over the years has proved that he is fully capable of achieving this as he did in the Cross-Country championship years ago. Before he joined rallying in 2002, he was a dominant champion as a rider. Having joined cross country as a junior rider, he had been able to outshine a number of better-experienced riders to take on the number one spot. His performance both as a champion and as a leader would see him elected chairman of the sport soon after he left. His role was to grow the sport in Brazil and encourage others to join as well as help attract more sponsors. These are things he has been able to achieve despite having to run a business and take part in rallying.

As the Bull Sertoes rally team continues to grow Rodrigo Terpins wants to be among those leading the way as well as continue offering his fans what they have always aspired to, i.e., a four-stage undisputed victory.


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Surf Air: Giving You Back Time In Air Travel

Surf Air has changed the look of airline travel in the short five years that they has been in business. The company gives people an option when traveling commercially. Traditional flight travel involved getting early to airports and wading through a sea of people and baggage. Today, Surf Air, provides a much needed private airline platform.

Taking an airplane ride was something you use to do if you were going on vacation or had an emergency. Flying is now a way of getting to the office or meetings. A plane trip is essential now for commerce, but it is still widely used for holidays and family visits.

There is now a new option created by Surf Air that allows travelers to use a private charter plane. With private charters, passengers are treated like guests, and Surf Air has made this level of transportation affordable.

Another luxury they provide is time. Anyone who has been through the security checks at any airport knows to get there early and be prepared to wait. Surf Air literally gives you back time. You only need to arrive at the airport shortly before takeoff. There are no passing checkpoints when you fly Surf Air.

One more benefit available to individuals is the companies All-You-Can-Fly optional membership program. To become a member, there is a monthly cost, but with that fee, you can take as many trips as you can schedule. In addition, one cabin seat can be bought as part of the Pay-As-You-Fly program.

There is no shortage of technology. Use the app to make reservations, buy tickets, and check the flight schedules. The app conveniently carries information about the cities it lands at to help make any planning you may have to do easier.

This company was created in the Spring of 2013. In 2017, over 8,000 passengers used the service. It is a groundbreaking club-subscription flight service in the United States that operates out of Texas, California, and Europe.

Follow Surf Air on Facebook and Twitter today!

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Charlamagne The God Stirs Up Dialogue In Entertainment Industry

Charlamagne Tha God has been making a lot of great progress in the entertainment industry. He has gone from being just a host of Breakfast Club Morning Show to becoming someone that has made the New York Times bestsellers list. His first book is not an autobiography, but he does presence a large part of the experiences that he has gone through in the business world. He puts an extra special touch on the work world and how he has been able to survive even when he did not make the best decisions. It is clear that there are some anxiety issues that lingered in his past, and he is bringing those things to the forefront with the second book release.

People that are familiar with Charlamagne Tha God will easily see that the book writing served as a great transition point. He is still the host of the morning radio show, but making the New York Times Best Sellers list opened the doors to a new audience. People that have never heard of him before are certainly interested in knowing more about who he is. His ability to become a force in the literary world has allowed him to travel different circles and promote his book to people that may have never even heard of his morning Show.

This connection to books would also serve as a springboard into more visibility on television. He would find himself posting and co-hosting shows on MTV. He would connect with this youthful generation in shows like Catfish where he would add a comedic sense of appeal to the shows. He has always been a heavy hitter when it comes to making fun of those idiotic things that many people find themselves doing because of the social media circuit. Charlamagne has been able to build a career that is based largely on his own commentary on events that occurred.

People like the fact that he is so outspoken and unafraid to say those things that are not always considered politically correct. Tha God creates a lot of discussion and dialogue just from having a voice in entertainment.

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Ted Bauman:Capitalize on the Most Productive Sessions of Your Day

I would have been more successful and productive if I knew then that it is crucial to focus more on the most productive part of my day while working on what I valued the most. Those are words of one Ted , a successful investment expert, and portfolio manager who works at Banyan Hill Publishing.


Portfolio managers are trusted with the duty to handle client’s portfolios with diligence, care, honesty, as well as good faith. They are also entrusted with the ability to make better judgment when it comes to making the right decision in business. For that reason, most novice and emerging investors look for portfolio managers and investment experts to help in making invaluable decisions in regards to their investment choices. Just like in the case of Ted Bauman, portfolio managers must have extensive experience in business.


Ted Bauman was raised in Washington, D.C. He moved to South Africa at a tender age and joined the University of Cape Town. He earned his postgraduate degree in history and later economics. For 25 years, he built his career in the same country. He worked in different sectors including not-for-profit organizations and other companies where he served an assistant portfolio manager, a consultant, and a researcher in charge of finance.

Becoming a Finance Expert

Ted Bauman travelled extensively. He wanted to understand different economic dockets across different states. He also learned how different countries run their businesses and how their political climate affected their economic environment. It was during these exploration moments that he also learned how to help different clients acquire their financial goals.

In 2008, Bauman went back to America and started serving as the head of housing programs in charge of Humanity International. He was based in Georgia but travelled to Latin America. He also went to the Caribbean and proceeded with his research by writing on different topics about international development. It was in 2013 that he solely majored in research and writing.


In 2013, Ted Bauman was hired by Banyan Hill Publishing to work as an editor. He now oversees the publishing of Bauman Letter, a newsletter that helps investors with critical decision making. He uses this journal to advice investors on the viability of different projects.


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