Peter Briger: Taking up the reins of Fortress Investment Group

Current positions at Fortress Investment Group LLC

Peter Lionel Briger, also commonly known as Pete, is currently the Principal of Fortress Investment Group LLC, where he is also Head of Credit & Real Estate. He has also been the Board of Directors’ Co-Chairman from August 2009. He has been Management Committee Member since 2002 when he joined the investment management company headquartered in New York City. Peter created the Fortress Credit Corporation which he now oversees since he is the Co-Chairman and the President. The credit business, which has over 300 employees, focuses on illiquid credit investments and undervalued assets. Since December 2017, Mr. Peter Briger has been Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter’s education background

He attended Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Briger also studied at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and received a Master of Business Administration.

Peter Briger’s experience before joining Fortress Investment

Peter Briger, from his career in investments and finance, has carved the reputation of being an exceptional leader and dedicated professional. He has many accomplishments among which is his becoming a Partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co in 1996, having worked there for 15 years. In his period at Goldman Sachs, Peter served in leadership capacities and sat on various committees. He also sat on the Princeton’s University Board of directors and supported, among other organizations, the Central Park Conservancy.

Peter’s philanthropic endeavors

At Princeton University Investment Company and Tipping Point, Mr. Briger is a director. Tipping Point, based in San-Francisco, is a non-Profit Organization which caters for low-income families. Peter is among three Princeton University alumni who contribute towards the establishment of Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), a fund aimed to help recent Princeton University alumni entrepreneurs in their startup firms. AEF offers up to $100,000 for mentorship, seed funding and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to encourage recent alumni to actualize their entrepreneurial ideas. Still, at Princeton University, Peter Briger has provided funds for a professorship.

About Fortress Investment Group LLC

Fortress Investment Group began operations in 1998 as a global investment firm. It has assets worth more than $43.6 billion, and by the end of 2017, it had employees totaling to 953 in the asset management division and 216 in the investment portfolio. Fortress Investment Group has affiliate offices all around the world and has more than 1,750 private investors and institutional clients.


Larkin and Lacey on Arpaio’s Pardon

There have been presidential pardons that have raised eyebrows from the public throughout the American history. The controversy behind these pardons lies behind the backgrounds of the individuals receiving them and the most recent of these unusual pardons was to Joe Arpaio by President Trump.

Joe has been known for wrongful imprisonment of individuals under suspicions that they were immigrants with no proper documents.

One of Joe’s devious acts was when he instructed selective enforcement agents to arrest Village Voice owners, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. This all happened in over a decade ago in Maricopa County, Arizona. The two were charged for disclosing details about a grand-jury investigation.

This arrest was made under the cover of darkness where earlier in the day there was a publication in Phoenix New Times by Village Voice Media about the probe of a grand jury. During the same time, the same grand jury was investigating Larkin and Lacey.

Since Joe Arpaio took up office as the Sheriff of Maricopa County there had various heinous arrests on women and inmates more so if they were immigrants and this has been written in several publications. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

These publications had frustrated Arpaio due to the increasing coverage of these aggressive tactics in law enforcement.

In 2011, District Judge Murray Snow told Joe that arrests on immigrants due to suspicion weren’t sufficient grounds for detaining them. Joe defied these orders and still encouraged racial profiling of Latinos. This went on until his abuse of power caught the eye of reporters due to a public outcry.

It was during this time that Larkin and Lacey were exposing Joe that led to their arrest. The decision to publish in the Phoenix New Times only came after they became targets by a special prosecution team.

During this time, many newspapers didn’t cover Arpaio but as more reporters published the matter, the matter grew to the point it became a nationally covered story. After the arrest, the two were released after 24 days and then filed a suit against Arpaio outlining his malpractices and corruption, which ended with a settlement of $3.7 million.

After the suit, Arpaio didn’t win his re-election run for his seventh term but his political experience enabled him to land on the good books of Donald Trump.

Joe endorsed Donald in the very early stages of the campaign trail and this even led to Trump hinting that he was to pardon Arpaio. However, Lacey believes that the pardon was granted for the purpose of appealing Trump’s audience who view Joe Arpaio as a national hero.

In response to the racial profiling, human rights movements rallied to protect the Latino community and this led to the creation of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

An organization that helps members of their society inclusive of Latinos in the protection of their First Amendment rights. With uprisings due to the knowledge of Arpaio’s misdeeds, there is a promise of ending his agenda for good.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larking came together in 1972 to create Phoenix New Years after the layer had dropped out from Arizona State University. The campus paper which was published every week came into being in response to conservative media coverage of antiwar protests by students.

Lacey was the CEO while his partner became the executive editor. The paper’s audience grew with time and in 1983 the Village Voice joined 17 papers that formed a multimillion dollar conglomerate of newspapers.

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Payment without a card? PSI- Pay may be the future

A recent article by Daily Forex reports details a new wave in economic spending; Digital wallets. Now, what exactly are digital wallets? Mostly, they are a digital version of the traditional leather wallet that most people carry around. They create a safe and convenient place for debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and cash. In America, systems like Samsung pay, apple pay, google pay, are king. However, according to this article, Europeans use digital wallet services much more often. Although they don’t carry the same benefits, European style wallets can replace a conventional bank account. But before a consumer can commit to this change, he or she must live in an area that accepts mobile payments.


One popular form of a digital wallet in the UK is PSI-Pay. So what is PSI-Pay? Well, for starters, its a Fintech (financial technology) Company that contrary to most digital wallets, is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This is crucial because it gives its users less to worry about when considering a switch to digital wallets.


The article states that America and the UK view digital wallets on opposite spectrums. It suggests that Americans are less willing (outside of millennials) to adopt mobile payment services as willingly as Europeans. While Europeans of all ages, clamor for the expansion of contactless readers to better utilize PSI Pay and other digital wallets. In fact, the article foreshadows the future of contactless pay in the UK when stating that a local company, KERV, has partnered with PSI-Pay to usher in new innovative ways to pay.


KERV manufactures zirconia ceramic rings that allow its users to make payments to merchants. Bucking the trend of conventional payment methods, PSI-Pay and Kerv believe that this form of a contactless consumer is the future.


Even though this industry still faces significant hurdles, companies like PSI-Pay and Kerv continue to work hard to make personal finance more accessible and affordable for everyone.



How NGP VAN Helps Democrats In Campaigning

Since the 1950s, political organizations processes have transformed from being labor intensive to technology incentives. It is like not before where the big data is being used to connect the campaigns to the voters supporting certain candidates. The model has been able to allow the Democrats to become able to identify their potential voters and then be able to turn them largely during the election day. The example that is famous is an election and later re-election of former United State president Obama. The massive campaigns national were powered by a technology called NGP VAN.


The program helps the Democrats to be able to utilize available web together with mobile tools so that to run a successful campaign. The company is located in Washington DC and it is a web hosting and voter database company which is currently used by democratic party as well as other many labor unions and progressive organizations. NGP VAN is a technology leader that has benefit by powering driven data and also campaign strategies focusing on technology.

Technology is always dynamic and its important thing for the campaigns towards the ballot to take the issue into consideration especially if there is a reelection. New technologies will keep coming and the campaigns are forced to take their time and then spend their resources on technology so that they can keep on trend. If there will be ignorance of web and digital platforms and especially the smartphone-based applications that will enable voter mobilization will definitely lead to loss of campaign during this day.


It was in 2012 when Obama campaign was able to launch a mobile app that was powered by NGP VAN and call it poll watcher. It was developed after a significant time in the field, developing, and then testing the mobile software. Democratic party had been investing high capital so that they can produce knowledge, practices, skills, and technologies for success.


NGP VAN is a prove to be the game changer for Democrats so that they can be able to create the change. Campaigns are known for recognizing the program for its best company culture. It empowers Democrats during the tough times and power of web tools is harnessed and provide best analytic.





Sean Penn Tries His Hand at Writing with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Many actors have turned around and become novel writers. Some of them successful, some of them hitherto unknown. Sean Penn is certainly known, but that has to do primarily with his presence around a camera. Many may know him for his work as a correspondent but if we are being honest, he will always be Jeff Spicoli for most of America. A noted philanthropist, and a political activist Penn holds nothing back. This is certainly true of his new novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


Bob Honey follows the exploits of a disgruntled septic tank salesman who becomes a geriatric assassin. He takes a mallet to the elderly in an attempt to quell the population and make the world better. The book is labeled as a satire, and so far has proven itself to be bit of crazy wrapped in a ribbon of insanity. Penn who became disgruntled with the film industry over the last few years, has turned to the literary world to express himself fully. Through Bob Honey we get the complete Penn, no other creative minds collaborating, nothing but Penn.

Owning to the satire label the book pokes fun at social conventions, politics, and the #MeToo movement. The Trump administration is targeted, with a Trump-like character called the Landlord running America. #MeToo is called a bully and compared to kids fighting at a playground, and the idea of labeling oneself is given focus. Many critics pan the book saying that it explodes everywhere, some also taek issue with his treatment of #MeToo. Penn says the book is open to the reader’s interpretation. He is currently touring around with the book and seems to be having fun.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is slated to be the first of a series of books, as Penn has stated that he has other ideas cooking. What his follow up novel may be is anyone’s guess, many critics have already suggested he return to acting. Penn has no plans to do so, stating that for the first time he feels free. The constant need for collaboration behind the camera is mostly responsible with his disenchantment. Although he is not completely turned off by the idea of acting again, it would have be something he really likes. For now he will settle for being Sean Penn, novelist, and leave the rest of the hats on the rack.


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Dr. Johanan Rand: The Ultimate Answer to Any Aging Problems

Dr. Johanan Rand is the president and the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This is a medical facility located in West Orange, New Jersey. Interesting to note, Rand is certified, licensed to offer, and practice his expertise in medicine in the specific state. He has a wide range of experiences that originates from his trainings and the professional background. Dr. Johanan Rand was an intern at St. Barnabas Medical Center after completion of his studies in Howard University College of Medicine. Rand was a resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine after which he founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This was driven by his interest to bring quality health care services to patients. Among his focus, Dr. Johanan Rand, is the reduction of unwanted aging effects and aims at restoring the natural hormonal balance in the patients’ body. Dr. Johanan Rand is affiliated to the Chilton Medical Centre, Pompton Plains in New Jersey.

In his venture in the career, Dr. Johanan Rand understands the symptoms of aging and that is why he is committed to treating some of the sources of such issues. He explains that aging happens because of the hormonal changes in the body. It is at this time that some levels of some hormones lower. With this knowledge, it is possible to boost some of these hormones. Rand offers the services on the grounds of individual will and the required levels. He also offers free education to the patients in the clinic on why they should understand their health wellness. There are various therapies provided at the clinic that bring a long-term experience and wellness in the patient’s life.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach to the health issues that are currently emerging is directed to diet, hormone therapy, and exercise. He says that supplements in the nutrition program enable the body metabolisms to function perfectly. More outcomes are achieved through the maintenance of a hormonal balance ( However, Dr. Rand adds that the hormone therapy works best when it is accompanied by the nutritional supplements and exercise. An example of aging conditions that Rand would be of great help is the erectile dysfunction in men, physical therapies, and emotional challenges.


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Jorge Moll: Brazil’s Medical Brain


Philosophers have debated the nature of altruism for thousands of years. Countless psychology studies have been conducted to unravel the mystery of giving without receiving. Is it natural? Or are we just doing it to do it? Philosophy and psychology can tell us quite a bit about altruism using countless studies. But recently, neurology experiments might be able to, for the first time, give us the answer.

Jorge Moll’s team at the D’Or Institute of Research and Education or IDOR has revealed some serious developments in the research on altruism in recent years. In 2006, Moll’s team discovered that perhaps altruism is natural. At the very least, we are starting to learn that altruism was an important step for humans in the evolution of social behavior.

Moll’s team discovered that when a person commits an act of altruism, the brain is stimulated. Not just stimulated but stimulated in the area of the brain responsible for stimulation relating to food and sex. Altruism can make people feel the same mental reward as sex and food. People crave altruism in a sense.

These findings are important. Not only are they settling old debates they are starting to shed light on the importance of social cues in humans. They are also solidifying neurology’s place on the world stage. Neurology is not only slipping into debates of psychology and philosophy, it’s making strides.

Jorge Moll has been making impressive gains in medical research in neurology. IDOR — which is one of the largest institutes of medical research in Brazil — has made breakthroughs in all forms of neurological research. Jorge Moll’s institute is groundbreaking.

Moll himself is a noteworthy figure. A graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Moll started working as a doctor of medicine in 1994 ( Holding a degree in experimental psychophysiology Moll has always been interested in how the mind works.

IDOR — Moll’s brainchild — is a result of his fascination with neurology and his ever-impressive work ethic. With a case of accolades behind him such as the Visiting Scholar award from Stanford and the Research Fellow accolade from the National Institutes of Health, Jorge Moll is putting Brazil on the map as an important center of medicine in the world.



Perry Mandera Trucks In Aid To The Needy

While many people feel they want to help others where they can, there are few who go above and beyond to help on a larger scale simply compelled by a calling in their hearts. But that is what Perry Mandera of The Custom Companies believes in. As a business owner of a sizable trucking firm in the Chicago area, Perry believes that it’s his duty to help when disaster strikes and there is a need for relief supplies or logistical support for supplies to be transported.

As part of his personal compassion and faith as a Christian, Perry believes people have so much more they can offer to the world if they just take the time and energy in investing it into helping their fellow mankind. As part of his philanthropic efforts, he founded the Custom Companies Charity. This is the non-profit portion of his primary trucking company.

In his personal time, he serves on the board of several charitable foundations including the Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Through his work with the foundation, he recently coordinated for the collection and donation of 6500 winter coats for the needy throughout the Chicago area. Mr. Perry Mandera with his company have helped over 100 local charitable organizations in the Chicago area to get relief funding for lower income people in need.


Mandera’s Disaster Relief Efforts

In addition to his local charity efforts, Mr. Perry Mandera has delved deeply into other Disaster Relief Efforts throughout the country. When Hurricane Katrina struck in the heartland of the south in 2004, The Custom Companies rallied around and worked with relief organizations to bring in 40 truckloads of disaster relief to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi.

When disaster struck in the state in 2013 because of a tornado in Washington Illinois, his company was right there offering help through with trucking services. They were able to give transportation services for a sizable amount of disaster relief for those affected by the terrible storm.

More recently, Perry Mandera became involved in bringing transportation services for supplies in the region of the California wildfires. Transportation services were offered by the Custom Companies to bring short term relief supplies as well as longer term rebuilding supplies to victims who lost so much during the wildfires that ravaged the state.


Southridge Capital

Southridge Investment Group is a privately held equity company that offers securities brokerages and investment banking services to its diversified customer base. The firm was founded in the year 1996, and it currently has approximately 50 employees.

Southridge Capital was launched by Stephen M. Hicks who also serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Hicks is responsible for the entire business development in the firm. He also sets the whole firm direction regarding strategies and approaches.

The company has a team of experienced experts that come up with strategies and approaches to markets. The company has since the beginning been able to draft extraordinary investment plans and implement them without failing. Southridge Capital has served more than 250 companies. This diversified service delivery has allowed it a unique knowledge and understanding of developing companies.  You can checkout to see more.



Southridge Capital offers advisory services to companies that are publicly-owned. It also provides structured finance tips to the firms. It has shown commitment to serving its wide-ranging client base to help them attain their financial and economic goals through its technological, economical solutions.

Southridge capital boasts a dedicated team that is made up of specialists who have extensive understanding and experience of the marketplace. The firm has been providing its clients’ needs and desires to the letter. This makes it one of the favorite financial advisors in the region. Southridge has been able to invest a sum of $1.8 billion into development companies across the world since it was founded in 1996.

It has gained experience that has expanded its understanding of the challenges that all developing businesses face. This has been enabled by its track record of serving more than 250 growth firms since its launching. The company mainly specializes in Financing Solutions, Credit Enhancing and Securitization as part of its structured service aspect.

Southridge functions are enacted depending on the liquidity level that exists in a particular business’s stock. Southridge capital does not require the company in the subject to front its registration statement or even any minimal market impact to benefit it. Southridge allows companies to raise money based on its desires and wishes. For more info you can visit




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Logan Stout Does it All

Logan Stout is a man that wears many hats. Other than being a successful business man, he is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also a retired professional baseball player and coach. His multiple business ventures throughout his career and made him a great deal of wealth over time. This continues to increase due to his dedication and leadership. He is now one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world.

As of 2014, Logan Stout launched his latest venture. IDLife is a personalized nutritional plan with a team of experts in the medical field. Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason are just a few of Logan Stout’s partners in IDLife. Logan Stout is also dedicated to helping others as they grow into leaders. Stout published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” in 2013. Readers were empowered and inspired to reach their own potential after reading Stout’s book. Barbara Corcoran and Daymand Jones of ABC’s Shark Tank endorsed this powerful book.

Logan Stout has also partnered with motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell. Together, the two speakers can provide leadership training in almost 200 countries. Maxwell discusses Stout’s success and believe his book is a representation of his leadership skills. The Dallas Patriots baseball organization was founded by Logan who is also the CEO. Logan Stout focuses on mentoring and leading the youth through this organization. The organization provides select teams from a range of ages along with experienced coaches and instructors. Each player has earned the opportunity to play college baseball and even been drafted into the MLB.

Logan Stout can be seen on tv and heard on radio. He has also been published in multiple magazines including the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times. Philadelphia Life Magazine also named him “Man of the Year.” He is supported by his wife Hayley and their two sons. They live together in Frisco, Texas. The couple are honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County as well as the American Heart Association of North Texas. Logan Stout continues to be a successful leader while being a dedicated family man and member of his community.